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The job board policies to attract perfectly qualified candidates may take a similar imagination and focused outlines that were used by bigger companies in marketing their products and services to promising customers. Some of the fundamental techniques using Internet adopted to reach promising candidates are: directed email promotions, buttons, banners, tiles, skyscrapers, etc. (a Telescopic View of Online Recruitment)

It is not only the use of Internet and its fame that has grown over the years but also its advanced techniques of tracking and profiling that are used by the websites. These techniques enable the recruiter to directly reach those perfectly qualified candidates. One of the techniques to develop a profile that attracts the suitable candidates is to study the top performers in your present organization, to understand how they spend their time online; these top performers may spend time on sites offering games, cartoons, weather details, up coming movies, latest news items, etc. Based on the sites visited by top performers and time they spend in each of these sites, the recruiter can develop a strategy for those perfectly qualified candidates who may share similar profile. The Internet is not a trend. It is going to stay for many more years to come. The challenge is in harnessing the full capabilities of the web to get the message in front of the target audience, which in this case are most likely employment candidates. While print even now is a practical marketing channel in some cases, it is rapidly becoming to advertising what the Encyclopedia has become to research. As the markets bounce back and hiring growth returns to normal levels, it will become increasingly important to have a policy in place to reach out to both active job seekers and passive perfectly qualified candidates. Now it is possible to reach suitable candidates through Internet is good news. (a Telescopic View of Online Recruitment)

HR recruiters can use the following eight Internet strategies to attract talents to their organizations: Include important details about your company in you corporate site to enable suitable candidates to know the values and heritages of your company; Use micro sites, that is, a small site in your web site, with exclusive URL in the area where you will be attracting majority of job seekers; Frequently advertise in hub sites like so that to reach out to those candidates who browse these hub sites; Use a niche site to restrict your audience by geography, as is the case with or, you can reach a special market, like those in transition from the military by using; Create applicant databases for future needs by encouraging candidates to apply for future jobs; Make use of online resumes provided by online career centers; Utilize the Usenet groups to identify job seekers; Use E-card to attract prospective employees. (8 Ways to Build a Solid Internet Strategy)

Effectiveness of Internet recruiting:

As per a study conducted in 2003 and published by DBM, only about 6% of Americans found their jobs online in 2002 of which 12% were in Canada. The truth is that personal networks and referrals even now make up more than half of all job placements in the U.S., a fashion that has accelerated in a frail economy in which everybody seems to know at least anyone who is jobless. Organizations need recruitment technologies to decrease costs, administer their workforces, and develop them to handle advanced job functions in the coming years where they may face scarcity in the coming years. Hence, recruiters cannot ignore online recruiting just because they find it difficult to handle bulk of resumes. The huge volume of resumes is no longer a satisfactory excuse not to recruit online. Recruitment technologies are increasingly efficient in screening, arranging and conveying with candidates mechanically. Monster, for example provides a backend applicant management solution that is included in the price of job postings. Referral networks are significant but they should be planned and functioned officially and they should link to the effort of overall corporate recruitment by means of the career site and backend talent management systems. (Is Internet Recruiting Working?)

The potential of the Internet is that it can very much lessen conventional resistance in the labor market produced by the restrictions of personal networks, newspaper classifieds and physical job boards. By giving more job seekers right of entry to more and better explained job openings online, more efficient and precise matching should happen theoretically at least. Apparently this promise has not been accomplished in spite of the extensive accessibility of the Internet and the propagation of job boards and corporate career sites. In period in which talent has exceeded all other aspects of competitiveness, it is difficult to think of a complex organization continue to exist in the next decade without well-organized processes for workforce planning, employee development, deployment, recruitment and retention. Organizations appear to have agreed to the use of job boards and corporate career sites. A brilliant next move would be to follow up by actually hiring from among those who apply online. (Is Internet Recruiting Working?)

Impact of Internet on recruiting:

For identifying and recruiting qualified technical staff, the Internet has become an important device. It hiring managers spend much more on recruiting online because of the simplicity of posting employment openings, the comparatively low cost of advertising and the swiftness of candidate response. Similar to any other device, the Internet too has its limitations in attracting perfectly qualified candidates. On such limitation is the companies advertising on main job boards may get applications from a much broader geographic region and, at times, less qualified applicants, which may call for added cataloging and evaluation. Companies are also differentiating active job seekers from passive job seekers as the passive job seekers just want to test their market value and are not serious about taking up the job. (the Impact of the Internet on Recruiting)

Therefore, to effectively use Internet for recruitment efforts in order to identify suitable candidates, following guidelines can be used by HR managers: Make the web site of your company in an user-friendly manner with details on the positions called for, requirements of candidates for those positions, exclusive characters of the positions, benefits for the right candidates; Sell the company and the position by describing the business the company is doing and the details of the position which will meet the company's objective; Distinguish your company from others to develop recognition; Get acquaintance with web sites in your field of work so that to get to know the people involved in the business community and this in turn may enhance your chances of identifying ideal candidates; Get yourself aware for Recruiter Sites to reach targeted candidates within your technology area. The web continues to be a key resource for reaching a range of it candidates. As more job seekers take their search online, it is useful to put into operation actions that facilitate your company throw a broader net in the ocean of Internet. (the Impact of the Internet on Recruiting)


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