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Words: 559 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Resume Paper #: 64690976
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Current Position
· Head the company’s Business Intelligence reporting function, which brings its BI/Data Warehouse software development division and corporate heads together, in order to drive strategy, and devise and execute decision support systems.
· Undertake overall project management and analytics reporting responsibility within the context of corporate data transformation. Supervise progress, work together with senior external and internal workers, and guide the BI/Data Warehouse and DDODS technical units.
· Serve in the capacity of strategic project head, in charge of all requisite tasks geared at ensuring accurate business operations reporting and analytics within cost and time budgets.
· Design project proposals and analytics plans; supervise strategy implementation. Simultaneously manage several complex analytics ventures, besides large-scale, complex problem-solving programs resulting from data analyses.
· Design numerous interactive, rich visualizations, and integrate a number of reporting elements from several data sources. Put forward and interpret analyses outcomes, including strategy recommendations.

Previous Position…

Ethics Before Resuming My Educational Endeavors at
Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46569999
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Before resuming my educational endeavors at the University of Phoenix I was fortunate enough to experience life and many of its travails as a business person and employee. During my tenure in those endeavors I observed a number of events that I considered unethical, and a number of actions taken by individuals that I found both reprehensible and repulsive. I was often amazed at the capabilities of mankind to justify their actions, when it was quite evident that such actions would not be considered ethical in any circumstances, no matter what the justification.

Ethics has always been a concern, whether individuals worked in education, business or even the medical field. One early study determined that there were many young managers that had reported being asked implicitly to do things they personally believed were unethical, and sometimes illegal (Badzek, Mitchell, Marra, Bower,1998). Oftentimes these young managers feel the pressure to…


Badzek, L.A., Mitchell, K., Marra, S.E., Bower, M.M., (1998) Administrative Ethics and Confidentiality/Privacy Issues, ANA Periodicals, Vol. 3, No. 3

Chaloner, C.; (2007) An introduction to ethics in nursing, Nursing Standard, Vol. 21, Issue 32, pp. 42 -- 46

Dessoff, A.; (2010) Battling sexual abuse, District Administration, Vol. 46, Issue 3, pp. 50-56

Rosenkoetter, M.M. & Milstead, J.A.; (2010) A code of ethics for nurse educators: Revised, Nursing Ethics, Vol. 17, Issue 1, pp. 137-139

My Experience for an Executive Assistant Position
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Professional Writing Paper #: 15898434
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I have two significant experiences in a supportive position that have direct relevance to the executive assistant position for which I am currently applying. First, I was office administrator for the entire San Francisco office for Kim Coates. With little to no supervision, I performed tasks ranging from spreadsheet creation and management to the preparation of budgets. I would answer attorney and staff inquiries, handle office space expansions, and delegate tasks to office personnel. In Kim Coate's absence, I managed to keep the office organized and running effectively according to the mission and goals of the organization.

Currently, I work for a nationally-recognized law firm in a position that directly supports the Office Administrator and two senior partners, one of which serves via appointment by Mayor Gavin Newsom. One of the partners is also a member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which…

Education Gainesville FL Major Sport Management Minor
Words: 635 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Resume Paper #: 85661080
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Gainesville, FL

Major: Sport Management Minor: Business

Financed 100% of tuition with merit-based scholarships


Bank of America

Miami, FL

Executive Development Program (Sales Manager)

Dec 2011- Present

Managed a $10 mortgage collections business by leading and coaching a team of 31 associates

Exceeded sales plan 9 out of 12 months as manager.

Increased same store sales by 4.2% within the Mortgage Collections business

Helped develop the community service initiative "Bag Hunger," generating $2,900 to feed low income families in the South Florida area

Zen Fitness?

Gainesville, FL

Personal Training Intern (30 hours per week)

Jan 2010- May 2010

Pioneered a successful corporate fitness program for over 60 employees designed to increase productivity and overall efficiency within the work environment.

Generated over $9,000 dollars of revenue through successful implementation of corporate fitness programs

Sears Holdings Co

Ocala, FL

Executive Management Intern

May 2009-Aug 2009

Learned successful operation and management…

Olla Aljboul Edmonton Alberta T5x-1g1 Phone Hidden
Words: 369 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Resume Paper #: 82937168
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Olla Aljboul

Edmonton, Alberta T5X-1G1

Phone [HIDDEN]

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a recently graduated charter accountant. I am writing in response to your advertisement after reading your job description, I am confident that my skills and my passion for technology are a perfect match for this position.

I would bring to your company a broad range of skills, including:

Progressive continuing educational track as a chartered accountant

Effective team member who works well both individually and in a group

Enthusiastic, intrinsically motivated individual with superior interpersonal, communication and organizational skills

Ability to adapt to a busy team environment

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this position with you. If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me by phone at or by e-mail. I have enclosed my resume for your review and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank…

Gregory Reyes Corporate Director Mentor-Protege Programs at
Words: 2325 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99718398
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Gregory Reyes, Corporate Director Mentor-Protege Programs at DynCorp International.

Reason selected. With my background in logistics, and particularly LOGCAPIII, I was familiar with the work of ANHAM Prime Vendor LLC. I knew that DynCorp International (DI) was a major competitor of ANHAM, and wondered what the opinion might be at DynCorp of the business case analysis (BCA) that argued a transition from LOGCAPIII to LOGAPIV would be prohibitive, considering that the run out to the exit from Iraq was short. As it turned out, and while I was formulating my questions regarding this topic, a press release called attention to the awarding of the prestigious Nunn-Perry Award to DynCorp International for its outstanding Mentor-Protege team formed with its small business partner, CenterScope Technologies, Inc. (CSTI). The award is given annually by the Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP). What really attracted my attention was the growth achieved…

Three Pieces of Job Communication
Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68771112
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Peak, Inc.

Is the resume limited to one page and does it include required sections (education, employment, skills/summary of qualifications section)?

No, it is a little longer than one page, but it does have all the requisite sections.

Is everything on the resume in the correct tense (past for past jobs, present for present jobs) and in parallel phrasing using action verbs?

Yes, the tense is correct and it contains parallel phrasing that uses action verbs.

Is the cover letter limited to one page and written to the specific job applied for (highlighting experience and why this person wants to work for that company/organization)?

Yes, the cover letter is one page long, but it could be more specific to the job opening.

Is the cover letter formatted as a business letter? (e.g. single spaced with only one space between paragraphs, no indentions for paragraphs, etc.)

Yes, the cover letter is…

References Sheet - Ms. Haaksma is listed twice. Cover Letter - The wording is awkward in places: Paragraph 1, line 1: "in application" should be "to apply"; Paragraph 2, line 1 -- Should read "organizations" (plural); Paragraph 3, line 2: Use of "However" is incorrect. Overly large printed signature should be handwritten instead.

7. How is the organization in the documents?

The documents are well organized.

8. How does the formatting look in the documents -- is the spacing and formatting consistent and easy to read?

Yes, the formatting and spacing are consistent and make the document easy to read.

Establishing a Strong Application to Fashion School
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84658020
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The capacity of good design is evident in its use to solve substantive socio-economic poblems thoughout the wold. My expeience and taining at Pason's was ich and compehensive, and left me with a lasting fascination fo design -- and with many skills needed fo a poductive, meaningful caee in fashion management.

4) Study Poposal Summay

Fashion in Tukey is a fast moving secto that has been hampeed by only summe and winte seasonal lines. Tends once launched twice each yea but with the addition of sping and autumn, the secto is expeiencing fou launches pe yea. These fast changes ae a wateshed of the etail migation to online and mobile channels.

As a case in point, conside that the Japanese clothing stoe Uniglo has established a vitual dessing oom -- a Magic Mio, as it is known; the Magic Mio uses a 60-inch colo-changing monito that lets shoppes ty diffeent…

references -- and over the long-term as the e-tail website learns their shopping habits. And the retailers and wholesalers benefit from receiving data about customer preference, in the form of metrics that show color swatch selections and such.

5) if you had a question to ask of the person interviewing you, what would it be?

If you had to choose just one, what single attribute is critical for success by a student of fashion management in this program?

How can a student in the program make the best use of many networking opportunities offered with university partners and fashion professionals?

Interview How to Build Your Network Interview
Words: 968 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50867377
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"How to build your network": Interview

According to Uzzi & Dunlap (2005), while ability and talent are certainly important, who you know is often as important as what you know in the workplace. As well as restating this old cliche in their article "How to build your network," they also offer the reader important advice for targeting who is 'worth' knowing and cultivating within an organization. While power in an organizational hierarchy may be important, it is also vital to establish connections with people who generate social ties or bridges between other organizational members.

For my interview I selected Ms. H -- at the XYZ organization. Ms. H is a human resource manager, and I chose to interview her because of the important role H plays in many organizations. Virtually every employee at some point must deal with H. H is often the first organizational unit (other than the…


Uzzi, B. & Dunlap, S. (2005). How to build your network. Accessed June 3, 2011, at: 's_research_papers/uzzi_dunlap%20hbr.pdf

Employment Communication the Job Opportunity Data Analyst
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31936861
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Employment Communication

The job opportunity

Data analyst at Ciber, as solicited in the following advertisement from

"Ciber is looking for a Data Analyst to analyze data from various GFS. This Senior Data Analyst will have experience working in an enterprise environment and crunching numbers that have high levels of visibility.

Essential Skills

Strong to expert level skills and experience in MS Excel: if statements, vlookup, hlookup, pivot tables, macros, etc.

A rich history of analytical and problem solving skills and accomplishments.

Analytical and detail oriented individual that enjoys working with data solutions.

Strong to expert skills in data manipulation with tools like MS Excel and Excel reporting.

Ability to quickly comprehend complex spreadsheets/data.

Intermediate SQL query, & SSRS background.

Good communication and presentation skills to executive management audiences.

Skilled at working with large data sets in Excel, quickly resolving data-related issues.

Desired Skills

Clean lines of communication to Executive…

First Year Out and Optometric Employment
Words: 1234 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43760210
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Optometric Employment

As the primary eye care profession, optometry provides a uniquely rewarding opportunity to improve the health and general well-being of persons afflicted with mild to severe eye conditions. In addition to helping people see and function more easily in the world, optometry is an attractive career path for students seeking to balance a challenging and rewarding career with an equally rewarding personal life, as it provides you with the time and the income required to pursue an array of extracurricular interests.

As with every successful career path, a career in optometry requires careful planning and specific goal setting in order to be successful. If, as according to the authors of Business Aspects of Optometry suggest, "success is getting what you want," then it follows that the first step to success is having a clear idea of what you want (Association of Practice Management Educators (APME), 19). Do you…

Career Interest Is Accounting Accountancy Is the
Words: 2443 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 49806372
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career interest is accounting. Accountancy is the process of evaluating the financial information about business entities to users such as the managers of the shareholders (Elliot, & Elliot, 2004). Accountancy falls into three areas: accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

I choose accounting since it will give me a solid employment with a lucrative wage and this is what is important to me. I have also learned that it can be fun in the investigative way if I se it as such. The work conditions are fine -- not too tedious and best of all I can structure them at my convenience. I can work either for an institution or be self-employed. Chances for advancement also depend on myself and, best of all, I can find global opportunities in any and every business..

• Career goals and career strategy

The kind of job that I am most interested in is working in…


Accountants and Auditors. Career Information.

Accounting Jobs Controller | Sample Resume 5 

Alba, J. Vault career guide to accounting. New York: Vault, c2002.

Value of Developing an Electronic Career Portfolio
Words: 1233 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 962999
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Value of Developing an Electronic Career Portfolio

An electronic portfolio happens to be an interactive online approach which enables one to provide a complete review of one's achievements, abilities as well as experiences. It is a space in which one is able to put together one's own resume as well as samples of one's work for potential business employers. E-portfolio pages of content vary from social media websites like MySpace or even Facebook. An e-portfolio goes beyond a traditional resume, offering a range of details about one's qualifications and abilities in more than a single medium. It could consist of papers, pictures, as well as videos, amongst other options (owh, 2008). The goal of this paper is to evaluate the importance of creating a digital career portfolio also known as an e-portfolio.


An e-portfolio is surely an online showcase of one's abilities and skills. It is particularly geared to…


Grasz, J. (2013).Thirty-seven percent of companies use social networks to research potential job candidates, according to new CareerBuilder Survey. Career Builder. Taken from: 

Haag, S., Cummings, M., McCubbrey, D., Pinsonneault, A., Donovan, R. (2006). Management Information Systems for the Information Age. Building an E-portfolio (XLM-J). Toronto: Mcgraw-Hill.

Kwoh, L. (2012). Beware: Potential Employers Are Watching You: the spread of social media has given hiring companies a whole new list of gaffes to look for. The Wall Street Journal. Taken from: 

Rowh, M. (2008). Building an E-Portfolio. Career World 37(3), 26.

Career Planning Development and Management
Words: 2477 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83695221
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.....personal marketing plan with the intention of marketing myself to my future employer. This is my first step into the management profession and I am excited to settle into a job in this field. This Personal Marketing Plan (PMP) will guide me on the areas I need to focus more as far as my career is concerned.

I am an American resident having completed all my studies here. Throughout my elementary and secondary years, I held various positions such as class representative. Later, I got an admission in the University and since I was inclined to the commerce side, I opted to major in management. After completing this course, I intend to sort out today's market needs and the employment opportunities just within the country (Herrick 50). My belief is that improvement and continuous innovation are the keys for competing in the currently challenging market. I have done extensive research…

Eportfolio Criterion 2 Innovations in
Words: 1317 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69848958
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Technology enables students to learn process without divorcing it from the factual information and data inherent to traditional educational expectations.

Technology can be used in a variety of different contexts and with many different overall instructional paradigms in place, and as long as it is effectively integrated into existing teaching plans and styles -- or if new overall instructional methods are built with a technological focus -- a high degree of efficacy has been found from most technological applications (Hartley 2007). By rooting all learning in direct interaction with media and peers rather than relying on the largely passive instructional methods of traditional education, it inherently and almost automatically becomes more effective as true learning only occurs with interaction in the constructivist perspective (Hartley 2007). As students engage in repeated learning activities that require critical thinking skills in the locating and selection of information, they will also become better able…


Cain, J. (2008). Online Social Networking Issues Within Academia and Pharmacy Education. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 72(1): 10-4.

Hartley, J. (2007). Teaching, learning and new technology: a review for teachers. British Journal of Educational Technology 38(1): 42-62.

Subrahmanyam, K., Reich, S., Waechter, N. & Espinoza, G. (2008). Online and offline social networks: Use of social networking sites by emerging adults. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 29(6): 420-33.

Woo, Y. & Reeves, T. (2007). Meaningful interaction in web-based learning: A social constructivist interpretation. The Internet and Higher Education 10(1): 15-25.

Personal Marketing Plan
Words: 1150 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98818539
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Personal Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation: I am graduating school and entering the workforce. My previous work experience is somewhat limited, mainly to retail work, but I have a solid education from a great school. I have a degree in marketing and this has prepared me for a career in marketing, advertising or possibly sales management. My present job is inadequate for my new education level. I like the people I work with, but the pay and the nature of the tasks are more suitable for someone with less experience and education. I believe that with a better education, I am prepared to take on positions of responsibility and to begin a progressive career path.

SWOT Analysis: I have a lot of different strengths upon which I draw to succeed. I am organized and intelligent, and this allows me to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish, on time…

Audi My Chosen Company Is
Words: 1255 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89495610
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I was able to use these enhanced skills to successfully set the store apart from the competition by means of product differentiation and targeted sales strategies, as well as specific product promotions. I worked with my team and the community to enhance the benefit our products could provide to customers.

2. Why do you want this job?

I believe that your company and I can be of mutual benefit to each other. For myself, I feel that Audi has more self-development opportunities than any other company. Also, I love Audi's products and feel it would be a great honor to be able to work as part of the product management team. I feel that my years of experience and skills developed during my studies and professional experience will help the company move forward to achieve new goals every year.

3. What do you consider your main weaknesses?

My main weakness…


Audi Worldwide (2010).

Vision Statement Email Address
Words: 956 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76019924
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As a Command Sargent Major, I would be the "senior enlisted adviser to the commanding officer of a battalion-sized or larger unit," including "all other enlisted personnel within the unit (Guerra 2010). Moreover, "Command sergeant majors have the task of upholding military customs and traditions," which means that I would have the honor of receiving due respect for the U.S. Army traditions and process that make my personal and professional goals a reality. ithout the existence of the Army, and the hierarchial process that I can work upward to gain responsibility, financial security, and greater self-confidence, I do not think that I would have the passion and determination in life that I do today.

My Professional Goals: Gaps and Solutions

My envisioned professional life in five years has been a source of great excitement, hard-work, and determination. hile I have worked extensively to become fit for the Command Sargent Major…

Work Cited

Guerra, Tony (2010). "Job Description: Command Sergeant Major."


Data Input Printed Questionnaires Manual Data Input
Words: 994 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50351595
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Data Input

Printed Questionnaires. Manual data input method is appropriate for printed questionnaires. Since questionnaires are printed and therefore can be accessed as a hardcopy, the only way to input data on it is through manual writing. If the data will be transferred into a database, the appropriate method of data input is through data entry.

Data entry on a computer is the appropriate method for this situation. For instance, while a surveyor is communicating with an interview over the phone, a computer in front of him can help him take note of the information from the telephone survey.

Bank Check. Data entry to a database or bar code are the appropriate methods for this situation. Bank Check information can be keyed into a database or through scanning of the bank check's bar code.

etail Tags. Bar code is the most appropriate method of data input from a retail tag.…


How Important Are Computer Clock Speed?

Retrieved on November 2, 2005 from Online. Web site: 

How Computer RAM Works.

Led You to Want to Aim for
Words: 3585 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 54883095
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led you to want to aim for an MBA, particularly, why an MBA, why William and Mary, and why now? Please address your post-MBA professional goals as part of your response.

During my educational career and throughout my life I have slowly learned the world is ever-changing in nature. To succeed in modern business tomorrow's leaders have to have the skills and technical knowledge that will allow them to become flexible and adaptable leaders. Eventually my goals for the future include opening and starting my own firm in the global marketplace. To do this however I need to posses more knowledge not only of the technical aspects of the business world but also of the qualities a leader must have to succeed in this environment. I feel aiming for my MBA will provide me with knowledge of global trends and problems currently affecting enterprises large and small, and help me…

Interview the Person's Name Position and Organization
Words: 819 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20677290
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The person's name, position and organization

Position: Vice President of Store Management (VPSM)

Organization: Macys

Why you chose this person to interview

This individual exhibits all the qualities I find admirable as a leader. Irrespective of the field or industry, leadership's skills are necessary to advance. In today's global environment, where competition abounds, leaders must be effective in driving results. David, as I have seen from both his words and subsequent actions, drives results within the retail environment. This environment is characterized with changing consumer sentiments, macroeconomic conditions, and overall business dynamics. David has proven in his extensive career, to overcome many of these pitfalls, while continually improving business results. As such, he is an ideal candidate to interview. For one, he possesses skills which are in high demand and sought after. Secondly, many of the skills and abilities he possesses are transferrable. In the event that I change…

Long-Term Success in Your Specific Area of
Words: 3486 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 52226911
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long-term success in your specific area of interest. How have your previous experiences prepared you for this professional career? What areas of specialization within the Carroll School of Management do you believe will be most valuable in achieving your goals? What specific short-term career objectives have you set to assist you in achieving your long-term career plans?

I will never feel successful if success means putting up my feet and feeling satisfied. I don't work that way. I will only feel successful for small moments, like when I solve a huge problem in my company or when we avert trouble: when we can turn around a failing operation or stay afloat in spite of falling stock prices. Personally, I could be working in a behind-the-scenes managerial position in a company that I cared about and even if my salary was not great I would be successful because every day I…

Accuracy of Data Input Is Important What
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44630161
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Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and why:

Printed questionnaires - Beyond using a manually-based approach to capture this data and transcribing it onto computer screens, the best possible approach would be code the questionnaire so responses could be read with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software (Nibler, 1993).

Designing an on-screen software application that will allow for those giving the survey to capture their responses directly on-screen as the respondents provide their answers (Nibler, 1995).

Bank checks -- It is a best practice to rely on the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) codes across the bottom of a check to ensure account number and routing number are correctly read. In addition to MICR codes, companies are increasingly using OCR to read the figures on the check as well.

Retail tags -- the best possible approach for…

Project Hope What Is Project Hope and
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68494217
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Project HOPE

What is Project HOPE and what are the goals of the program?

In basic terms, Project HOPE according to the OPPAGA eport (2004) was "a pilot program in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties intended to break the cycle of prostitution and solicitation." The project was created by the Laws of Florida -- Chapter 2002-297. Made up of two components, i.e. prostitutes and johns (individuals soliciting prostitutes), those who participated in the program were requested to enroll into the same by "judges, state attorneys, public defenders, probation officers, and jail staff" (OPPAGA eport, 2004). It should be noted that as provided for by the law under which it was created, the program had its doors open to any individual convicted of prostitution. As the OPPAGA eport (2004) further points out, the program was mandated to "provide intake and screening, drug screening and urinalysis tests, psychosocial assessments, case management, short-term counseling,…


Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability -- OPPAGA (August, 2004). Project HOPE Helped Break the Cycle of Prostitution and Solicitation, But Had Implementation Problems (Report No. 04-50). Florida: The Florida Legislature.

Employment Communication
Words: 859 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91722067
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Inteview with an Infomation Boke

Today, pofessional eseaches who ae capable of poviding timely and accuate infomation about makets and even othe people ae in high demand. One such infomation boke that has identified a niche oppotunity and use it to gow his online business is M. Josh Stevens (not his eal name), who povides in-depth backgound checks fo his clientele. This pape povides the esults of an infomation inteview with M. Stevens, followed by a summay of the expeience in the conclusion.

Results of Inteview

The pesident of Online Veification, Inc. (not its eal name) is M. Josh Stevens. M. Stevens was selected fo this inteview because his wok as an infomation boke was appopiate fo this poject, and just as impotantly, he ageed to paticipate in the telephonic inteview afte leaning of its pupose and intent. Following an intoduction peiod whee the inteviewe's backgound and esume (povided as…

references will be provided upon request" section. When asked for two referral names, Mr. Stevens provided his brother-in-law, the Fortune 500 company human resources manager and that of the owner of one of his major competitors, BeenVerified.


As president of Online Verification, Inc., Mr. Josh Stevens provides his clientele with valuable information concerning the backgrounds of people that are of interest to them. The results of the telephonic interview showed that Mr. Stevens is an entrepreneur who identified a niche opportunity to grow his business from a sole practitioner to a growing enterprise today. This information broker has taken advantage of innovations in technology to project a Web presence and to communicate with his clientele and others, but his business continues to rely on telephonic communications as well. In the final analysis, Mr. Stevens is carving out a place for his services today in ways that will likely continue to grow his business in the future.


Anytown, Ohio 37037

Managing Human Resources
Words: 2368 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73469252
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Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) is an aerospace and defense company. The company sells missiles, ammunition and guidance systems, almost exclusively to the United States military and allied nations. The company is headquartered in Arlington, VA, close to its biggest customer. There are 14,000 different employees at the company, which has multiple locations. ATK was founded in 1990 (Yahoo! Finance, 2013). According to the company's latest annual report, its customer base is U.S. Army (29%), U.S. Navy (13%), NASA (10%), U.S. Air Force (6), other U.S. government (9%) and then commercial and foreign customers are 33% of the company's business. The company has a contract backlog of $7.8 billion, compared with annual revenues of $4.3 billion, meaning that the company has about two years' worth of backlog on its books. This paper is going to discuss the human resources strategy of the company. Clearly, Alliant has a need to bring in…


ATK 2013 Annual Report. Retrieved December 3, 2013 from

Yahoo! Finance. (2013). Alliant Techsystems. Retrieved December 3, 2013 from

Moi Tituba SORCIERE& 8230 NOIRE De Salem
Words: 850 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 97510047
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Parris entraine le couple avec lui aux Etats-Unis; premier arret Boston et finalement Salem, ou Parris est nomme reverend.

A Salem, Tituba se vit accusee d'etre une sorciere apres avoir declenche une crise d'hysterie aupres de Betty, la fille de Samuel Parris. Durant ce temps, John Indien la trahit et feint d'etre possede par le diable, par peur d'etre accuse aussi. Apres un long sejour en prison pour sorcellerie, Tituba se trouve au service de Benjamin ohen d'Azevedo, un juif de la communaute. La communaute de Salem, tant qu'a elle, n'aprecient guere la presence de Tituba la sorciere et decide par consequent de bruler la maison du juif, entrainant la mort de ses 9 enfants. Benjamin decide donc de rendre la liberte a Tituba, qui rentre dans son pays d'origine, la Barbade. Tituba rencontre Iphigene et tombe en amour a nouveau, seulement pour etre pendue et Iphigene execute a la…

Cette nouvelle de Maryse Conde publiee en 1986 nous demontre clairement les realites de l'esclavage et de la population de la Barbade durant cette triste epoque que fut le 17 eme siecle; elle nous ouvre aussi les yeux sur l'amour et les consequences qui peuvent parfois etre entrainees par l'acte de suivre son cœur plutot que la raison.

Pour Conclure

En conclusion, la nouvelle "Moi, Tituba Sorciere…Noire de Salem" est une lecture emouvante et fortement recommandee pour tout age. Laissez-vous entrainer par le cote romanesque de l'histoire et bercez-vous en suivant les aventures du cœur de Tituba, la pauvre jeune femme noire qui connait un sort desastreux bien malgre elle.

Daniels College Because the Program
Words: 578 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 38468160
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I am guided by a strong sense of ethics. During my work in Riyadh as a project engineer, I was faced with a situation where I had to balance the need for worker safety against a project that due to rising costs was headed over budget. Legally, I was under little obligation to protect the safety of the workers, many of whom were migrants from other countries.

However, that was something I simply could not do. I wish to be a leader, and good leaders do not corrupt their values for a quick fix. This situation forced me to be more creative in order to keep the project within budget and I was able to achieve this by renegotiating terms with some of my company's key vendors.

Essay 4: I feel that I am an ideal candidate for admission into the Daniels College Master of Science program in Real Estate…

Professions as a Way for
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Whereas a resume is easy to hid the truth in words, a portfolio requires the nurse to prove their case, as if in court, through the use of physical evidence. The use of professional portfolios in nursing is also beneficial to the individual nurse, in that it forces him or her to evaluate their own development and to continue to strive to ensure that they are meeting all areas of expectations. For these reasons, many nursing professionals argue that a similar requirement as that used in the United Kingdom should be used in the United States as part of nursing licensing. This is especially true as it pertains to those who teach nursing to adolescents because this job, like the teacher's, requires constant review of the teaching method, which is best done through physical evidentiary proof.

For example, Annette Jinks spend years conducting national surveys and interviews throughout the United…


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Hemingway Analysis the Returning of Soldiers From
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Hemingway Analysis

The Returning of Soldiers from Combat in America

"Soldiers Home"

Although Earnest Hemmingway's, "Soldiers Home" (187) was written in 1925, and the war at that time was different, there are several things in the story that still ring true today for servicemen. In "Soldiers Home" (187) Krebs, the main character in the story goes through some changes while he is away fighting in the Marine Corps. Krebs was a young man from Kansas who is in college at the time that he is drafted into the Marine Corps. So he leaves his friends and family to go overseas to fight for his country, as do the young men and women of todays armed forces. As told by the author Krebs fights in some of the toughest battles that were ever fought, "Belau ood, Soissons, Champagne St. Mihiel, and The Argonne Forrest" (187), he feels out of place when…

With Krebs not really trusting his parents, and his loss of love as well the author shows the reader several issues that can affect a soldier returning home from combat. Along with the loss of interest in relationships, and not having a reason to interact with the towns people or even listen to his parents, they all show some of the struggles facing returning servicemen and women then and today, and that they have faced upon their return from foreign places where they have been busily waging war for the entire twentieth century (Associated Content)

The problems with the American soldier returning home from combat are worse than people may think. They go a lot deeper than people may think. They can range from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, hearing loss, anxiety, depression, and even isolation. These are the problems that are unseen by society and have been written about since at least 1925. Hemingway's story is not prescient or "ahead of its tie" because it recognized and described the issues of coming home from war in ways that can be identified with modern diagnoses and that reflect modern experiences. Instead, it is the simple commonality of the experiences of warfare that existed in the First World War and that still exist in today's military conflicts that makes this work still relevant. The fact that Hemingway so accurately describes a case of post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that this disorder still exists, and for the same reasons it existed nearly a hundred years ago. Until mankind learns to end warfare, traumas like those experienced by Krebs and by real soldiers in ongoing wars will continue to lead to the development f psychological disorders like PTSD as described in "Soldier's Home" and by countless servicemen and servicewomen that have served honorably in places of combat today.

As Krebs returns home from war in 1919, he is faced with issues of being back in the civilian society. Whether a soldier fought in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, or Iraq and Afghanistan, the problems of the returning veteran are handled the same then as they are now personally, within the soldier and with the general public.

Old Economy Job
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Old economy job: Information available at

Wanted: Dynamic candidate for unique marketing job at one of Canada's premiere law firms

Do you have strong interpersonal skills? Can you work well in a team? Are you passionate about event planning and have experience working with MS Office Suite?

If you answer 'yes' to all of these questions, and are either-based or would like to relocate to Toronto, please read the following specifications.

Job title: Marketing assistant for a Canadian law firm

Location of job: Toronto, Canada

Possible salary bracket or range: $42,000-$52,000, commensurate with experience

Job description: This promotional job for a law firm requires "strong interpersonal and communication skills," the ability to multitask in a busy office environment, the ability to be a team player, and knowledge of MS Office Suite.

Job requirements or specifications: Five years of relevant experience; background in event planning preferred

Who to contact or where…

Efficient Mode of Communication Because
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Resumes - sometimes, this is not useful because a reader would sometimes need to read the entire resume before getting the general information.

Memos - the formatting of memos is among my list of least useful formatting because usually the information it contains is in general form.

White papers - this is sometimes not useful because of the length of information that it usually requires to become informative.

Press Releases - this is sometimes not useful especially when the integrity of the contents is questionable.

Contracts and Agreements - the formatting of contracts and agreements is sometimes bad because of the technicality of some conditions contained in them, thus, providing unclear information to readers.

Proposals - sometimes the format of proposals is not useful because of the limitations in terms of information that proposals contain.

Employment Communication
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Employment Communication

Information interview

A prospective change of career would be one in which I would become a novelist and I would be able to write my books, do research in various places, set my own working hours and get recognition for my work. In order to gain more insight into this field, I have met with Karen Malloy at Raider Publishing. I decided to meet with her since she is in charge of discovering new talents and she also seemed interested in seeing me and discussing my issues; her motivation was represented by the potential of future collaboration.

The interview commenced at 10 A.M. On a Wednesday and both participants arrived in time. Miss Malloy asked her assistant to bring us some coffee. We then exchanged a few pleasantries and got to talking about writing. Before having the opportunity to ask my own questions, Miss Malloy wanted to know…