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Advantages Of Internet Essays (Examples)

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Internet in Basic Terms the
Words: 1553 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 82774956
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Internet Business Plan What Does
Words: 7291 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 97735135
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(Horticulture and the advantages of using the Internet Technology)

What are the disadvantages of conducting business, large or small, on the Internet? They may be many. However, the most important disadvantages are: it can actually create a feeling of isolation; the businessman may feel that he has become isolated. This means that he may get the feeling that the World Wide Web is faceless and emotionless, and thus the business too is isolated and inhuman, devoid of contact with the real world and other human beings. After all, humans are social creatures, and such isolation would most often lead to the development of a feeling of depression. Another disadvantage is that since the World Wide Web is such a large area to work in; it encompasses in some cases the entire globe, and there is such a large amount of information generated on the web, it becomes very difficult to…


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Internet and Business
Words: 1551 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80083172
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Internet and Marketing

The Internet has become a vibrant and increasingly integral part of individuals' lives over the past few years. It is hard to imagine any business today succeeding without at least some presence on the World Wide Web. Today, the United States boasts a $1.5 trillion market for direct marketers. Without question this is the largest and richest single market in the world and growing at an unprecedented 8.6% per year. With over 10,000 different catalogs alone being mailed in the U.S., there is a niche for every player and every project and service.

This paper examines some of the basic precepts of Internet marketing, suggesting the ways in which companies should treat Internet marketing as the same as any other type of marketing and the ways in which it must be treated on its own terms. Part II discusses the relationship between conventional marketing and Internet marketing.…

Internet Use in the Educational
Words: 2113 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18331262
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"What's more, many teachers lack technical support; unlike businesses, most schools don't have an it guy down the hall to save the day when computers go haywire." (Wohl, 2001) central contemporary concern is the problem of Internet security and access to quality information. Without the necessary security measures and administrative restrictions, access to the Internet can also mean access to harmful pornographic material. These administrative procedures once again require technical expertise and time on the part of the teacher.

Another aspect that is of concern in today's online environment is that while there is a plethora of information available, this is not always of the best quality. Many teachers and institutions have banned student access to open -source sites such as Wikipedia for this reason. It is very difficult if not impossible for the teacher to monitor and check the validity and quality of the sites and sources that their…


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Internet the Globalization of the
Words: 1813 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25210521
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S. stays one step ahead of the hackers. This is not easy, but the DoD could not have possibly thought it would be.

Proper defenses, enhanced offensive capabilities and strategies to reduce risk by taking some sensitive data offline will all work to deliver better results in e-spionage of the United States. The Internet has become globalized, and nothing can take that back. That there are threats as the result of globalization is nothing new -- it is simply another arena for age-old international political traditions. How we manage the threats and take advantage of the opportunities is the most important aspect to this problem -- and this means proper isolating and neutralizing of viral threats. By addressing the issue of e-spionage effectively, the Internet can still be viewed as a net benefit for the United States.

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Internet Technology Marketing and Security
Words: 2528 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32846575
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Internet Technology, Marketing, And Security

easons why social media marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes

Business marketing is one of the most lucrative activities that enable a business to reach out to its consumers in the market. The inherent values within business marketing are creation of awareness and traction of customer preferences and tastes towards the qualities therein in the product. Social media marketing is a recent activity or strategy used by businesses in their marketing endeavours. In most cases, the aspects of creation of awareness need to be felt globally or nationally in relevance to the size and commanding power of a business (Tuten & Solomon, 2013).

Social media marketing involves marketing that involves the use of the present day technology. For instance, marketing through online technologies and human daily activities is a common happening in the global and local businesses. These are spacious and…


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Internet Technology Marketing and Security
Words: 1677 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93854055
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Aer Lingus, 2012a ()

No security breach has even been recorded on the Aer Lingus website so the website can be thought to be tightly secure and that all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the personal information of their customers is kept safe.

Methods for ensuring greater security for customers

One of the ways which the company can ensure that they continue maintaining this record of security and providing greater security for customers is to make sure the company has a security work team. This will be a team that is involved in checking the security of the company's website and other online products as their daily activity.

The second method is to ensure they keep up-to-date with changes in the technological world. Technology changes pretty fast therefore the company needs to keep up with these changes especially in the online security field. This will ensure…


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Internet Changes Lives How the
Words: 4025 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27891684
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hereas adult obesity rates have always been present, they have never been so high. hat is more worrisome is that youth is becoming increasingly obese. The American Heart & Stroke Association conducted a study, for instance, in which it found the following data to be true:

"Among children ages 2 -- 19, about 1 in 3 are overweight and obese (BMI-for-age at or above the 85th percentile of the 2000 CDC growth charts.):

- 32.1% of all boys, and - 31.3% of all girls, and Among children ages 2 -- 19, about 1 in 6 are obese (BMI-for-age at or above e 95th percentile of the CDC growth charts.):

- 17.8% of all boys, and - 15.9% of all girls."

ith the aid of the internet, staying home has become much easier and just as mind stimulating as actual human interaction. The most prevalent example of such instances is the…

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Internet Advertising Forms a Critical Part for
Words: 1825 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7581684
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Internet Advertising

Advertising forms a critical part for the operation of any business. The business owners rely on advertising in order to get in touch with their customers. This brings the need for an efficient way of reaching the potential customers with information about the products. Consequently, many of the business owners have turned to the internet as media for advertising with the main aim of reaching their potential customers faster than before. The adoption of online advertising (internet use) has triggered a hot debate on whether the internet has changed the image of advertising in the market. Some people argue that the internet has benefited advertising while others have their own views about the internet limiting advertisement. Some of the services offered by the internet include e-mail advertising, display advertising, affiliate advertising, behavioral marketing and semantic advertising. This article supports the view that the internet has benefited users in…

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Internet Marketing Strategy of Argos
Words: 3862 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63255895
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Internet Marketing Strategy of Argos

The purpose of this essay is to examine the Internet marketing strategy of Argos. Argos is a home retail group and market leader in retail sales of home and general merchandise. Argos reports that it is a "unique multi-channel retailer recognized for choice, value, and convenience." (Argos Website, 2011)

Argos and the Online Market: Size and Growth

Argos customer base is approximately 130 million and reports state that 26% of Argos sales are via the internet channel with approximately 4 million customers placing orders by phone or online. The Argos website is touted as the website visited the most among high street retail websites in the United Kingdom in 2008. (Argos, Website, paraphrased) Argos is environmental conscious and caters to customers with disabilities. Argos was named the 'Online Toy Retailer of the Year 2009' by the ritish Toys & Hobbies Association (THA). (Argos Website, 2011)…


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Internet Technology and the Workplace
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 16531400
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This double-edged sword of new technology is being increasingly being relied on for capturing knowledge in the organization, serving as a vital catalyst for higher levels of collaboration Condon, 55):

According to Jorge Lopez, industry research chief at Gartner, the focus of it has been to cut costs by automating tasks that can be broken down into discrete processes. But it has achieved all it can in that respect and any further improvements would be marginal. The next frontier for it is the non-routine work that lends itself less readily to automation - and here the talk is of 'augmentation': helping people come to decisions more quickly, and helping support any consequent action.

With knowledge workers, such as managers, who deal with non-routine kinds of work, the idea of productivity is different. As (management guru Peter) Drucker pointed out, you don't pay them by the hour but by results,' says…

Internet the First Decade of
Words: 2936 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27093157
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The market was not ready for wireless even five years ago, but that has definitely changed. When Levi's launched its latest 501s marketing campaign earlier this year, a wireless site was a central part of its digital strategy. Now there are nearly 30,000 public wireless "hot spots" in the United States. Advertisers believe that now that wireless has finally become a medium with which consumers are comfortable, the next stage is its exploitation by brands. Many feel that the wireless sites will increasingly become a part of marketing campaigns.

The semi-technical arena is seeing the rise of numerous new search engines, especially since ones such as Google have become so successful. Increasing numbers of Web surfers are going to alternative search engines that specialize in finding certain kinds of information or offering additional capabilities to well-known search sites (Kharif). AOL launched a test version of its new travel search site,…


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Internet and Its Impact on
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64284788
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One of the best examples of a mash-up being made possible by the AJAX programming language is the work of Dr. Hans Rosling and his apMinder program at (Phelps, Cseh, 2009). Dr. Rosling has taken the data set from the United Nations and added in analytics to determine the correlation of income to health. He is a regular speaker at TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) Conferences and is considered one of the top 20 presenters of all time at this distinguished and prestigious global conference. His insights into the correlation of income and health have been widely used by governments globally and he is a frequent lecturer at the U.S. State Department. Dr. Rosling's insights are well worth listening to on the TED site and also working with his application as well. If JAX had not been invented and the rapid gains in programming performance not achieved, it…

Given the fact that users have come to expect more and more data being available in their Web-based applications and the delivery of it to be personalized and fast, AJAX has also been expanded to support much greater levels of integration as well (Robertson, Saxton, Van Gucht, Vansummeren, 2009). This aspect of being able to integrate data from XML data streams for other Web applications' use, integrating to legacy systems in companies and also from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for pricing and product data for example, is establishing AJAX as a standard in corporations. As more corporations adopt AJAX as a standard there will continue to be more integration options defined and greater use of mash-ups in mainstream Web applications as a result. This is going to greatly enrich the user experience online as it will present data in entirely new contexts and with entirely new relationships.

Impact of Web-based Application Development on Society

Google fans globally don't realize it but they are reaping the benefits of AJAX application development advances daily (MacVittie, 2007). Google has customized their own version of AJAX, which is called Python. The Google version of AJAX is quickly revolutionizing how the world searches out and finds information online. In speaking previously about how quickly Internet users' expectations are increasing with regard to application performance, AJAX is a catalyst of these expectations growing continually. The one areas this is particularly true is in social networking applications including Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter and many others discussed in Appendix B of this paper. AJAX is making it possible for these applications to deliver real-time updates and also stay secure and reliable enough to scale

Internet Way A Unifying Theory and Methodology
Words: 4205 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81889341
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Internet Way: a Unifying Theory and Methodology for Corporate Systems Development

The face of business has changed drastically since the advent of the Internet. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are finding themselves with new marketing avenues. The Internet has led to the invention of a new comer to the business world as well, the e-business. These businesses exist only on the Internet. They do not have a traditional brick and mortar structure. In these businesses, customers place orders by phone or online, Pay for it via credit card, bankcard, or e-check. The item is shipped right to the customer's door.

This new type of retail store offers many advantages over the traditional brick and mortar storefront. Often e-stores can offer items at a fraction of the cost of traditional stores. They do not have the expenses involved in maintaining a storefront. The customer must pay for shipping; however, in many…

Internet Technologies and the Supply
Words: 2514 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94610680
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The consequence of which is the increased decline in the cycle time for the inventory replenishment cycle. In such manner the Internet turns to become the real time solution for perpetual demand and replenishment. While the customer orders for a new product through the Internet, another set of raw materials will be replenished throughout the supply chain. The lead time moves from the serial product flow to instantaneous information flow. SCM traditionally has been involved with the cycle time reduction in terms of lead time compression that would entail the results. (Internet-enabled supply chain management)

The Internet can entail for the replacement of lead-time and waste for information and with more effective timely information, it is possible to reduce and avoid such costs. To make the SCM more effective it is possible to provide for internal sharing of information through Intranet that supports internal process within the organization. The sales…


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Internet Marketing Customers Prefer Internet Marketing Because
Words: 892 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54051242
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Internet Marketing

Customers prefer Internet marketing because Internet provides the ability to easily custom tailor specifications, such as in the case of buying a computer online from Dell. In addition, Internet search engine offers consumers to find the best bargain price of a product and service. In some cases, electronic brokers facilitate shopping by presenting the offerings in order of some important characteristic, as in the case of travel services arrayed in order of price, or departure time, or airline carrier. Then there are some customers who prefer convenience. To these customers, the Internet provides the best opportunity to order the product from the home (Messmer, 1999).

Price is one of the most important elements for customers buying the simple products from the Internet. The Internet provides the most obvious basis for comparison. Consumers shopping on the Internet can easily access prices from a great many possible suppliers. In addition,…


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Internet Privacy for High School Students
Words: 12595 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31900441
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Internet Privacy for High School Students

The unrestrained stream of information is conceived necessary for democracies and market-based economies. The capability of the Internet to make available the vast quantity of information to practically everyone, irrespective of their locations thus entails large benefits. The Internet provides access to the greatest libraries of the world to the students even in the smallest towns and permit the medical specialists to analyze the patients situated about thousands of miles away. The attribute of interactivity of the Internet fosters communication and personal and political expression. The Internet also assists to make the economies progress as it enhances the ease, speed and cost effectiveness with regard to the collection, compilation and delivery around the world to the multiple extent. The electronic commerce will decline the business costs as companies are able to take the benefits of enhanced access to customers, products and suppliers worldwide along…


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Internet Questionnaire to Investigate the
Words: 2682 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94064501
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By maximizing these relationships, Cyberware can forge new and stronger customer relationships. In other words, Cyberware as an ISP can use the internet in other interesting ways in their attempt to maintain customer relations. Partnering with internet related organizations and/or other companies working to make the internet a powerful new business tool is one marketing approach that is sure to work for the company. "In September 1998, for instance, Dell announced its ConnectDirect (SM), a wide-ranging technology initiative to provide Dell customers with easy, fast and personalized access to the Internet. The initiative included agreements with at&T World Net Service, Excite, Inc., and SBC Communications, Inc. To provide services to Dell customers." (Steinbock)

VI. Is the area media strong?

The local area has a very modern telecommunications and media market system and infrastructure. There is a great deal of national investment incorporated into the systems so they will offer a…


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Internet Technology Marketing & Security
Words: 1705 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37317434
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On the other hand customers are attracted to online shopping because it's convenient, offers broader selection of commodities, the prices are competitive and a lot of information is accessed. In conducting business between the consumer and the corporate information needs to be provided especially personal data from the consumer's part. We should be careful with the type of information we provide in that case we reduce the risks when security is breached. On the other hand, business should provide privacy policy and program tools to ensure that customer's information is protected from unauthorized parties and enhance customers confidence and loyalty in conducting business Jin, 2010()


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Internet Marketing Basically Internet Marketing
Words: 5178 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26718909
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This is because it is quite difficult to gain a customer but extremely easy to lose one, and when the marketer has made a customer, then he must ensure that he maintains a minimum of contact with him so that he may be able to pitch his sales again to an individual who is already a customer better than he would be able to a new customer. The third tip is that the marketer must avoid making exaggerated claims about his product or service even if it may actually be true. This is because the customer is always wary of false claims and would automatically tend to avoid such websites. Another tip is that if a discount and a bonus were to be combined within one particular offer, then it would be so very irresistible that the customer would have no option than to purchase it. A series of special…


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Internet Laws
Words: 3271 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57050261
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Internet Ethics and the consumer's private existence in an unstable regulatory environment -- untapped economic waters in a wild, wild west of identity theft and chronic consumption

hen it comes to Internet ethics, even in the absence of legal requirements, businesses must themselves self-regulate when it comes to consumer privacy. If they do not, it is likely that the government will step in to do so, as the government has done in the European Union. This will only hurt businesses economically, and do damage to the equal ethical obligation corporations owe to shareholders. Furthermore, good business sense is about trust between the consumer and the business, and this is not honored when businesses unfairly spy upon casual surfers of their websites, or use consumer data for their own profit as well as research and marketing purposes.

Americans, according to a recent poll cited by J. Hodges in the journal of…

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Internet's Impact on Health Care Information Internet
Words: 1554 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16042133
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The Internet's Impact on Health Care Information

The Internet's Impact on Health Care Information

This paper explores some of the best and well-known cites and sites around the world for information and health care. Early in the 21st century, the World Health Organization made its first attempt to rank the quality of health care in approximately 200 countries. (NYT, 2007) The WHO ranked the countries' health care based on factors such as fairness, quality, access, insurance coverage, patient satisfaction, and use of information technology among other factors. (NYT, 2007) According to this research, some of countries in the world that provide the best health care overall are France, Italy, Malta, Japan, and Monaco, among others. (NYT, 2007) As much as the United States of America boasts at being the best in the world at nearly everything, United States health care was not in…


Global Health Council. (2012). Health Linkages. Web, Available from: . 2012 August 26.

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National Institutes of Health. (2012). Health Information. Web, Available from: . 2012 August 26.

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Internet Marketing P Market Analysis
Words: 4760 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 29607057
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University bulletin boards -- particularly those in the business building -- and offices would be my first target. Then I would meet with the on campus television professionals. Every school has closed circuit televisions that run looped information from slides. Who among us hasn't sat in front of one of these sets mindlessly watching the words and pictures go by? Someone would need to take responsibility for maintaining the free advertising on campus. Once a week or once a month a student should do a physical walk through to ensure that signs displaying the web address for the site look fresh and new and that the television advertising is up-to-date. This job would need to be passed on as students graduate out of the program and move into the real world of employment.

Strategy three -- participate in university events

Certainly the incorporation of these first two strategies -- using…

Internet & Electronic Marketing Website & Business
Words: 3210 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24152864
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Internet & Electronic Marketing

Website & Business Model

Target Market & Consumer Behavior

Building & Maintaining Customer elationships

F. ecommendations for Website Improvement

G. Conclusion

H. eferences

Pace University is a comprehensive non-profit university that offers its educational services to online students and to the more traditional brick-and-mortar student. As the university competes with global universities, the web presence must convey the value and quality of the education as well as enable the student to make an effective impact on the professional or academic world. The career services center at the university is one of the best at providing Co-op job services to its undergraduate population, the ability to find these positions is available online through the university's joint venture with the Experience Network.

Pace has delivered value to its customers by providing the opportunity to leverage either the online or brick-and-mortar education into an internship at a major company…


Comegys, C., Hannula, M. & nen, J.V.i. 2006, "Longitudinal comparison of Finnish and U.S. online shopping behaviour among university students: The five-stage buying decision process," Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 336.

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Internet-Based Conferencing Information Technology Has
Words: 1230 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90163463
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Web conferencing, though it is a very effective tool has its own drawback. The lack of human element and the absence of nonverbal feedback, particularly when dealing with clients constitute the negative side of electronic communication.

The field of medicine is one that uses web conferencing to great success. Telemedicine success stories are a good indication of the useful application of web conferencing. Web Conferencing, for example allows physician assistants and nurses to consult physicians and experts pertaining to patients symptoms and start appropriate treatment method for patients in hospitals and health care units running in remote locations. Similarly educational institutions embrace the technology offering e-learning modules for students from geographically diverse areas.

With careful planning and implementation of access privileges for different group of end-users internal security concerns can be allayed. Sensitive information can thus be protected by authorization. VOIP security concerns are a deterring factor as time and…


1) Matt McKenzie. Five Web Conferencing Packages: Not Just Conference

Calls Anymore. Dec 1, 2005 

2) Kelly Jackson-Higgins. Video IP Project Boosts Network's Profile: A Look at Cisco Media Network. Apr 19, 2004 

3) Kelly Jackson-Higgins. Concrete Company Trades Travel for Web

Internet Class Why Have You
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38238202
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But what better introduction is there to writing than to be judged solely upon one's critical writing? Although one does not interact personally with other student writers in the online class format, one does not have the ability to interact with the writers of the texts one reads, either. One judge a classical essayist based on his or her quality of prose, and in an Internet forum one can judge a fellow student opinion based on the same standard, the quality and fluidness of the prose and the soundness of the student's opinion. Also, without the pressures of personal interaction, one is likely to be more honest about one's opinions and to take more risks about expressing one's own, potentially risky thoughts about a controversial subject.

True, Internet classes don't offer the one-on-one human interaction that can make a class exiting for someone with a personality who enjoys social interaction.…

Internet in Politics the Impact
Words: 1377 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95345964
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During the founding the nation, before mass media, television, and the dominance of only a few major newspapers in each major city of the nation, America was filled with many small newspapers that were the voice of countless individual factions. America again has returned to its fractious beginnings online. No longer are their two, coherent singular voices in American politics. or, in the words of one South Korean political news site, now every citizen is a potential reporter.

The Internet has, in a few instances...made a notable difference in terms of how [contemporary] campaigns were conducted and how individuals engaged in civic life at various levels" (Palfry, 2004). Even the Obama campaign has not had full control over all of the discourse generated on the Internet regarding the candidate. One wonders, however well-intended, if Barack Obama appreciates the sexy message conveyed about his campaign by the self-proclaimed "Obama Girl" on…

Works Cited

Barack Obama. (2007). 2007. Retrieved 19 Jun 2007 at got a crush on Obama." (2007). You Tube. Retrieved 19 Jun 2007 at

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Political System. New York: Oxford University Press.

Klam, Matthew. (26 Sept 2004). Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail. The New

Internet Advantages and Disadvantages
Words: 1843 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87800038
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Internet / Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet Advantages and Disadvantages when Marketing

Doing business through the Internet -- negative press.

Embrace the Internet or Fear it?

Perceived and Real Disadvantages

Credit Card Fraud

Lack of accountability in business partners / to purchasers

Remedies to this Must acknowledge still are potential problems

Idea theft

Example of Napster

Other examples of lack of creative control for art sold over net



Disseminating 'buzz' nationally and internationally

Access to wider and more desirable markets

Youth consumers

Still difficulty of loss of tactile element

Loss of royalties -- Amazon example

4.Increased competition

Advantages of segmentation given by Internet

How to design web page to maximum advantage

How to use segmentation to one's advantage


A. Greater risk

B. Potential greater profitability

Internet Advantages and Disadvantages

The disadvantages of doing business on the Internet, from the point-of-view of consumers as well as sellers, have created…

Works Cited (2003). "Sell your purchases." Accessed July 30, 2003.

Asplaned, Wayne. (August 2003) "Nine Ways to Boost Your Business Online." My Business. . Accessed July 30, 2003.

Bronstein, Maynard. Healthcare Business Management. (July 1999) . Accessed July 30, 2003.

Internet Cafe in India
Words: 3349 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 47680690
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Internet Cafe in India

To set up a new business or expand existing business operations into some international market, a comprehensive analysis of the business environment of that market is essential (Lambin). This analysis constitutes the issues and challenges which an organization may face in that new market. These issues and challenges may be described in terms of different forces; like political, legal, social, cultural, religious, financial, and technological aspects.

This paper presents a complete marketing plan for an American service organization that wishes to set up an internet cafe in the Indian market. It starts with a brief country profile and explains how it will prove to be a potential market for this specific business. This marketing plan also explains the competitive environment, economic and political climate, marketing and promotional strategies, managerial and labor climate, and other important factors that may affect this business one way or another.


Works Cited

BBC News. India Country Profile. 31 Mar, 2011. Web. 4th Oct, 2011.

Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs. India: Profile. U.S. Department of State. July 14, 2010. Web. 4th Oct, 2011.

Cherunilam, Francis. International business: text and cases. India: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., 2007. Print

Executive Planet. About India. 5 Dec, 2006. Web. 4th Oct, 2011.

Internet and Terrorism by James
Words: 857 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38458852
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The author stresses that overreacting would not hinder the terrorists, as they would simply seek other means to access the technology and innocents would likely be bared from access. s with so many other documents associated with the CSIS there is a clear sense that the organization and its members seek to offer logical rather than counterproductive solutions to battling terrorism.

There is no traditional literature review within this work. There are only a few quotes, lacking citation a clear opinion piece that offers little in the way of evidence, and an great deal of expert opinion. traditional review of literature would supplement this work with additional information in favor of the arguments as well as contrary to the arguments, which would likely be as illogical as the options the author counters in the work.

gain there is no traditional methodology section in this work as it is largely an…

Again there is no traditional methodology section in this work as it is largely an expert opinion of the current state of the use of the internet by terrorists. The hypothesis as stated is assumed to be used by the reader and possibly future researchers as a basis for future research, rather than an isolated research hypothesis. The author gives logical reasoning to his opinion but does not prove or disprove his hypothesis with current research. This work could be judged as macro-analytical as it focuses on an issue that is global, as internet technology and those seeking to utilize it for unsavory purposes is a universal concern, and terrorism is a global problem in part being financed and supported through the utilization of the internet as a tool rather than a weapon of the fight.

Results of this article again are not in the traditional research format, as it is an educated opinion statement. The flow of the article however is logical and could serve as a logical piece to begin a research project that was more traditional, on the subject. Alternative interpretations of the work are many though the logical alternative would be to argue the counter point, that forcing greater restrictions of access is the way to stop the spread of information associated with ideology and internet fraud associated with terrorism, though the author makes a logical argument that counters this plan in his opinion.

Lewis, James a. (April 1, 2005) "The Internet and Terrorism" in the Proceedings of the 99th Annual Meeting of the American Society for International Law at,com_csis_pubs/task , view/id,523

Internet Name a Company That
Words: 359 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 7359668
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Guests to the website got very aggravated for the reason that Egghead didn't present any of their products online nor could an existing consumer ask about whether a certain product was obtainable or not. Consumers became very aggravated; sales were very small because of their absence of merchandise offering (Wolverton, 2001).

3. What did you come across in assignment one that surprised you?

I thought it was surprising how differently that each website is set up and how that set up makes a difference in how a person perceives their shopping experience.

4. Anything else you would like to share with us from your assignment one?

Internet shopping has its advantages like not having to stand in line, but has its disadvantages too when it comes to not being able to truly interact with the product before buying it.


Maney, Kevin. (2003). The economy according to eBay. etrieved March…


Maney, Kevin. (2003). The economy according to eBay. Retrieved March 31, 2011, from Web


Wolverton, Troy. (2001). Egghead to file for bankruptcy. Retreived March 31, 2011, from Web site:

KO Advantages Coca-Cola Pursues a Differentiation Strategy
Words: 1476 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54721443
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KO Advantages

Coca-Cola pursues a differentiation strategy, and has built its company around the pursuit of this strategy. The strengths that the company has -- R&D, marketing, and heavy advertising -- all directly support the differentiation strategy. Coca-Cola uses its strategy to foster sources of sustainable competitive advantage, although the strongest of these is the company's brand. All told, Coke has an excellent strategy that does not result in many missed opportunities. There are different strategic directions that the company could take, but there is also evidence that Coca-Cola management is aware of these options and has rejected them. All told, the approach that the company has taken remains successful, and should be successful for the foreseeable future.


Porter's generic strategies typology highlights four main strategies that can be used to succeed in business (QuickMBA, 2010). Two of these are focused on niche markets, which obviously does not apply…

Works Cited:

Interbrand. (2011). Best global brands 2011. Interbrand. Retrieved March 24, 2012 from 

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Lee, M. (2012). The real story behind the real thing. CNBC. Retrieved March 24, 2012 from

Organization Behavior Marketing on the Internet Target
Words: 3069 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40769140
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Organization Behavior

Marketing on the Internet

Target Market and Audience

Factors affecting the Target Market and Internet Marketing Efforts

Internet Marketing Objectives

The Internet Marketing Process for Victoria University

How Victoria University can best utilize the Web 2.0 Marketing:

Other benefits of using Web 2.0 Marketing:

Marketing and promotional efforts are done to ensure a continuous growth of operations by creating awareness among the most potential customers and offering them the products or services in the most effective and efficient way (Millman & El-Gohary 2011). Like traditional electronic and print media, web 2.0 marketing has also emerged as a successful medium of promotion for the last few years. Web 2.0 marketing tools include all internet or inbound marketing mediums that are used by the general public for interaction and sharing information with their family members, friends, relatives, and other community members (Software and Information Industry Association 2011). This paper presents…


Beneke, J.H. 2011, Marketing the Institution to Prospective Students -- A Review of Brand (Reputation) Management in Higher Education, International Journal of Business and Management, 6 (1): 29-37.

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Gallatin, C., 2009, Internet Marketing Techniques for Online Programs. Available from [Accessed September 28th, 2012]

Millman, C., & El-Gohary, H. 2011, New Digital Media Marketing and Micro Business: A UK Perspective. Available from

Creating a Chain of Internet
Words: 3598 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49598608
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. Lack of tax incentives for infrastructure development including
broadband penetration. The key elements of the infrastructure
including electricity, telephone and internet service are at time
unpredictable in their performance. The biggest weakness of India
today is its infrastructure, and with only 30% of the workforce
relying on communications links to other nations, India will be forced
to spend greater and greater percentages of their GNP on making their
infrastructure world class.
. Growth of Instant Messaging and convergence applications may make e-
mail a secondary approach to communicating in India in the next ten
years. According to the (Internet in India Report, 2006) the
corresponding growth of the Instant Messaging and all other forms of
peer-to-peer communications from cellular and PDA devices is expected
to be dominated by the Chinese and Indian markets according to
(Tekelec, 2006) as well. The findings of Ovum Consulting are provided
in the white…

Works Cited

CIA FactBook (2007) - CIA FactBook page on India. Provides an overview of
the Indian economy and political structure. Accessed from the Internet on
July 27, 2007 from location:

Columbus, Louis (2005) - Selling Into India: Lessons Learned From Silvio
Napoli. CRM Buyer Magazine, April 22, 2005. Downloaded from the Internet

What Is the Role of the Internet in Social Connectivity
Words: 2800 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13498297
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ICT Controversy: Does Using the Internet Strengthen or Weaken Social Connections?

Since the dawning of the Digital Age, the Internet has served as a social device, connecting people around the world more easily than ever before in history. Yet what is the actual social effect of Internet-connectivity? Does using the Internet in fact strengthen or weaken social connections? There are two sides to the answer to this question: on the one hand, it can be argued that the Internet is a powerful social tool that strengthens social connections by breaking down barriers of time and place so that access to information and communication are nearly instantaneous; on the other hand, it can be argued that the Internet reduces actual face-to-face time and real-life social interaction so that every generation of the Digital Age will grow up without ever developing the ability to read and register social cues, understand how to…


Amichai-Hamburger, Y., Hayat, Z. (2011). The Impact of the Internet on the social lives of users: A representative sample from 13 countries. Computers in Human Behavior, 27(1): 585-589.

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Ellison, N., Vitak, J., Gray, R. (2014). Cultivating social resources on social network sites: Facebook relationship maintenance behaviors and their role in social capital processes. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(4): 855-870.

Internet or The Network of
Words: 2448 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55928678
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As it may be inferred from the examples above, the U.S.A. is the leader when talking about online campaigns. Other countries' experiences may look poor in comparison with the American giant even if we invoke the cases of famous European democracies like Germany.

First of all, this country has a parliamentary system which explains why the parties and not the candidates are those who maintain sites. Therefore, Americans enjoy a more personal virtual relationship while Germans are only entitled to a rather collectivist approach. Despite having access to contact information, biographies, details about platforms, the party is the one which counts to a higher degree. ut this seems to be the only major difference between the two countries' web sites as their main goal is providing information, an aim that has received the highest rank from Germans, on a four-point scale.

Still, unlike American candidates who are beginning to understand…


1. Bandler, J., Bulkeley, M., 2004. Dean Campaign Made Payments To Two Bloggers, The Wall Street Journal, [Online], Available at ,[2006, December 17].

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4. DeYoung, B., 1988. What's Relationship Marketing?, Journal of Extension, [Online], Available at ,[2006, December 17].

Internet and Globalization Affect Your
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87801019
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The ability to plan, without the ability to organize and control has some value for a manager. However, without a plan, organizing leading and controlling is of very little value. Overall, it maybe argued that organizing is one of the most important, as an individual who is able to organize may be building on other functions.

4) GE's Jack Welch said: "Manage your destiny, or somebody else will." What does this mean for strategic management? What does it mean when Welch adds,"...or somebody else will"?

If an individual to take charge of their destiny it requires to look at the future and decide what they want to achieve. This looking forward in order to determine the goal is only the first stage, as in order to manage your destiny almost also decide how that goal can be achieved, put the plan into place, including identifying steps which need to be…

Internet of Things for Supply
Words: 2551 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50568363
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It presumes interacting elements in non-deterministic systems, which possess the capability and possibility to render decisions independently." (Bose & Windt) "Sensor networks and pervasive networking approaches are also of high interest to the mobile industry. Context aware applications using mobile devices with dynamically varying service platforms are currently under investigation by mobile operators." (Buckley, 2006) "Growing demand for radio usage implies either the spread of unlicensed bands in breadth and number, or the spread of new technology which: allows transparent overlap of multiple signals (direct spread spectrum): adapts and compensates for already occupied spectrum with cognitive radio and software defined radio." (Buckley, 2006)


The issues presented that intend to hinder the development of the IoT include linking a large number of decentralized servers. "Afilias believes that DNS provides a publicly available platform that can be leveraged for homing multiple, decentralized ONS services." (Cute, Young, 2008) it is generally easier…


Buckley, J. "FROM RFID to the INTERNET of THINGS" Pervasive networked systems. March 6 & 7, 2006, CCAB, Brussels

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Chui M., Loffler M., Roberts R. "THE INTERNET of THINGS" the Mc Kinsey Quarterly 2010 Number 2.


Internet in Response to the
Words: 3019 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61803821
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This lead was accomplished through a partnership nearly a half-century old among government, industry and academia. I member of that partnership was the National Science Foundation (NSF). As Strawn noted, early on, scientists and engineers at American universities began to join the young APANet, as they worked on basic research funded primarily by the NSF. Acknowledging this, the NSF began supporting national supercomputing centers, in the mid-1980s, as a means of giving American scientists, engineers, and students greater access to high-performance computing that was state of the art, and developed Computer Science Network (CSNET).

Creation of these national supercomputer centers by NSF was critical to the development of the Internet. To further enhance U.S. scientists' access to these centers, NSF established the NSFNET national backbone network that connected the NSF supercomputing centers to U.S. universities. NSF also promoted the creation of regional networks to connect colleges and universities to the…


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Internet for Recruitment Evaluating the
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90624895
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Given the fact that recruitment online has only been in existence for under three decades, this fact shows how pervasive and effective the nternet is as a recruiting platform. The most critical point however is that the most valuable and most likely successful candidates for new positions are continually striving to learn more about their industries, and how to excel in their careers. As a result, the more professional affiliations a firm has and the reputation of the hiring firm all play a vital part in attracting high quality candidates for hire. How the nternet assists with this process is that it provides firms with the opportunity to vary their approaches of communicating positions, how the positions are conveyed, in what context, while also underscoring the value of the firm's brand and its reputation in the market. Many of these factors are intangible and defy quantification in Web analytics, yet…

In conclusion, these four factors need to be well orchestrated and aligned to a common objective if Internet-based recruitment strategies are going to succeed. Seeing managerial and professional talent as a very vital customer segment is key; it is that perspective of service to a customer that needs to pervade Internet-based recruiting if it is to successful. Underscoring all of these strategies with analytics further quantifies and provides hard evidence of their value.

Examine the reasons why a business may want to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Myspace in the recruitment process.

Social networks have been developed based on the main design criteria and objectives of Web 2.0 in mind, including ensuring high user participation, interactivity of applications and user experiences, and a high degree of authenticity and transparency (Bernoff, Li, 2008). By their very nature, social networks bring a high degree of collaboration and communication into relationships, whether they are between two friends or between people and brands or companies they admire and like to follow. For the human resources professional, social networks are the future of recruiting, especially for

Internet Have on Businesses and
Words: 614 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84736253
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Another field that has been affected by the Internet is that of the manufacturing companies whose using of outsourcing has significantly grown, thus enabling them to move much of their production to less expensive overseas locations.

Though starting a new business on the Internet is often easier and less expensive than "brick and mortar" companies, many are reluctant "to put their critical information on it because it will be exposed" (ill Gates).This is why security on the Internet has become one of the top priorities for companies such as Microsoft, that invest a lot of time and energy into secure the online business environment.

A study on how businesses use the internet developed in the year 2000 revealed that "vast opportunities for financial and productivity gains" awaited those corporations and businesses that would regard the Internet as one of their main resources.

This research shows what some people have suspected…


How the internet transformed business" Steve Schifferes

Business editor, BBC News website Available.Online. (3 August 2006)  (accessed 3rd October 2007)

Research finds Internet technology investments can boost business financial performance, productivity" Available. Online. (21st September 200) (accessed 3rd October 2007)

Internet to Recruit Employees The
Words: 2149 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57684742
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Passive job seekers are those who are already typically employed but willing to see what is out there if it does not involve calling out of work or missing work to search and apply.

Passive employees are sometimes the best employees as they have already demonstrated their talents in their current position and the fact that they do not want to short change their present employer by missing work to apply tells prospective employers something about their work ethic.

In addition to the speed in which applicants can search for work through the Internet there is the benefit of geographic ability. If one wants to relocate or is searching for the perfect position and is not too concerned about where it is the Internet allows that candidate to search worldwide and match his or her qualifications to the position. They are no longer limited by their ability to travel…


Birchard, B. (2002), "Hire Great People Fast," Fast Company, 3, 132-141.

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Martin, J. (2002), "Changing Jobs? Try the Net," Fortune,137, 205-208.

Internet to Do Foreign Market
Words: 371 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27250108
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There are also inconsistencies across countries in how they measure their industries, production levels, and development milestones of their industries as well. What makes using the Internet for researching foreign markets most difficult is that while nations are gradually realizing they are needing to compete globally, there is still a highly protectionist philosophy to demographic and economic data in key, emerging growth industries. Often there are multiple sources of information on a foreign market, both from the Internet and also published by third party research providers, needed to get a true measure of the market opportunities in foreign markets.


Axinn, C., Deeter-Schmelz, D., Straley, B., Zavoral, E (2006). How do the Internet and Internationalization Affect the Buying Center:an Exploratory Case Study. Advances in International Marketing, 17, 347-368. etrieved January 28, 2008, from ABI/INFOM Global database. (Document ID: 1173278651).

Lipner, W (2007). The Future of Online Market esearch. Journal of…


Axinn, C., Deeter-Schmelz, D., Straley, B., Zavoral, E (2006). How do the Internet and Internationalization Affect the Buying Center:an Exploratory Case Study. Advances in International Marketing, 17, 347-368. Retrieved January 28, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1173278651).

Lipner, W (2007). The Future of Online Market Research. Journal of Advertising Research, 47(2), 142-146. Retrieved January 28, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1288640551).

Internet E-Systems to Support Purchasing Supply Chain
Words: 1822 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56702213
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Internet e-Systems to Support Purchasing Supply Chain Management Activities

Although the fundamental goals of effective supply chain management have not changed in recent years, companies of all types and sizes now have the ability to streamline their supply chain management activities in general and their purchasing function in particular through the use of Internet-based e-systems. Such e-systems include corporate intranets and business-to-business exchanges that can satisfy the entire spectrum of supply chain management needs in more efficient and cost-effective ways. To gain some further insights into recent and current trends in the use of Internet e-systems to support purchasing supply chain management activities, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

Innovations in telecommunications and transportation have profoundly affected the manner in which companies go about achieving their organizational goals. For instance, according…


Agrawal, M.K. & Pak, M.H. 2001 'Getting Smart about Supply Chain Management.' The

McKinsey Quarterly, p. 22.

Camm, F. 2001 Environmental Management in Proactive Commercial Firms: Lessons for Central Logistics Activities in the Department of Defense. Santa Monica, CA: Rand.

Chapman, K. & Ellinger, A.E. 2009 'Constructing Impact Factors to Measure the Influence of Supply Chain Management and Logistics Journals.' Journal of Business Logistics, vol.

Internet Explore the Capital Budgeting
Words: 746 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42536357
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The IRR too does not distinguish between the positive investing o negative boowing+ investing situation, whilst the NPV makes a clea distinction.

NPV is supeio to IRR fo mutually exclusive investments. Finally, NPV and IRR make diffeent assumptions when it comes to einvestment assumptions. This can esult in conflicts and cossove in anking of mutually exclusive pojects.

Pofitability Index (PI)

The PI calculates the pesent value of a poject compaed to its cost. It is the sum of the pesent values of the poject divided by the initial cost of the investment.

(Algoithm: PI = NPV / Investment)

Pofitability Index Decision Rule

When faced with mutually exclusive investments with capital ationing (i.e. A limit on the amount of funds available fo investment), choose the poject with the highest PI. (FIN 301)

PI is only used in connection with capital ationing.

Payback Peiod

This is the numbe of yeas that it…

references, therefore, emphasis is usually placed on one metric above the other, and most managers seem to prefer the NPV.


Fin 301. Chapter 7: Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria

Internet Placing the Performance Appraisal System on
Words: 774 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43336049
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Placing the performance appraisal system on the Internet should save Otis Elevator time and money by reducing the number of staff required to process appraisals. For example, it eliminates the creation, distribution and collection of forms and should automatically tabulate and aggregate results. Required information is more readily updatable as evaluation needs change because the appraisal is in a centralized electronic format and data can more easily be integrated with other HR systems as necessary. Further, it should now be easier to compare results across managers for corporate-wide improvement strategies and to create a history of the evaluations that will facilitate tracking ongoing progress. Otis Elevator could also take advantage of the new online system to increase the frequency of performance appraisals and the number of participants in the performance appraisal process. Increased employee access might have the indirect benefit of increasing morale if employees feel more valued because…


Koebelin, G. (1999, Spring). Are you ready for 360. Retrieved June 26, 2005 from Web site: 

Linman, T. 360-degree feedback: Weighing the pros and sons. Retrieved June 26, 2005 from Web site:

Internet to Solve Crimes the
Words: 1292 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9918143
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The technology is extremely effective. In brief, crime mapping technology enables the police and other crime fighting agencies "... To analyze and correlate data sources to create a detailed snapshot of crime incidents and related factors within a community or other geographical area." (the Use of Computerized Crime Mapping by Law Enforcement)

Studies show that this technology is creating a positive response among law enforcement agencies and has many advantages over older methods of fighting crime. Among the many aspects of this method is the real-time analysis of crime data as well as the mapping of various critical crime areas using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. (Newsom G.)

One of the central advantages of this system is that it provides the ability to identify certain trends in crime and links between crimes. This is an important aspect as it provides crucial correlations between events and crimes which may occur in…

Works Cited

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How can police agencies keep up with new technology? 2005. 15 September, 2006.

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Internet Marketing Advantages
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 48021809
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Competitive Advantage through Online promotion

he online environment provides a rich environment for marketing. Marketing is likely to be seen whenever someone goes online; search engines operate with sponsored results at the top, and/or advertisements at the side of the page and many web cites will have advertisements embedded in their pages. Online marketing can also be seen in some less obvious formats such as marketing though maintaining a presence on the social networking mediums and use advergaming. With the high presence of online marketing it may be unsurprising to discover that in 2013 the global spend on internet advertising was estimated to be U.S. $503 billion (Linden, 2013). In the U.S. alone the online advertising spending amounts to U.S. $109.7 billion, accounting for 21.8% of advertising budgets (Linden, 2013). If this amount of money is being spent on internet advertising, it may be assumed the marketers believe that…

The first advantage of the internet is its ability to provide a cost effective medium, which helps to level the playing field between the large and the smaller firms. The use of creative thinking by marketers has been seen to develop some very compelling marketing campaigns. A good example was the West Jet 'Christmas Miracle' public relations stunt, which was filmed and released as a video on You Tube

. In December 2013 passengers on two flights were asked what they wanted for Christmas by Santa, while they were in the air West Jet purchased and wrapped the presents asked for, delivering them to the passengers when they landed by placing them on the luggage collection carousel, labeled with the passengers names. The exercise must have been costly, arranging all of the recourses needed, as well as purchasing the gifts. The video went viral, to date more than 35 million people have seen the video, and the attention received by the firm went beyond the internet, attracting the attention of the mass media, even getting airline on new programs. The airline has received a high level of attention, which is likely to have made the exercise extremely cost effective; the firm has also marketed itself as a caring and giving airline, helping to differentiate itself from other airlines. As the message did not come through the usual advertising channels where consumers may display resistance, it is also possible that this also increased the credibility of the marketing message and that it reached parts of the target market that may otherwise have been inaccessible. This aspect of image promotion is a potential source of competitive advantage.

While West jet improved their image, the real purpose of marketing is to support, and usually to increase the bottom line. IKEA is a good example of the way that this can be archived. This well-known home furnishing company sells through shops as well as from a catalogue. In 2012 the firm realized they needed to adopt a new approach to marketing for the catalogue, as the sales were flat (Econsultancy, 2013). The strategy adopted was the development of an app that would complement the content of the printed catalogue. The app allowed users to scan a page, and it would then give more information on the products, supplying customers with more knowledge (Econsultancy, 2013). The

Internet Privacy
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Filter Bubble

A Review of hat the Internet Is Hiding From You

This paper reviews the book, The Filter Bubble: hat the Internet is Hiding from You, by Eli Pariser. The purpose of this paper is to analyze this book in an attempt to determine where the future of the internet is headed. The Filter Bubble begins with an overview of how Google began customizing its search results for intent users in 2009 and the results of that customization. The author hypothesizes that the future of the net is personalization. This is the undertone of the entire work. Follow up pieces by the Economist, including several supporting articles, suggest that personalization is indeed the future of the internet. These articles, while not cited by page number as they are online, do show that personalization is occurring. This however, is leading to decreased privacy over the web. This is a primary…

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"Breaching the great firewall. Home-grown micro blogs are succeeding where Twitter failed."

Advantages Disadvantages to Composing With a Word Processor
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There are both significant advantages and disadvantages in composing with a word processor. Advantages include great freedom in moving around chunks of text and spell and grammar checking features. One important disadvantage of word processors may be the tendency to neglect document structure and content due to the ease of writing and rewriting a document. In all, I feel that the advantages of word processors far outweigh the disadvantages, especially if documents are created with foresight and planning.

I feel that of the greatest advantages of using a word processor to compose is the freedom of moving and copying text that the technology allows. A word processor allows me to move text almost anywhere within a document with a few simple clicks of a mouse, thus allowing me to completely revise the order and meaning of a document, if required. The same technique done by hand or by typewriter…

Internet Startup Computer Learning on Line
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Online Learning Business

This research report answers a good few questions pertaining to computer online learning company which intends to survey the potential market and various other related aspects before taking the plunge in the cyber sea. The orks Cited appends four sources in MLA format.

Internet startup "Computer Learning online"

Corporate training is evolving into performance support. I don't see them as courses. I see it as a knowledge resource. You work with a manager, find your deficiencies, and go online for the tools to improve." ["Steve Teal, e-learning director at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., the $19.4 billion a year pharmaceutical company in New York."] (E-Learning News, reference 1)

This is because online computer learning classes offer not mere courses as Teal opinionates but they offer a rich array of helping study material and a complete guide that equips individuals with the much-needed awareness regarding the computerized learning of computer.…

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Internet Procurement and Fulfillment Strategies John Browning
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Internet Procurement and Fulfillment Strategies.

John Browning wrote: "Information technology is no longer a business resource; it is the business environment"(Browning, p. 5). Business is moving at a rate which was not possible only a decade ago. The opportunities which have been made possible by using the internet for integration of procurement, fulfillment, customer's service and sales throughout an entire company have enabled the digitally enhanced company to access accurate information faster than ever before. With information in hand, businesses are equipped to made better decision, capture more sales opportunities and run a tighter inventory management system. However, just putting a company presence on the internet in the way of a corporate electronic information brochure is not what id meant by a digitally enhanced company. The power to run faster, leaner and more accurately is harnessed by integrating sectors of the business.

According to Muffatto and Payaro, companies which have…


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Internet Is in Fact Revolutionizing
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This is exemplified, according to the researchers, by the fact that in the year 2001, a technology showcase was organized for the Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, wherein the various uses of the Internet were put across and demonstrated, among which was the yet under developed e-recruitment process. (Lievens; Harris, 2003, p. 148)

It has today become clear how far companies are influenced by this process of recruitment, but the fact is that many recruiters have not considered certain important questions. Some of them are, how exactly do candidates perceive the Internet, and how do they use the Internet? Do they consider the Internet to be a proper recruitment source, and if so, are they aware of which sources on the Internet would lead them to better employment prospects? Are the tests that are conducted on the Internet as part of the e-recruitment process today,…


Brice, Thomas, S. 2002. Website Recruitment Characteristics, America's best vs. America's Biggest. SAM Advanced Management Journal. March. Vol: 17; No: 1; pp: 62-65

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Experian
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eal World company (Experian) on the Internet. It has 4 (APA) sources.

About Experian

Experian is a global organization that provides financial reporting services to its subscribers. The organization helps its users in making informed decisions in the field of marketing, advertising, decision-making and consumer related services (such as CM). Further, Experian also provides outsourcing services to businesses. (Experian Web Site, 2003)

Experian is the biggest consumer and business information provider in the world. The wide network of consumers and businesses subscribed with the organization compliments the status of the company within the industry. The company has maintained a consistent focus on integration with its consumers/businesses. This is significant reason for the magnitude of operations of the organization. (Experian Web Site, 2003)

Experian and the Internet

One of the plots of the high-scale integration of the company includes provision of online services to the consumers/businesses subscribed to the organization. The…


Experian Web Site. (2003) "About Experian: Corporate information." Accessed December 3, 2003. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows XP
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Windows XP was introduced as a major upgrade to Windows 98 and Widows Millennium. After Microsoft released MS-DOS in the 1980's it developed its revolutionary operating system -- Windows. Newer versions of this operating system were developed over the years, including the release of Windows NT (New Technology) which was aimed at business users and computer servers. After various incarnations of the Windows OS, including Windows 95, 98 and the much criticized Windows Millennium, the XP system was released October 25, 2001

Technically Windows XP has much in common with the characteristics and architecture of Windows 2000. In essence XP was developed to'bridge the two architectures (NT and Windows 9x -- or DOS) into one common operating system." Windows 2000 was based on Windows NT technology; while Millennium (ME) was developed from Windows 9x technology. The NT operating system was much more reliable than the other previous versions of Windows…


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Internet and Privacy
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Privacy Protection Features Present

Privacy Policy of Website

This paper analyzes the privacy policy of e-commerce websites, and highlights the aspects that should be covered in order to benefit customers.

Privacy Policy of E-commerce Website

Important Features of Privacy Policy of E-Commerce Website


Payment Methods:

Social Security Number:

Customer Information Sharing:

Password Sharing:

Identity Theft:

Information Provided by Website

Comparison among Top E-commerce Websites

First Mover vs. Follower in E-Commerce

Network Effect

Switching Cost

Disadvantage of First Mover

Privacy Policy of Website

Throughout the major part of the last century, there has been a lot of development and advancement in the field of information and technology (Jing, 2009). Most of the business activities have shifted base from being orthodox setups towards the IT portals. This development has also given rise to certain issues which were not present with the business fraternity earlier. In the past two decades, there has…


C. Juan. (2006). The electronic commerce security architecture and the safety technology apply. Net Security Technologies and Application. 7(1), 56-58. C. O'Connor. (2013). Wal-Mart Vs. Amazon: World's Biggest E-Commerce Battle Could Boil Down To Vegetables. Available: . Last accessed 31 December 2014.

C.O' Connor. (2013). Wal-Mart Vs. Amazon: World's Biggest E-Commerce Battle Could Boil Down To Vegetables. Available:

Internet Distribution System
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Internet Distribution System

An Internet Distribution System is a compilation of online reservation systems and travel portals which focus in internet marketing of travel and related services. There are currently more than 2000 internet reservation systems and travel websites on the Internet. These online systems have unique forces and features that can be utilized to drive probable travelers to a given destination and to a given hotel (Internet Distribution Systems (IDS), 2007).

It has been reported that the online booking in the hospitality industry including hotels and motels, airlines and travel packages is increasing at a very rapid speed recently, particularly at the lower rate end. Online hotel room bookings have gone up six times over from 1999 to 2002. It has been estimated that there will be a more rapid jump in the online hotel room bookings over the next few years (Yang, Flynn & Anderson, n.d.).



Internet Distribution Systems (IDS). (2007). Retrieved from

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Systems by Web Services. Retreived from  f

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Internet or Bandwidth throttling by Verizon
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Internet or Bandwidth throttling is the slowing or speeding of a user's internet service that is provided by the internet company. The slowing of internet service is done to reduce the usage of service supplied to the local network. Verizon's throttling and the lawsuit against it became the news's highlights in 2018 during the California wildfire when the said company tried to slow down internet usage by the fire department (Brodkin, 2018). This throttling was impeding the ability to respond to such a huge crisis, and there was lateness in providing emergency services. The image of fire departments became suspicious in public, and there was national condemnation. The reason behind this massive damage was throttling by Verizon.
It was declared by the county's Fire Chief, Anthony Bowden, that the internet has become an essential tool in our daily lives and in such a nationwide emergency, where the arrangement of a…

Brodkin, J. (2018, August 22). Verizon throttled fire department\\\\'s \\\\"unlimited\\\\" data during Calif. Wildfire. ARS Technica. Retrieved from 
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