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applying for the SEO internship on Wall Street for several reasons. Foremost is my great love of finance, particularly the investment field. My major AT WHAT UNIVERSITY is finance and accounting, and I have found my major suits me perfectly, which is why I want to continue my education with work experience in the premier financial district in the United States. I feel my finance and accounting background has prepared me for a sales and trading internship, and that I understand the many issues and complexities this internship would provide. I also feel that I can work well with others, and could develop good working relationships with clients from every type of institution and management philosophy. Helping people invest wisely for their futures is not only a career to me, it is something that can make a vast difference in people's lives when they most need it, and I would feel great satisfaction in helping people create future happiness.

I am also eager to learn, and look forward to discovering new products and developments that will serve the investment needs…

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