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¶ … diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, and my doctor urged me to take time off from school to pursue effective treatment. However, as an international student with no health insurance coverage, I did not handle my situation as well as I could have and regret that sincerely. I continued with my studies, but my condition led to failing grades in my major course of study and I find myself in my current predicament.

Now I am insured and prepared to rectify my situation with the hard work necessary to complete the remaining two classes I need to graduate with my Bachelors in the field of economics. I am writing this letter to appeal the school's decision to dismiss me. I understand why the school made this decision initially; without knowing the context of my failing grades, the school could not have known what I was going through at the time. I am hoping that the committee will review my file compassionately, reviewing both my academic performance prior to my diagnosis and my medical diagnosis itself. Please review the attached documentation, including my medical records. Also please consider the fact that as an international student, time is of the essence because my student visa does not permit me to stay in the country if I am not enrolled in school.

Again, I take full responsibility for my actions and my...


I hope the committee will understand that as an uninsured student with a determination to succeed, I pressed onward convinced that I could overcome whatever barriers my body presented to me during this time. I was wrong, and now I face an even greater challenge of proving my worthiness for reinstatement as a student so that I can complete my Bachelor's degree as intended. Given I am close to completing the degree, I hope the committee will reinstate me so that I can become a proud graduate. I will not make this mistake again. On the contrary, I intend to take my economics degree further once I graduate and attend a graduate program in economics.

B. If I am reinstated, my plan for meeting the requirements of probation include diligent review of my course of study, conscientious application of the past several years of learning toward the completion of my degree, and regular checkups with the doctor to ensure that my health is on track. I take my situation seriously, and my studies as well. I would not have come this far in my academic career if I took these matters lightly. I have worked hard to improve my English skills to the point where I have excelled in many of my classes, even those that were not related to economics, my major.

I also believe that my experience with being dismissed and hopefully reinstated will help other students like me, who might find themselves uninsured or afraid to seek medical treatment when they need it. In particular, I want to work with other international students and let them know they are…

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