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Marketing E-Mail Email marketing is "the use of email in marketing communications." (Brownlow, 2012) Email marketing is reported as a term that "covers every email" that is ever sent to a customer, potential customer or public venue." (Brownlow, 2012) Email marketing refers to the sending of "…direct promotional emails to try and acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again." (Brownlow, 2012) In addition, it is reported that sending emails which are designed in a way that will provide encouragement for customer loyalty and enhance customer relationships. In addition, placing your marketing messages or advertisements "in emails sent by other people." (Brownlow, 2012)

Three Primary Forms of Email Marketing

Email marketing is in three primary forms stated to be the following: (1) direct mail; (2) sending a print newsletter; (3) placing advertisements in subscription magazines and newspapers. (Brownlow, 2012) It is reported that email marketing's popularity is because: (1) sending email is cheaper than most forms of communication; (2) email lets you deliver messages to people unlike website where people have to come to the message; and (3) email marketing has proven very successful for "who do it right." (Brownlow, 2012)

II. Direct Email

Direct email marketing is sending of promotional messages in email such as a special offer or announcement of some sort. It is possible as well to rent...


Email Marketing Software
Email marketing software allows for the creation of profitable customer relationships and includes tools such as professional email signup forms and autoresponder services. One such software advertised is AWeber Opt-In Email Marketing Software produced by AWeber Communications. Email marketing software enables management of client accounts from one location and creation of a new revenue stream with competitive wholesale pricing. In addition, simple design tools are included in many email software-marketing packages.

IV. Benefits of Email Marketing

A Business Link report states that product promotion by email is "powerful and flexible" in terms of direct marketing. Email marketing allows communication of messages more rapidly and in a more cost-effective manner that using paper-based marketing. In addition, messages can be tailored to specific types of customers, customer relationship can be built, and new customers acquired "through relevant, well targeted emails that interest recipients." (Brownlow, 2012)

V. Regulation of Marketing Email

Marketing emails are reported as being regulated by "the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations" which give definition to what can and what cannot be done in regards to sending marketing emails that…

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