Marketing Monitoring And Evaluation There Marketing Plan

Part of the marketing program is to broaden the customer base to be more reflective of LA's total demographics. Such basic information can be collected by the intake staff, and can then be compared against data from prior to the marketing effort. If there is a specialized campaign -- say taking out ads in an ethnic newspaper -- we can track to see if there was a bump in the demographics of that group among our customers. Such direct studies can also help understand how best to reach specific target markets, especially the larger ones that can be segmented.

The major evaluative categories are profitability, productivity and efficiency. All three derive from targeting certain customer types that will help improve each of these things. Efforts in these areas can indicate successful execution of the marketing plan....


observed outcomes in the major evaluative categories.
Because of the wide range data that can have value, the evaluation of the marketing plan will be more comprehensive than simply measuring a few outcomes. The data will show us whether we met those basic targets, but we also want to see what else the marketing plan accomplished, and gain insight that will tell us why the reported performance was as it was. This way, we can make adjustments to our efforts in the future, to improve our marketing. If we can keep the cost of collecting marketing data down, there is certainly no limit on how much data would be useful, and the more we have for evaluation purposes the better.

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