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JG's fashion style is characterized as a mix of the following genres: commercial, trend-based, art focus / cultural / theme-based, couture high fashion and mid-market. In essence, JG's fashion style encompasses from low to high fashion markets, historical to contemporary arts and cultures.

IV. Target Market

JG's target markets for fashion advertising are Australian mid-range boutiques and high fashion brands. These boutiques and brands are known for having edgy and unique fashion images. Brands fitting this profile include the following, to name a few: Ellery, Lover, Romance was Born, Bec and Bridge, Sass & Bide, Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts, Camilla and Mac, Zimmerman.

Within the fashion editorial sector, JG targets magazines that offer exclusive international fashion and showcase the work of leading Australian photographers and up-and-coming fashion design talent. The demographic foci of these magazines are people who have a passion for fashion, art, graphics, photography, illustration and street culture. Magazines representing this demographic are: Oyster Magazine, RUSSH, Yen, Cream, Karen, Fallen and online Tangent.

V. Marketing Strategies and Tactics

JG plans to promote its creations and artistic fashion expertise using both traditional and electronic/online marketing channels. JG will market is creations and expertise using the traditional channels, mainly through direct and retail marketing (thru consignment). Online marketing strategies, meanwhile, include the creation and establishment of an electronic storefront, placing online advertisements and engaging in electronic forums, newsgroups and bulletin boards. These channels will be planned out and balanced to create equal weight for both direct, retail and electronic storefront marketing, to be supported by online ads placement and e-community engagements.

Direct and Retail Marketing

Networking would be the key and critical element to JG's direct and retail marketing strategy. JG will engage in direct marketing by establishing key contacts and referrals in the fashion editorial and retail industries. As a fashion consultant, JG will conduct prospecting by discussing business and project opportunities with JG's known contacts, colleagues and new relations established in the industry. Concurrent with this direct marketing effort, JG will also engage in retailing through consignment partnerships with multi-brand niche stores and boutiques. Minimum mandatory selection requirements for consignment partners would be that the stores and boutiques are consistent with JG's style/fashion image and target groups.

Online Marketing (e-store, ads, and e-community engagement)

For scoping beyond the Australian market, it is necessary for the development and establishment of a JG online storefront. This JG e-store will promote the fashion stylist's creations and expertise on a global scale, targeting markets beyond Australia. The e-store will complement rather than supplement JG's marketing efforts in Australia. Its business strategy in Australia is 'high touch,' and its global strategy (i.e., non-Australian market) will be developed to maintain its high touch strategy using a broader scope -- taking into consideration JG's non-Australian consumers and target groups.

As a support to its direct, retail and online marketing efforts, JG as a fashion styling/designing expert and consultant will further ramp up its visibility in online communities by actively participating and providing expert consultation on fashion and art through e-communities/e-groups. A more direct showcase of JG's expertise would be through online ads, posted through the e-store, freelancing sites, and social networking sites (specifically for fashion and art). These online efforts would be supplementary tools to strengthen the JG brand and bolster its presence in the designer fashion industry.


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