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Marketing Strategy

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Barkwood Pet Daycare: Sales and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Message

Marketing message refers to the component that plays a critical role in grabbing the prospective attention while offering information on how to solve the problems and the need to trust the organization in question. It is also critical in the decision-making process by the consumers to adopt and integrate valuable reasons to execute transactions with the organization above any and all choices they have within the context of the market or industry of operation. The main rationale for the success in the development of an effective marketing message is the generation of an efficient communication garget in relation to the needs and wants of the target audiences (Kolsarici & Vakratsas, 2010). Five steps are critical in the development of an effective marketing message. The first step is the identification of the target market of the organization.

Narrowing down of the target audience enables an organization to generate an effective and efficient marketing message with the aim of addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers in the market (Wang, 2006). The second step towards the achievement of quality marketing message is the exploration of the problems experienced by the target audiences or market. This is because of the existence of diverse pains and frustrations in the context of each market and industry of operation in the global and internal communities. The third critical stage is the presentation of the solution to the diverse problems affecting the satisfaction of the goods and services in the market with the aim of addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers. The next step is the illustration of the alternative solutions for the similar group in any market and industry as they seek to address and satisfy their needs and preferences. Finally, the organization should focus on the presentation of the reasons why it is different to the direct and indirect competitors (Thompson & Malaviya, 2013). This is critical in enhancing the ability of the organization in relation to the development of an effective and accurate reputation in the market and industry of operation.

Marketing Message Steps

About Barkwood Pet Daycare

Friendly and attentive pet CPR and First Aid PCSA

Certified Veterinary Technician and Certified Pet care Technicians

Fire and security system under the monitor of the alarm central

Effective resident supervision

Luxurious boarding suites

Central air conditioning, heated floors, and central heat

Webcam viewing in the organization

Reverse osmosis water filtration system

Existence of flat screen televisions

Quality relationship with the consumers

Adequate relationship with the clients in attempts to address the needs and preferences of our esteemed consumers

At Barkwood Pet Daycare, we will get your pet rolling faster and better through dedicated staff, effective, and efficient communication systems within the organization.


The mission of our organization is to enhance interaction with the consumers in relation to the provision of quality protection, care, and companion to the dogs through effective and efficient professional structure.

Products and Services






Substantial care under the influence of dedicated staff members

Organizational Structure

At the helm of the structure is the business manager whose role is to oversee effective management of the daily operations relating to the financial allocation, customer services, and quality management within our organization. Below the manger, we have the veterinarian who has the obligation of attending to the veterinary services and duties under the assistance of the veterinarian assistants within the institution. The organization also has qualified care technicians who focus on the provision of relevant services to the pets such as boarding, hygienic needs, and physical care of the domestic animals. The receptionist has the obligation of enhancing the reputation and image of the organization through constant interaction with the clients. Finally, the organization also has a retail sales clerk traineded to manage spaces as well as execute customer issues and services.

Marketing Schedule & Marketing Budget

Market schedule is vital in the development of an effective and efficient marketing strategy. The organization should focus on the execution of an essential research and evaluation of the target market with the aim of addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers. This is through adoption of the knowledge on the consumers, their location, key competitors, strengths, weakness, threats, and relevant opportunities towards maximization of the available resources and target markets. Marketing schedule and budget are valuable in the demonstration of the content of the marketing strategy with the aim of addressing the needs of the consumers and shareholders or owners of the capital.

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Date Completion


Measure of Success

Website Construction

21st June


Number of hits at 3,000 per month

Paid search engine promotion/advertisement to increase consumer awareness

22nd June


All sites listed carrying web link

Cost to test operations of the organization

16th July


Smooth performance of B&B

Ten color brochure printed and distributed throughout region

21st July


All sites carrying information in prominent location

Advertisement in magazines

21st July


Monthly slot secured for five months. Advertorial accepted

Newspaper advertisement for local paper

16th August


Daily slots secured for the next seven months

Site hosting costs

1st September


Secured and feature on first page of Google search

Cost of publishers

25th September


One article written and published over the next month in all major travel magazines and paper supplements

Advertising and editorial Program

25th September


Featured article

Grand Opening

1st December


600 people in attendance




The company adopts and implements diverse pricing mechanism depending on the services rendered.

Service Rendered



I. $35 basic wash and conditioning

II. $40 hair trimming

III. $50 hair trimming and wash


I. $30 per dog for a daily stay

II. $50 for overnight stays

Veterinary services

I. $30-45 per dog for vaccinations

II. General services @ $55

III. Spray @ $200

IV. Neuter @ $230


Industry Standards & Best Practices

There are various industrial standards and best practices essential in the execution of business activities in the pet industry. It is ideal to note that the person involved in the pet shop within the context of the industry is responsible for the compliance with all the enforceable provision in relation to the code of ethics. This is an indication of the illustration of the concept of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1979 (Pet Care Industry Profile: Global, 2012). The staffs are responsible in the provision of sufficient and appropriate housing and equipment for the realization of quality management and protection of the pets while in the daycare entities. This is an indication of one of the most efficient practices in enhancing the ability of the staff members to offer valuable protection to the animals in the day care program. Another essential best practice in the industry is the essence of the copy of the code of ethics and valuable operational procedures within the society with the aim of enhancing accessibility of the programs and information to the consumers and other personnel. This is an indication that the manager of the pet company must ensure that the staff members are aware of their roles, duties, and responsibilities with the aim of reducing the misconceptions. The information should also entail each species of the animal under the care of the experienced staff and other relevant bodies within the context of the company.

All individuals with the duties in relation to the provision of care or treatment of the animals must be properly examined with the aim of ensuring that they are effective supervisors at all times. The staff members and volunteers must enhance accessibility of the occupational and public health risks in relation to the care and provision of management…

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