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Target Audience Essays (Examples)

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target corporate'social responsibility
Words: 2003 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69553900
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Trends – External Environment
Target is subject to a number of different trends that affect its business. These include external factors in the economic, technological, political and social environments. The economic environment has the most direct impact on a company like Target that sells a broad range of consumer staples to a broad audience across the entire country. During the last major recession, Target struggled with sales that tracked GDP, flatlined margins and slugglish profit trends, all the result of consumers reeling in their spending during a time of substantial economic uncertainty (Marketwatch, 2010). For many consumers, Target is seen as slightly higher on the discount hierarchy, so when there is a recession, they trade down to Wal-Mart, dollar stores and warehouse stores to save even more money on staples (Marketwatch, 2010).
The political environment is less a factor in Target’s business, until of course it affects the economy.…

Advertisement This Ad Will Target American Smokers
Words: 364 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36955515
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This ad will target American smokers of both genders and all ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 35. The attitude change theory used is cognitive dissonance: considerable discomfort, self-doubt, or guilt related to self-image will motivate the viewer to change his or her smoking habits. The messenger will appear young and hip. The language, music, imagery, cinematography, and overall tone of the commercial advertisement will appeal to the target audience.

The advertisement features loud music and three separate ten-second segments with no dialogue or voiceovers. The first segment depicts an attractive young Caucasian male smoking outside of a health food store. He wears a uniform indicating that he works there and that this is his smoke break. He purposely avoids making eye contact with other employees who he sees outside. Before heading back to work he pops a piece of gum in his mouth and sniffs his clothing,…

Media Objectives Great Smell's Target
Words: 722 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2712086
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Since Facebook has a lage numbe of uses, eachability of taget maket can be ensued in a moe cost effective way. A fee Facebook page can be used fo a moe inteactive maketing with consumes.

Justification of Rationale

The buying bief is of immense impotance to the plan. The economic cisis has inceased maketing costs of businesses significantly. Most bands that exist in competitive makets look fo cost effective but pime media slots. The maket foces that detemine the advetising costs in vaious media ae vey active. Moeove, the allocated budget fo Geat Smell is limited and the sales have gone down by 2% in the past yea.

The impotance of the buying bief is that it addesses the two most citical aspects of the poduct that is the declining sales along with the competition that exists and the limited budget. Keeping the citical aspects in view, the buying bief…



Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total

Network TV:

Prime Time 40/wk 40/wk 1250000

Theories the Real Data From Audience Ratings
Words: 1583 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3080607
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The real data from audience ratings comes from the "people meters" that record what the target sample watches, how long the shows are watched, and what is fast-forwarded. In the case of the Nielsen ratings data is sent daily (both live and DV data) and even which family members are watching it. Data is broken down in the demographic age groups and ratings represent what percentage of the nearly 116,000,000 viewers are watching a particular program (a 1.0 rating would mean that one percent or about 1,600,000 viewers were watching a program; Lotz 2007). This is a disadvantage in that samples like this are extremely difficult to make representative of larger target populations.

The reasoning behind audience ratings is that audience ratings are the most obvious indicator of the program's success. However, the actual numbers that networks use to decide if a particular program is a success are not…


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Defining a Target Market
Words: 3283 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 52592175
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Customer Targeted Marketing

Necessity of Change from Traditional to Customer Targeted Approach to Marketing

ationale for Need to Change to Customer Targeted marketing

Change from a traditional marketing approach to customer targeted marketing

In every business in the modern day, change has become dominant. And one of the most sought after management skills is the ability to adapt and master and reap benefits from the changes. This fact is particularly true in the case of marketing where changes are happening fast and thick.

The dilemma for today's business leaders is to adjust between adapting to change the costs of changing along with estimating the potential benefits from the change. And even while changing strategy, the marketing efforts of accompanying need to reflect an internal constancy for the purpose of the change and an external consistency of the image of the company (Kashani & Jeannet, 2005).

It is here that there…


Dutta, K. Social Media Marketing - A Paradigm Shift in the Marketing Practice. SSRN Electronic Journal. 

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Esteves, R., & Resende, J. (2016). Competitive Targeted Advertising with Price Discrimination. Marketing Science.

Advertising Analysis From a Teen-Targeted
Words: 531 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76131368
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Rather, it is suggested that her exterior demeanor is an expression of her inner self. She is as comfortable with herself as a pair of Keds is to wear.

Aspirations communicated in the ad

The aspirations that are communicated in the advertisement are the desire to be true to one's self and comfortable with one's own identity. There is also a great deal of nostalgia conveyed by the advertisement. Many people, including teens, fondly remember wearing Keds when they were young. The girl is able to still hold onto her youth by wearing Keds, even while she is 'breaking out' of her old identity as a child. She does not have to act like an adolescent girl is supposed to, or like a child -- she can be mature and carefree, wear Keds and still be grown-up in her desire to express her unique sense of self.

Cultural values


Organization Behavior Marketing on the Internet Target
Words: 3069 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40769140
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Organization Behavior

Marketing on the Internet

Target Market and Audience

Factors affecting the Target Market and Internet Marketing Efforts

Internet Marketing Objectives

The Internet Marketing Process for Victoria University

How Victoria University can best utilize the Web 2.0 Marketing:

Other benefits of using Web 2.0 Marketing:

Marketing and promotional efforts are done to ensure a continuous growth of operations by creating awareness among the most potential customers and offering them the products or services in the most effective and efficient way (Millman & El-Gohary 2011). Like traditional electronic and print media, web 2.0 marketing has also emerged as a successful medium of promotion for the last few years. Web 2.0 marketing tools include all internet or inbound marketing mediums that are used by the general public for interaction and sharing information with their family members, friends, relatives, and other community members (Software and Information Industry Association 2011). This paper presents…


Beneke, J.H. 2011, Marketing the Institution to Prospective Students -- A Review of Brand (Reputation) Management in Higher Education, International Journal of Business and Management, 6 (1): 29-37.

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Vendors Pander to Their Audiences
Words: 396 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49665521
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Manipulating the public into thinking that when they fuel up at Shell or British Petroleum that they are doing something good for the environment is not an ethical choice, it is a purely capitalist one.

Similarly, food companies like Kellogg's and Kraft have added "healthy" and "organic" foods to their portfolio. In one case, a fat-free product is advertised to be something that is part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet fat-free products are the ones that contain the highest percentage of additives and chemical ingredients. Those foods are less pure than their full-fat alternatives and therefore not as healthy as they are made out to be. Advertising products that can lead to long-term health problems or an unhealthy cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain is also unethical. Similarly, hippies in the woods do not always make "organic" products. Many rely on factory farming and are no different than…


Pontifical Council for Social Communications (1997). Ethics in advertising. Retrieved Nov 12, 2009 from

audience'style writing on websites Webmd and Drugs com
Words: 496 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21699036
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Audience in Communication

Not all websites are written for a general audience. Some websites include technical information geared for professionals in their field. There are also a number of websites that aim to please both types of audiences: those who understand rich technical or scientific jargon and those who do not. This memorandum compares and contrasts two health information websites: WebMD and to illustrate the importance of audience when composing and presenting health-related information online.


The WebMD website is written for a general audience with limited understanding of science or low science literacy. To a degree, is also geared for a general audience, but the difference between these sites is that also has a section for professionals that can be used to make educated and evidence-based decisions about pharmacological treatments. There is, for example, a "Pro Edition" section of as well as detailed information about…

Speaking in the Target Language Is the
Words: 3146 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76841042
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speaking in the target language is the expectation that a proficient speaker will sound like a native speaker. Is this an appropriate or realistic expectation?

Not a long while after the emergence of the subject of second language acquisition (SLA), which most of the scholars think came around the time of initial years of 1970s, there has been a need to develop ways by which to measure the development of the second language, aside from the usage of detailed homogeneous skill tests which were mostly appropriate to fulfill other objectives.

As per Freeman's (2009) information, the first declaration of this need was made by Kenji Hukuta (1976). Kenji Hakuta was concerned in knowing the path of his subject Ugusiu's English language development over a period of time. Besides the aforementioned practitioners, other L1 acquisition scholars had carried out for the pupils learning English as a national language. In the research…


Bardovi-Harlig, K., & Dornyei, Z. (1998). Do language learners recognize pragmatic violations? Pragmatic vs. grammatical awareness in instructed L2 learning. TESOL Quarterly, 32, 233 -- 259.

Bialystok, E. (1991). Achieving proficiency in a second language: A processing description. In R. Philipson, E. Kellerman, L. Selinker, M. Sharwood Smith, & M. Swain (Eds.), Foreign/second language pedagogy research: A commemorative volume for Claus Faerch (Vol. 64, pp. 63 -- 78). Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.

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Bouton, L.F. (1988). A cross-cultural study of ability to interpret implicatures in English. World Englishes, 7(2), 183 -- 196.

Public High School Graduate Audience and 5 Annotated
Words: 794 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 40368758
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Public/high School Gaduate Audience) And 5 Annotated Pofessional, Pee-Reviewed Souces (aimed at a Pofessional/academic/college Student/gaduate Student Audience)

Annotated Pofessional, Pee-eviewed Souces (aimed At A Pofessional/academic/college Student/gaduate Student Audience)

Jounal of Attachment & Human Development (

Routledge. 6 issues a yea. Is child-development oiented. Focuses on child attachment theoy and eseach. Povides empiical pespective with cutting edge studies, eviews, and clinical case obsevations. Cosses ove the fields of psychiaty, psychology, nusing, social wok and elated fields whilst pesenting ideas, methods, and eseach on attachment theoy.

Jounal of Child & Family Behavio Theapy (

Routledge. 4 issues a yea. Teating all aspects of the child and adolescent's life within a behavioal fomat, this issue shaes extensive case methods and pactical behavioal techniques fo anyone involved in the child / o adolescent's life (including paent, teache, and counselo). Thee ae extensive book eviews, case studies, and the latest behavioal techniques with step-by-step details…

references) related to that age are extant.

5. Parenting School Years Magazine )

Part of Parenting magazine, this new edition discusses the challenges that educators, counselors, and parents may face with school-age children. Parenting School Years targets children age 6-11. Has 11 issues per year and in popular style targets a general audience. Articles include dealing with sibling rivalry, and helping kids adjust to parents' divorce and remarriage. In this way, it targets issues that exceed the school parameters and that anyone dealing with children, in whichever capacity, will encounter.

Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels Article Analysis
Words: 2045 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18321242
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The objective of this study is to review an article titled “An Audience of One: Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels”  (Summers, et al. 2016 p 156). The authors argue that firms have relied on targeting to communicate effectively with a group of consumers. Targeting is the segmentation that involves selection from a smaller group of people based on defined variables.  A common type of segmentation variables that firms use includes demographic variables using the gender and ethnicity as well as psychographic variables that include lifestyle, personality and values.  However, an advanced in technology, and widespread of the internet has made a new form of targeting emerging. A behavioral targeting is referred as an internet-based marketing strategy using different elements that include browsing history and consumer purchase to assist in determining the type of adverts design and display. Typically, consumers are presented the digital adverts to reflect the…

Targeting Different Audiences Three Advertisements
Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74281956
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Purchase the cologne and the male wearer will instantly become like the man in the advertisement, the picture suggests -- or your boyfriend or husband will become like the man in the advertisement. Of course, written out directly, this statement sounds absurd. This message is conveyed in a subtle fashion, through subtext and visual suggestion rather than overtly.

Cologne is not a functional product: it is not strictly a 'necessity.' Any additional cost demanded by the manufacturer is based upon the intangible aspects wearing it conveys to the viewer. Rather than practical attributes (even a cream like Oil of Olay has a certain, specific use it must fulfill -- no matter how well-marketed, it is unlikely to be purchased unless it actually helps the wearer's skin) a cologne's appeal is almost completely based upon the wearer's self-image and the image he wishes to project. The image of the man is…

Multicultural Marketing to a Multicultural Audience --
Words: 2956 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40024887
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Multicultual Maketing

Maketing to a multicultual audience -- Stabucks and McDonald's

All businesses today must be multicultual to some extent (Makgosa 2012). The Intenet has opened up new potals to multicultual, multinational consume audiences. Moe foeign nationals in developing nations aspie to imitate the Ameican, consumeist life they see potayed in the moden media. Ameica itself is gowing inceasingly divese, which demands a moe caefully-segmented appoach to maketing. Howeve, this ceates a poblem fo global businesses such as Stabucks and McDonald's. On one hand, the coe foundation of thei business is based upon maketing a paticula type of lifestyle, a lifestyle gounded in an image ooted in Ameicana (o in the case of Stabucks, a vey Ameican vision of a Euopean cafe). The coe poblem of today's multicultual maketing is that changes must be made to addess an inceasingly divese audience: an audience which demands moe than mee tokenism o…


Palacios, S. (2011). Multicultural is the wave of the future. Ad Age. Retrieved: 

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Starbucks: Japan's highest-rated coffee chain. (2009). What Japan Thinks.

Ad Critique for All Businesses
Words: 1223 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86003328
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hereas another image is showing, a bean bag in contrast to a retro office chair. These differences are designed to reach out to younger, middle age and older demographics. The way that this is taking place is to use images that are culturally neutral. Yet, they inspire a sense of joy and happiness. ("Blackberry")

Moreover, the differences between the various frames are showing intelligence and glamour. This is supposed to reach out to all audiences by highlighting trendiness and elegance. hen someone sees this they will feel that there is a social desire to become of part of what they are seeing. In the future, they will use this as a way to identify and create specific feelings automatically. ("Blackberry") (Cialdini)

According to Cialdini (2009), this is a tool that all advertisers will utilize to identify with a larger demographic of consumers. Commenting about how this occurs he said, "In…

Works Cited

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Kudler Company Blog to Sell Products Online
Words: 876 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71167303
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Kudler company blog to sell products online. Additionally, we will identify a market segment for healthy snacks and attach the blog to this target audience via a social media campaign. Based upon this, we will use findings to create a customer behavior profile. We will use the profile data to develop a message (slogan, catchphrase, or logo) and a unique selling point (USP) that could resonate with the target market. The essay will contain a brief introduction on market segmentation that leads to answers to the following questions:

How is segmentation effectively used to sell products online?

What characteristics of online sales encourage people to buy?

How may a company target a customer for online sales?

The author will explain the steps they took to create the customer profile and how the product message and USP was developed.

Market Segmentation -- an Introduction

A market segment is simply a classification…


Allen, E., & Fjermestad, J. (2011). E-commerce marketing strategies: an integrated framework and case analysis. Logistics Information Management, 1(2), 14-23.

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Burlington, MA: Elsevier Ltd.

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Nursing Organizations the Purpose Mission Activities Benefits
Words: 1037 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18217368
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Nursing Organizations

The purpose, mission, activities, benefits, and target audience of two professional nursing organizations: The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Nurse Midwives

A nurse beginning her medical career will likely want to join an organization that can support her throughout her tenure in the profession. On a personal level, professional organizations provide a source of continuing education and networking. On a professional level, organizations such as the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) and the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) act as advocates for the interests of professionals. They demand that nurses' unique areas of expertise are honored and treated with respect, and that the interests of children and their parents are honored. hen selecting which organization to join, however, a nurse must ask herself this critical, soul-searching question: what area is her primary field of practice? Does the nurse seek…

Works Cited

"About ACNM." American College of Nurse Midwives. [23 May 2012]

"About us." National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. [23 May 2012]

Capote the Recent Film Capote
Words: 2999 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79083346
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Capote was always clearly a film meant to appeal to a more educated and selective audience, and finding that audience is not as easy as for the major releases. Traditional methods of promotion and marketing are still widely used, but television has become the centerpiece of every campaign, with the advertising blitz in the week or so before a film opens being the determining factor in the success or failure of the effort. Much marketing effort today goes into developing ancillary markets and product tie-ins of various sorts, all to help recoup expenses and, if a film is very successful, to cash in to an even greater degree. Capote also advertised on television, but not with the sort of budget that would be available for a major studio release. Marketing a film like Capote on television would have been very difficult a few years ago when the primary outlet used…

Works Cited

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Close Reading of Look at Your Fish
Words: 1258 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12165702
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Close eading of "Look at Your Fish"

Samuel H. Scudder composed "Look at Your Fish" in 1874. The piece is a narrative and anecdote of Scudder's first encounter with Jean Louis odolphe Agassiz. Agassiz, at the time of their meeting, was an accomplished zoologist working at the Harvard University Lawrence Scientific School. Scudder was an entomologist who studied under and was mentored by Agassiz during his time at Harvard. "Look at Your Fish" is Scudder's recollection of his first day in Professor Agassiz's course and the first class exercise in which Professor Agassiz assigned to the class. "Look at Your Fish" is told in a chronological, linear fashion. There are a few groups for whom this piece is the intended audience. One audience could be college students; another group could be professors at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This piece would also be relevant to any teacher or anyone serving…


Scudder, Samuel. "Look at Your Fish." Available from: . 2012 July 14.

Public Communication
Words: 1606 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73134695
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Public elations Plan

Marketing experts always claim that a well planned public relations campaign is often more effective as compared to advertising. Public relations is in most cases confused with merchandising, advertising, promotion or other buzz words that are used in marketing communication. Public relations involve doing something newsworthy which one wants to communicate and telling the audience what you have done. Most common public relation vehicles include briefs, news release and so on. This paper will look at developing public relations plan. It will highlight on mix of media that can be used in the implementation of a public relations campaign and a detailed explanation of the objectives for each of these media will also look at how an organization can take advantage of community relations in order to generate positive publicity. Government relation tactics as part of the organization's public relations campaign and how these tactics will…


Examples of Public Relations Campaigns. Retrieved February 28, 2014 from 

Rinrattanakorn, P.(2009).Public Relations Campaigns. Retrieved February 28,2014 from to managing media and public relations in Linux community. Retrieved February 28,2014 from

Global Gadgets We're Going to Get the
Words: 1667 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34554036
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Global Gadgets

e're going to get the whole "stating the obvious" out of the way. The company has ten retail stores, so obviously there is room to grow through geographic expansion even in a down market. e comprise an insignificant portion of the market share in this business, so to worry about fractions of percentages is almost silly. The focus of this report is going to be trying to figure out what the firm is doing wrong and how we can address those problems. The broad-based stuff is not really relevant to a small business because we're not in a position to be a national player.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, GDP in Q3 of 2011 grew at 1.8%, compared with growth in Q2 of 1.3%. e don't know Q4 yet, but we did not have a stellar holiday season regardless. Because we sell general consumer products, we…

Works Cited: (2011). Gross domestic product. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Retrieved January 16, 2012 from (2011). International labor comparisons. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved January 16, 2012 from 

Hoak, A. (2009). Five home trends for 2010. MarketWatch. Retrieved January 16, 2012 from 

Homan, T. (2011). U.S. housing starts jump 9.3%, to highest in year. Bloomberg. Retrieved January 16, 2012 from

Advertising Agency Government's Role in Advertising Regulation
Words: 2487 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42708035
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Advertising Agency

Government's ole in Advertising egulation

History of attitudes towards advertising

Changing attitudes

Government's authority

Taste and decency

The advertising is a major contributor and visual segment of the complete marketing strategy of a business. It is also noted as one of the image carrier for an organization. The businesses seek support of advertising agenciesdealing in print and electronic media to establish an advertising campaign along with the design of such activities to further their marketing objectives (Shimp, 2013). There are various environmental factors as well as regulations that should be followed by the advertising agencies. The governments also take part in evaluation of the content printed in advertisements. The role of government in regulating the advertising material and assessment of the content is discussed below. It is required that the governments lower their involvement in such activities and empower the self-regulation of advertisement content through agencies, associations. And…


Carroll, A.B., & Buchholtz, A.K. (2011). Business & society: Ethics and stakeholder management. USA: CengageBrain.

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Marketing and Media Strategy the
Words: 1024 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17190366
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as, many of these ads will often have the picture of: the fragrance with a celebrity or model. While at the same time, they will have a sample that can be opened and smelled. This is important, because these two different tactics can create positive perceptions about the product in the minds of consumers.

You can then use newspapers and television advertising, to continue exposing the individual to the product itself. Where, the different forms of mediums will give them constant positive images of the merchandise and what it is about. This would be augmented with: an effective internet and radio campaign. Once this occurs, it will help to expose the core target audience to: the benefits of the product and how good it will make them feel. This is the point that you can create some kind change in the way consumers are: perceiving the product and the emotions…


"Advertising Media Planning: A Primer." Ad Media, 2007. Web. 05 May 2011. < / >.

"Does a Perfume Ad Work."Beauty and the Bath, 2011. Web. 05 May 2011.

"Media Planning." Valued Articles, 2009. Web. 05 May 2011. .

Smell Great My Primary Vals
Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84705200
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The idea of having a high level of reach is that our competitors all have a very high brand reach. The brands against which we are competing tend to be household names. In addition, new brand introductions in the industry have entered the market with a very high level of saturation marketing. This allowed such brands to capture significant market share relatively quickly. Lastly, brands that are not widely known are typically viewed with suspicion by consumers, especially brands trying to compete as premium.

The average frequency will be five times per week. For those consumers that we are reaching, we want to be able to bring the SmellGreat name to their brains and eyeballs with a high degree of frequency. The five times per week reflects the ability of the company to reach the consumer during the work week, either on radio or television. Our target market is active…

Works Cited:

Johnson, J. (2011). How to target an audience using media buying automation. Avenue Right. Retrieved May 12, 2011 from 

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Room I Came Up With
Words: 4449 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93314121
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In conjunction with these car ads, car insurance companies took advantage of this by advertising their services as well. Car insurance companies that I noticed advertising through billboards were Safeco, Progressive, and All State. Progressive provided a catchy and positive note to its ad by having the slogan, "Happy drivers make good drivers." From what I can recall in the All State ad, it mentioned something about safe driving, again with a catchy phrase: "Safe driving bonus for not driving like a paparazzi." These car insurance ads, particularly for Progressive and All State, tackle issues relevant to motorists, their target market: both chose to discuss driving behavior, using different ad 'treatments.' Progressive addressed reckless/irresponsible driving by focusing on the ideal driving behavior and its positive outcome, that is, drivers must have a happy temperament in order to be a good driver. All State, meanwhile, chose to go the opposite route…

Gender Analysis the Message a Marketing Materials
Words: 738 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58287699
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Gender Analysis

The message a marketing materials creates to target its audience is vital in terms of its visual and graphical representation to achieve desired results. The following sections are focused to analyze the visual message of Bud Light Lime to understand the target audience of the advertisement. The use of gender images and portraits also carry a significant value in a visual presentation it is also analyzed to highlight its relevance in creating social constructions. The analysis is also focused on the targeted audience, layout, and people. The text and images of the product are also of particular relevance along with the color scheme of the advertisement. The impact on contemporary American society and relevance is also elaborated in the conclusion.


Target audience:

The particular relevance of the target audience is revealed through analysis of the visual aspects, the portraits, and type of message delivered in the advertisement.…

Work Cited:

Lester, Paul Martin. Visual communication: Images with messages. Cengage Learning, 2012.

Rosen, Ruth. The world split open: How the modern women's movement changed America. Tantor eBooks, 2013.

Communication in the Case of
Words: 609 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88394807
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The one that was the most successful would receive more focus. This means that the strategy will concentrate on what area will most effectively increase sales. Therefore, it will involve the elements of: advertising and public relations activities.

When you step back and analyze this part of the strategy, it is clear that it will give the best results for AC Online ooks. The reason why is because, it is determining what approach will have the greatest impact on the company's bottom line. Once this takes place, it will allow the business, to most effectively target their media strategy.

Clearly, AC Online ooks has a unique approach that could allow them to revolutionize the sale of online literature (through their free shipping within 24 hours policy). However, to determine the best strategy for effectively promoting the site requires identify the target audience. In this case, this would involve: every age…


Heibieng, Roman. The One Day Marketing Plan. New York: McGraw Hill, 2004. Print.

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Consumption Society and Culture
Words: 4177 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93152147
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Consumption, Society and Culture

Cultural Industry

There are two social processes which are linked with each other and provide the basis of popular culture in modern capitalist societies. These two processes are related with production and consumption of cultural goods. In the first step, the commodities are produced in the light of customers' desirable features and packaged in culturally acceptable methods. In the second step, the products are used by their respective target markets as status symbols to satisfy self-esteem needs. The identification of the target market as a considerable portion of society is largely based on its presentation in fine arts particularly TV programs, music shows and films (Benjamin, 1968).

Social system is a comprehensive study, whose knowledge is mandatory to understand the popular culture. Artifacts represent the cultural symbols, yet these artifacts are strongly influenced by the taste and choice of professionals and cultural elites. There are many…


Adorno, Theodor W., "Art, Autonomy and Mass Culture," in Art in Modern Culture: An Anthology of Critical Texts, ed. By Francis Frascina and Jonathan Harris (New York: Icon Editions, 1992), 74-79.

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Comm Plan This Communications Plan
Words: 417 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 20769181
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There will be significant face-to-face and electronic communication. The second group will have a moderate level of communication, largely electronic. The third group is expected to have stronger resistance. They will therefore receive a high frequency of communication, and significantly more face-to-face communication than the second group.

The project status will be measured and evaluated against set targets and timeframes. The constant communication with the implementation team will allow for rapid escalation of issues, generally on an informal basis. Should an issue become severe enough as to warrant formal discipline, I will escalate it to the VP of Operations under a formal procedure. Each group will have specific objectives and timeframes - signoffs will need to be prompt. This will be subject to significant communication. I will request status updates from divisional management to assist with this task. The rest of the organization will receive communication through standard corporate communication…

Works Cited

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Social Marketing Napcan Prevent Child
Words: 2493 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 96782281
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These "interventions are strategies that target whole communities in order to build public resources and attend to the factors that contribute to child maltreatment" (Holzer et al. 2006 p 3). In NAPCAN's 2006 campaign, the organization was promoting parental education through social marketing. NAPCAN's campaign is directed at individuals in order to bring awareness of how their parenting can negatively impact their children.

SWOT Analysis


One of the biggest strengths the campaign boasted was its price tag. The cost effectiveness of social media is a major strength to the overall campaign. Prevention programs are often less likely to be rigorously funded and supported by government agencies and institutions, with most funding coming only for short periods of campaign management (Tomison 1998). As a result, social media serves as an extremely beneficial platform because of its cost effective nature. The cost of the campaign is much less than other forms…


Barth, Richard P, 2009. Preventing child abuse and neglect with parent training: Evidence and opportunities. Future of Children, 19(2), 95-119.

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Kaplan, Andreas M. And Haenlein, Michael, 2010. Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media. Business Horizons, 53(2010), 59-68.

Education Project Proposal Nursing
Words: 1712 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41691571
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Education Project Proposal (Nursing)

This study is intended to educate the patients (within the age group of 8-12) about the post operative treatment approaches and to prepare them to face the situation. As the main audience is the pediatric patients who have gone trough a kidney transplant, we will focus on the recovery issues with respect to this audience. This study will help these patients to learn about the general issues related to recovery of their wounds, the nutrition they are supposed to adopt during the recovery stage and the physical activity that is expected to be maintained by them. This educational activity is important for the patients because a thorough understanding of the recovery process is very important for the patient.

With an understanding of the process the patient will be able to cooperate with the nursing staff and will more actively participate in the process. From this program,…


Barbara A. Nilsen: Week by Week: Plans for Observing and Recording Young Children: Delmar Learning, January 1997

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Barbara Stevens Barnum: Teaching Nursing in the Era of Managed Care: Springer Publication Company, March 1999

E-Business Model
Words: 1877 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54121765
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Websites and eBusiness Models: A Comparison of Three Organizations

The features and functions of a website are a reflection of the purpose of that website. In turn, this is a function of the business model. This will now be shown by comparing the websites of three companies: eBay, Lands' End, and Ecolab. For each website, the target audience will be described, the website will be described, and the features of the website will be linked to the business model.

The eBay website is an online bidding site, where the general public can bid to purchase items from sellers. These sellers can either be other members of the general public or can also be retailers. The eBay website has two target audiences. Firstly, there are the consumers bidding on items to purchase them. Secondly, there are the sellers, with eBay needing to attract sellers so that consumers can find items…


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Advertising and Public Relations Serve to Communicate
Words: 1541 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 43564571
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Advertising and public relations serve to communicate ideas and convince the audience of something. Politicians are among the most prolific advertising spenders during election campaigns and can have enormous public relations machines. This is especially true of Presidential candidates, who must first run for their party's nomination and then must run for President. We know that Hillary Clinton went from frontrunner to loser in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008. There are lessons to be learned about the different factors that contribute to selling an idea, in this case Clinton as President, to different audiences. This case study will evaluate Clinton's campaign leading up to the Democratic primary using the OSTE model. The OSTE model focuses on research, objectives, strategies, tactics and evaluation.


The Hillary Clinton campaign at the time of the case was a large organization. It featured both extensive advertising and public relations, backed…


Cree, C. (2008). Hillary Clinton's approach to social media killed her campaign. Success Creations. Retrieved November 7, 2013 from 

Gawiser, S. & Witt, G. (2012). 20 questions a journalist should ask about poll results. National Council on Public Polls. Retrieved November 7, 2013 from 

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Hopetree Designing a Website for a Non-Profit
Words: 2090 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Web Content Paper #: 59793799
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Designing a Website for a Non-Profit Organization Assignments: HopeTree

This document includes designing criteria and a proposal for a non-profit website which is offering services to assign volunteers. The suggested name for the website is "HopeTree" which is very easy to remember, and gives a good sense of the aim of the site. The target group is young adults who have grown into the browsing technology. Therefore, the networking services such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter will be the main tools to reach target audience. In this context, the usability and functionality of the prospective web page will be described with examples.

Nowadays, as a result of rapid growing online technologies, the internet is reachable to everyone. The reasonable price, bundled services with cable TV and telephone brought the internet to almost every house. Most people use internet to deal with their daily errands from submitting school assignments to…

Social Media Plan a Company Organization There
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social media plan a company organization. There restrictions company choose. The organization a small company (a local company a modest web presence ) a larger company, plan replicate company, choose a company room improving social media strategy.

Social media plan for Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the favorite stores of the American population, having established a powerful name within the communities. The company also operates outside the United States, through stores located in Mexico, Canada and China. The format of Home Depot is that of large size stores, where customers can buy virtually any home related products, including gardening tools, furniture or remodeling materials.

The success of the organization is due to a multitude of elements, such as the positive relationship established with the customer, the strong financial results obtained by the firm, the powerful managerial model, the strength of the brand or a powerful internal culture (Davila,…


Davila, A., Epstein, M.J., Manzoni, J.F. (2010). Performance management and management control: innovative concepts and practices / Emerald Publishing Group.

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Vw Ads Volkswagen Has Long
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The new Volkswagen nternet advertising emphasizes this interactivity and is truly geared (pun intended) to those who are not only used to a rich format, but expect it. The website comes up, and users see the VW driving along a road with the background changing in animated form. In addition to being able to read standard specifications, users can actually "build" a car. For example, they can see what their new Beetle will look like in different colors, transmissions and interiors. They can also determine the price of the car based on the specific options presented. Then, one can sign up to take a joy ride at a nearby dealer.

Volkswagen's high interactivity online exemplifies its move toward marketing to a younger demographic. This same strategy is being used with the banner ads for the Jetta safety campaign. In conjunction with the "Safe Happens" campaign in television commercials, these…

Print Media Is Dead 'Print Media Is
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Print Media is dead 'Print Media is dead'

Since time immemorial, the world of business has been continuously producing goods and services that can meet the customer's requirements and demands. In this regard, marketing and promotion of the goods and services has been considerably a vital source of communication that can fill the gap between the target audience and the corporations. Organizations employed different and diverse types of mediums and channels for their marketing and advertising to be effective and valuable. The very popular and traditional marketing medium initiated from print media that moved on to different other sources such as television, radio, digital, online marketing and so forth over the course of period (Jenkins, 2006).

Marketing and advertising through print media (which include newspapers, magazines) is one of the traditional and conventional methods that have been widely used by the enterprises for several years, in fact decades. However, as…


Biagi, S. 2011. Media Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media. 10th Edition. Cengage Learning, Boston, USA.

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drugfreeworld org The public'service announcements
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Summary Essay Paper #: 36465162
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In order to obtain as much information as possible regarding this site, I registered as a user and began to explore its features. Almost immediately, I received multiple welcoming messages and friend requests. I believe this is especially helpful to a person who is logging on in search of some fast answers and much needed relief.

After I completed my membership, ITR requested some additional information from me that would allow the fellow users on this revolutionary recovery site, to know if I was currently in recovery, or if I was looking for immediate help. It also asked if I was involved in any 12 step programs or recovery fellowships. With the above information, the site can generate my profile and others will immediately know where I am in the recovery process. There is an additional area that I can add in my "Recovery Date" which then gets included in…

Advocacy Facebook for Gays and Lesbians in
Words: 1715 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28190921
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Advocacy: Facebook for Gays and Lesbians in Canada Today

A growing number of organizations of all types are providing a broad range of social services to the gay and lesbian communities throughout Canada and many of these have used the media to help them achieve their goals. For instance, the group "Dykes on Mykes" has produced a radio show since 1987 to promote community awareness of the challenges facing the gay and lesbian communities in Canada (Macphee & Hogan, 2006). Likewise, Willson, Green, Haworth-Brockman, and Beck (2006) report that they partnered with the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE) in Winnipeg and Saskatoon using a strategy known as "photovoice" to provide impoverished Canadian women with the opportunity to share their experiences using their own words and photographic records of their lives. In the photovoice approach, "Participants are given cameras and training in how to use them; they then photograph…


'The irreverent raging grannies: Humour as protest. (2006, Summer/Fall). Canadian Woman

'Studies, 25(3, 4), 141-148.

Bersten, R. (2008). Marginalia: Living on the edge. Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology

Review, 4(1), 9-10.

Ad Description The Color Ad Chosen From
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Ad Description:

The color ad chosen from People Magazine advertises Thai Airways Southeast Asia Silk Express, the "fastest service from New York to Bangkok." The headline reads, "Less time flying, More time exploring Asia." What catches the attention is the very strange, actually laughable, juxtaposition between the photograph of the ancient spires of what appears to be the Grand Palace on the left frame and an attractive Caucasian woman with her palms pressed together in Asian form and a gold headdress on the right. Whether or not the marketing department wanted this to appear straight or humorous, it draws the viewer. There is very little white space, with the photographs and copy covering most of the page. The signature THAI: Smooth as silk, runs at the end of the page.


The 30-year-old People magazine claims 9.8 readers for every issue printed. Circulation is over 3,600,000, and readership is…

Lipo Down Plan Outline of Marcom Campaign-
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Lipo Down Plan

Outline of MarCom Campaign- The epublic of Singapore is a SE Asian City State known for its strong commitment to education, modernization, and cleanliness. Over 5 million people live in Singapore, boasting the 3rd highest per capita income of almost $60,000 International dollars. The population is vital, median of 37 years old 87% home ownership and one of the highest mobile phone subscriber densities in the world (Key Demographic Indicators, 2012). All of this contributes to a large number of people who are modern, image conscious, tuned into the modern world of social networking, technologically adept, educated, and consistent with a population with disposable income. Body image is of the upmost importance to a large percentage of Singaporeans; both male and female, but particularly females. Lipo-Down is a natural supplement made from Japanese Wakame Seaweed with the purported benefits of burning fat cells 24/7. While sales of…

REFERENCES (2012). Social Media & Digital Marketing in Singapore.

Retrieved from: 

Key Demographic Indicators. (2012). Government of Singapore. Retrieved from:

Entrepreneurship Marketing Advertising Business Plan
Words: 2505 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 65596768
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lack Thinking Advertising Agency- usiness Plan

Vision, Mission, Aims

Company and Management Structure

Marketing Strategy

Target Market


Marketing Mix

lack Thinking is an advertising agency that is poised to penetrate the market of the city of irmingham, in the United Kingdom. irmingham is considered to be the most populous city in the United Kingdom after its capital, London. According to the 2011 census, irmingham is home to a total of 1,073,000 citizens (Council 2012). Due to its high population, there are a number of small yet successful businesses that have erupted over time in the heart of the city. They form a significant part of the city's economy. However, due to cost restraints, not all of them can afford to contract out their marketing campaigns to big firms to gain maximum utility from their advertisement and marketing expenditure budgets. This is where lack Thinking shall step in. lack Thinking…


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E-Business Model
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ecommerce business models

With the advent of Internet, we have seen a lot of changes in the communications arena and business practices are no exception. E-commerce has taken business from closed doors of offices and retail shops to the information superhighway, where literally millions of people trade daily. The online business model can be viewed in terms of B2B, B2C and C2C models (business to business, business to consumer and consumer to consumer respectively).

To get an insight into the working of these models, the ways they are similar and different from each other, we take a look at one site representing each of the above-discussed models. For B2B, we have Intel's site - the leading microprocessor manufacturing company. Eddie Bauer, an online shopping store having everyday-use items stands for B2C and lastly, eBay for C2C model as on this site, an ordinary surfer can assume role of both -…


Intel official site: 

Ebay official site:

Eddie Bauer official site:

TV or Magazine
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TV and Magazine Ads. There are five references used for this paper.

Americans see numerous advertisements on TV and in magazines, all aim at getting them to spend their money. It is interesting to look at five such ads and who their target audience is.

Household Items

The Libmen Company offers a wide array of products for cleaning the home. Their newest product is the Nitty Gritty Roller Mop which is targeted for the middle-class, homemaker.

The ad promises the product will "get to the nitty, gritty of cleaning a floor (Libmen)."

The company demonstrates this benefit by showing the consumer bristles on the mop, as well as the roller portion.

The consumer is shown the mop being used, further successfully illustrating the virtues of the product.

Health Aids

Odor Eaters has a product called Odor Eaters Plus. The product is aimed mainly at middle-class athletes or workers who may…

Works Cited

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Conservative Case for Gay Marriage
Words: 597 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33183555
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This is a highly successful use of logos because it directly appeals to the conservative viewpoints of marriage, but merely extends it use to the gay subculture.

Lastly, pathos persuades audiences by arousing the emotions. This is where Sullivan truly shines in meeting his goal of gaining the compassion of conservatives. In particular, Sullivan's reliance on personally experienced pain is very real and heart wrenching. On growing up gay and trying to envision his future, Sullivan states, "I could never have a marriage, never have a family, never be a full and equal part of the weddings and relationships and holidays that give families structure and meaning. When I looked forward, I saw nothing but emptiness and loneliness." He then goes on to argue that gay marriage will give adolescents and young adults the stability and social support they need in their relationships. Sullivan's subsequent comments are an emotional outcry…


Sullivan, Andrew. "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage." Time. 23 Jun. 2003.,9171,460232,00.html

Marketing Plan for Miller Inc
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As a result of huge growth, the company's management may lose focus of the scope of their business.

Miller Inc. has a highly centralized hierarchy of management and lacks the managerial backup to promote creativity amons the employees.

Single-sourcing which is the characteristic of Miller Inc. could be a recipe of disaster should the supplier fail. Contingency plans for supplies need to be considered.

The constrant production nature of the product leads to huge strains on personnel and machinery.

Product line and client base lack diversification.

While the small number of staff promotes camaraderie, unfortunately, it also impedes growth and development.

Miller Inc. is reactive rather than proactive in its marketing efforts. This is as a result of its heavy reliance on mass-media advertising for obtaining new business.

The current facilities of Miller Inc. are crowded thus there is little room for expansion of workforce or equipment.





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Children's Book
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Children's Book

Critical Reflection

It is difficult to write a children's book because there are so many different things to think about before it can be accomplished. The style has to be interesting enough to keep the interest of the audience, no matter whether that is adults or children, but if a book does not flow correctly a child will sense it and be bored. Also, there is the matter of what age level the book is for. The selected subject matter has to be appropriate for the age of the targeted audience and it has to be presented in such a way that it does not lose the young reader. A young child will also want interesting illustrations that can hold interest.

The best advice may be to research others who have been successful with a certain age group nor genre and see what they did. Pat Mora, a…

Works Cited

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Workshop Initiative Presented Are Two-Fold
Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 74630181
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Visual impairment (including blindness);

9. Multiple disabilities;

10. Deafness;

11. Deaf-blindness;

12. Autism; and,

13. Traumatic brain injury (Evanciew, 2003).

In order to overcome the current constraints to learning about proper condom use by this wide range of special needs college students who may have individualized constraints to learning, an appropriate approach must be developed that can adequately communicate the importance of the practice as well as the mechanics that are involved. To this end, Evanciew (2003) reports that, "esearch suggests that students with special needs benefit from experiences that involve functional, hands-on learning" (p. 7). Therefore, the approach described further below can help special needs college students learn both the importance of proper condom use as well as the mechanics that are involved in applying them.


The objectives of this initiative are two-fold as follows:

1. To promote a greater understanding of the importance of proper condom use…


Avert: International HIV & AIDS Charity. (2010). Retrieved from  / photo_library/images/normal_photo_no_3217.jpg.

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knowledge and health-related attitudes and behaviors among deaf and hearing adolescents in southern Brazil. American Annals of the Deaf, 153(4), 349-351.

Professional Portfolio Cultural and Personal
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Some of these causes include shift work/long work hours, sleepiness, social/familial disruptions, vulnerable groups, long-term effects, and injuries. This is an indication that various institutions should focus on the evaluation of the causes of risks faced by nurses at the workplace in order to adopt and integrate quality interventions towards enhancing the safety of the nurses (Alison Trinkoff et al., 2008). One of the effective and influential approaches towards promotion of safety of the nurses is transformation of the working schedule to offer sufficient opportunity for the practitioners to recapture their energies following stressful interaction with the patients.

This is through minimization of the working hours as well as integration of favourable shifts to operate in the favour of the nurses as they seek to enhance their safety. It will also improve concentration levels of the nurses at the workplace thus quality relationship between the patients and nurses in addition…


Williams, L. (2008). Liability landscape: The value of a root causes analysis. Long-Term

Living: For the Continuing Care Professional, 57(11), 34-37.

Okes, D. (2008). The human-side of root cause analysis. Journal for Quality & Participation,

31(3), 20-29.

PR Class Tweeet Pie The 'Twecipe' Book
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P class

Tweeet Pie: the 'twecipe' book of 140-character recipes

Social Media Marketing has now become one essential ingredient of every business on fire, planning to serve community in most delicious way possible. Seemingly every big or small business can multiply its repute and sales drastically by employing social media techniques. Like the one brilliant step taken by UK cooker brand Belling, eager to reposition its name by grabbing attention of folks socializing on Twitter who love to cook and share their fun and interest with others worldwide.

The campaign was not just all about bringing in recipes of mouth watering treats in a short recipe book bearing the name of 'tweet pie', but its outstanding aspect was to limit the length of every recipe to 140 characters. This was the most engaging feature for twitter fans and audiences (Cooking up the twecipe book, 2011)

People were requested to tweet…


Cooking up the twecipe book. 2011. Retrieved March 9, 2012, from Brand e-biz:

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Creative Process Verizon's More Fun
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Although not a huge market segment perhaps, horse lovers (most of whom are women) might even be offended by the unflattering depiction of the tiny horses. The idea that a young woman would prefer a cute cell phone rather than a pet as a present also seems to portray young women as shallow. Although it is not a scientific sampling, the notes on the comments page of YouTube for the advertisement included many notes by users (presumably young women, the targets of the advertisement) that they would trade their phone for a pony any day! (an equally unscientific poll of young women by the author of this paper yielded the same results).

The message of an advertisement for a cell phone should convey either the phone's added social value aesthetically or the phone's added financial or service value. This advertisement does neither.

Is the creative approach appropriate for the media…

Works Cited

Verizon Wireless Miniature Horse Commercial."

Retrieved 2 Mary 2008 at 

We add the pony commercial: Verizon Wireless Opens Network." (29 Nov 2007).

DHADM: Pop Goes the Culture. Retrieved 2 Mary 2008 at

Robert Coleman's Book The Master
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However, in his evangelism he specifically chose a core group by which he molded into the people that would build him a kingdom.

There are many techniques that Jesus employed to get his apostles to fully understand the implications of his message. After finding individuals who would be teachable, Jesus' main technique was to allow his apostles to follow him throughout his teachings. In this way they would be able to begin to comprehend his message and also through Jesus' actions begin to understand how to live the life of a Christian. Although Jesus demanded much from his apostles he also gave them his own love. The chief technique that Jesus employed while he was with his chosen disciples was to share with them his love, and when they understood that they were not keeping with a law, but responding to One who loved them with his entirety they were…

Tesco UK and WAL-MART U S
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The leadership is also defined in terms of its capacity to influence employees in achievement of organizational goals. The leader member theory efficiently defines the role of leaders and mechanism through which they influence employee's behaviors. The leaders are capable of forming a high quality exchange of social components based on the trust and likings with some employees result into a high performance. Similarly on the contrary the leaders also exchange a low quality of economic factors result into a low performance. It is noted that the leader member exchange theory highlights the effect of high and low exchanges in terms of influence on employee work ethics, productivity, satisfaction, and perceptions. Numerous studies confirm that the employees that are placed in supportive relations with their leadership tend to perform higher than then the compared members of organization (Bai 2011; Cameron 2012; Yee, Lee, Yeung & Cheng2013). The high quality leader…


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Ahmad Tea Assessment Briefing Document 2012 2013 History
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Ahmad Tea Assessment riefing Document 2012/2013 History Company: Ahmad Tea a UK-based family business, drawing generations tea blending tasting experience. Applying knowledge accumulated generations, UK produced Ahmad Tea appeared market 1986.

Ahmad Tea Assessment: riefing Document 2012/2013

Ahmad Tea is positioned as a midmarket tea in the ritish tea-drinking market. It is not a 'budget' tea. The target consumer cares about the quality of the tea, its taste, and blending although it is not a loose tea or an 'upmarket' tea out of the reach of the average consumer. The company offers a wide range of different flavors, teas with different origins, and teas for different purposes (soothing vs. stimulating). The ritish coffee market, thanks to the rise in popularity of Starbucks has been growing. Ahmad markets tea as a beverage worthy of equal consideration as coffee. Ahmad is concerned that while 88% of the over-65 ritish population takes tea,…


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