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In San Antonio, where people of Mexican descent are the majority, there are many more activities that are geared to their culture and lifestyle. However, there are also large disparities in what is considered Mexican and what is not. Some people do follow stereotypes, and others are completely different from what a person not familiar with Mexican culture would consider "typical" for people of that ethnicity. Overall, Mexican people are hardworking and desirous of seeking a better life for themselves and their families. This is evidenced by the large numbers of them who come to the United States, both legally and illegally, in search of better conditions and the opportunity to make a living (Fisher, 1996). They do have cultural and lifestyle beliefs that are somewhat different from what is commonly seen for those who do not share their culture, and because of that marketers have to spend time learning about them and understanding their patterns of consumption.

As a generalization, family is very important to Mexican people (Fisher, 1996). Often, they will buy a large home and have a number of family members all living there. This can be done to save money, but also to care for elderly relatives and/or those who may be unemployed due to downturns in the economy. Because they take care of one another, they do not always spend a lot of money on frivolous things. They want to spend their money on things that will matter to them and to their family, and on things that will help them get ahead. Of course, they also like to have fun. Parties involving great food and a good drink alongside it are popular among many people of Mexican descent, because they get to spend time with those they care about and relax for a little while. Since their culture is much tighter-knit when it comes to family and friends than some other cultures, marketers who are interested in bringing in this demographic must show that they understand and respect that.

There are several possible ways for marketers to target and communicate with this particular segment of the population in the San Antonio area. First of all, being located in the city in a convenient location is important. The company could also have a satellite office there, or even be an online company, but many Mexican households will prefer to buy from a company where they can see someone face-to-face and look at what they are buying before they purchase it. Because they work hard for their money and want to provide the best they can for their families, they will take care not to get cheated by those who might try to provide them with something that does not really represent value or quality. With San Antonio growing so rapidly and people of Mexican descent making up such a large segment of the population, there has never been a better time for marketers and companies to get involved in the area and reach out to new and potential customers.

For communication, radio and TV commercials are excellent choices, as are billboards. Providing information in Spanish will be highly important. Some of the Mexican population in San Antonio speaks little to no English. Others speak English very well, but may still be more comfortable conversing in Spanish. In order to take proper care of its customers, a business must provide those customers with what they need and want. A message in Spanish, and an understanding that representatives of the company will also speak Spanish can be enough to bring in customers in the target demographic. There is also little risk to losing other customers, because most people in San Antonio who are not Mexican realize they are in the minority. As such, they have come to expect seeing ads in Spanish and hearing the language spoken extensively around them. There is no need to be concerned that catering to the Mexican male demographic in San Antonio will cause the company to lose significant numbers of people from other demographic segments of the population.


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