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While in "Who's the Boss ?" one of the most important aspects of the female character in terms of establishing a personal life was the relationship with the male character with her children, in modern sitcoms, this is not the main case anymore. By comparison, in "The Gilmore Girls," the personal life of Lorelai is by no means influenced by the personal preferences of her daughter. Furthermore, in deciding to have a personal life, the character of Lorelai did not consider choosing a "father" for her child, therefore, the nature of the relationships her character established was not related to creating a family environment for her daughter. Therefore, it can be visible the fact that the perceptions on family and the need for a traditional family have changed in real life and these are reflected in sitcoms as well.

Another aspect that can be noted in comparing 80s sitcoms on single...


Better said, whereas in sitcoms such as "Kate and Allie," the hints and jokes the characters make often tend to insinuate different male connections, in the "Gilmore Girls," the character that actually makes these kinds of hints is Lorelai's mother that is unsatisfied of Lorelai's single mother capacity. However, in this case, the character of Lorelai's mother is the symbol of a different generation that believed the structure of the family must include both parents. The creation of Lorelai's mother character is even more of a proof that as opposed to the 80s and 90s, the perception on the family values, the family structure, and on the personal life of single mothers have changed dramatically and this change is visible in the mentality of single mothers and in the way in which television deals with this subject.

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