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("Mark Hoppus Quotes" (

Not unlike Socrates Hoppus, wishing to offer youth guidance for the future expresses keenly that the world is not what it seems and that the individual is likely to know far less than they think they do.

III the Search

As with many modern pop heroes information about Mark Hoppus is limited. Though he is willing to challenge untruths he is still rather tight lipped about the truth, regarding anything but his music. What limited facts about him that are accurate include the fact that he was born in Ridgecrest California on March 15, 1972, he is a self taught bassist who began his music career with a bass as a gift from his father and a trade of work for amplifiers. ("Wikipedia is Wrong" Mark Hoppus blog (

The information that is available is filled with myth, legend and even colored by the fact that Hoppus and his bandmates have the habit of answering questions to the contrary and keeping secrets about how and why certain things came about. To some degree this is reflective of the idea that Hoppus constantly espouses, i.e. don't take yourself so seriously. ("Blink 182 History" (

Hoppus information had to be sought through popular media. There is little if any scholarly or even print work about Hoppus, or really anyone in his position. Music, just like information is in a period of transition, where those who are in the know are more likely than not to have a limited literary presence, and those who are really popular or getting there are to be found almost exclusively on the web.

Though I was able to find a few newspaper articles about Hoppus and the band Blink 182 or Hoppus' more recent incarnation +44, this information was limited to concert announcements and promo interviews about the bands, touring and limited personal opinions. The meat of the information on the other hand is available on the...


These quotes, as one can see from the few that have already peppered this work are not only profound but even smack of confusion tokens, heroic ideals and standards that are universalisms. Mark in many ways is an enigma, expressing challenges to the status quo while embracing morality and family.

IV What I Learned

One of the most profound messages about humanity is the fact that those who have the most humility are likely the ones that deserve the greatest praise. "Were not stars.... were all just dorks in a band." ("Mark Hoppus Quotes" ( MarkHoppus co-lead singer and bassist for the 1990s punk band Blink 182, is a clear example of this sentiment. Humility is the mark of any true hero. Mark's diversity as a human being as well as his skill as a musician, his humility and frank honesty all build a case for Hoppus as a hero.

Is Mark Hoppus a Hero?

Mark Hoppus is a musical hero, and potentially a hero in a broader sense. In fact, despite the serious poses associated with punk bands and posing Hoppus represents a similar simple joy to that of the Dali Lama.

VI Final Thoughts

Hoppus is willing to laugh at himself, not take himself to seriously and build a case for what is important and what is not. Love, family, challenging authority are all mainstays in his repituar. Hoppus is a musical hero and a hero of his generation sending his messages in a way that his audience can relate and build on his messages.

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