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Personal Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

I adore the nursing profession because it is one of the very few professions that demonstrate dedication to public service and present professionals with unique opportunities to fulfill that inner desire to help others when they are in no position to help themselves. As such, it is an honorable profession that extends far beyond just earning a paycheck - it is about safeguarding others' rights to human dignity; tending to them and responding to their needs in a compassionate, non-paternalistic, and emphatic fashion just so they too can have an opportunity to live another day and enjoy the prospects of human life. I reckon that everyone has an equal right to life; everyone has a right to dignity, and as such, I make it my personal philosophy to provide ethical and compassionate care to all patients regardless of disability and financial status, lifestyle choices, religious affiliation, race or gender.

I believe nurses owe a duty to the public to provide patient-centered, holistic, and safe care to all (Denehy, 2001). Patients have different medical needs, and nurses have an obligation to structure care in such a way that it responds to each of these unique needs. My personal vision as a nurse is to be able to make use of my knowledge base to accurately identify patients' medical needs, make clinical judgment regarding their unique preferences, and develop multi-disciplinary patient-centered care delivery plans. To achieve this, I will make it a point to understand the effects of culture and religion on patients' medical needs and health statuses. I appreciate that there is no better way to gain this kind of knowledge than through interacting at a personal level with patients. In this regard, I will strive to cultivate strong professional relations with patients and create a serene atmosphere where patients see me more as a companion and less as a care provider. I will strive to sustain these professional relations by always observing the core values guiding the nursing profession -- competence, accountability, integrity, and confidentiality, unless mandated otherwise by law.

My mission is to play an increased role in patients' lives, rather than just being there to provide care when disease strikes. Providing health education to patients is one of the key duties of a nurse (Kulbok, et al., 2012). In this regard, I will aspire to use…

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