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¶ … Nurse-Patient Ratios.

This is a legislator information sheet on nurse-patient ratios (as adapted from Aikan et al. 2010) for a busy legislator who will only have time to read bullet points:

The ratio of nurse patient is lower in California than in other states with nurses in CA having at least one patient less than nurses have in other states (as for instance in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania as mentioned in Aikman et al. (2010))

California nurses had lower nurse-patient ratio on medical and surgical units when compared to other states. The average amongst CA nurses was 2 patients less than those in other states.

The lower the nurse-patient ration, the lower the level of mortality amongst patients

When nurses' workloads paralleled those of workloads of Californian nurses, the following results occurred:

a. nurses' burnout decreased

b. nurses' job dissatisfaction decreased

c. nurses reported consistently better quality of care

d. Nurses took greater care in improving their skills and acquiring more nurse-related knowledge

e. More people were interested in becoming nurses; it was easier to recruit

Californian nurses reported increased use of supplemental nurses. This resulted in fewer falls and injuries

Patients are better satisfied

Medical Institutions in California receive a better reputation.

My Strategies To Influence Votes

I would firstly apply for a policy internship or fellowships that many...


I would also attend their policy workshops and annual state legislative days to learn more and observe.

Another and easy way for me is simply to write a letter to the local congressman or to institutions who are involved with nursing pointing out to them the observations of Aikan's report and asking them to consider implementing it in my state. I would point out to them the benefits that come from so doing.

Media is always interested in a new and newsworthy point-of-view. If I structure this form an appealing perspective, such as pointing to possibility that deaths can be reduced since there are less deaths in California due to nurse-patient ratio, and if I make this news current (such s when there is a presidential nomination), I may have a greater chance of winning publicity. At the local level, I may campaign for votes on the topic and approach the local senator with a petition. At the state level, I may get the national media involved.

I can also testify at public meetings, speaking to groups that would be interested in knowing about the problem, such as groups who are interested in improving health in America. This would be done at both local and state level.

Similarly, I may use the social media for advocating my position. There are social change groups such as that may be interested in assisting me and may prove useful venues for gaining publicity. Aside from which, the typical sites such as Facebook,…

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