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Some of the most pressing problems in the world today are global health care needs. There are so many different health issues facing the world, from HIV / AIDS to tuberculosis and malaria in many third-world countries. We can wipe out these diseases in modern times, but because of living conditions and limited resources, they continue to reappear and take lives. Education is one way to eliminate some of these issues, but nursing is another way to address and improve global health care needs. For example, many children die of malnutrition and dysentery every year, even in these modern times. Nurses in the field could not only assess these children and help them get the care they need, when they need it, they could educate families and other health care workers, as well. They could even help countries develop programs to address these issues, as well. They could help countries develop health care reforms, as well, and develop immunization programs and other health care ideas that could help eliminate these diseases from the world.

We have to think about the global implications of the future of health care, because it is such an important issue as the global population continues to increase. More people are going to need health care than ever before, and that means we will need to educate more health care professionals than ever before, and many of them will need to have the desire to serve in health care arenas around the world. While I think Americans will live longer, healthier lives in the future, there are many other populations that will not enjoy this healthier lifestyle. I think health care professionals will begin to take more responsibility for the global condition in the future, and lead the way in training and organizing health care programs that can make a difference in many different countries of the world. There are many organizations that do that now, and I think they will proliferate in the future. At least, I hope they will, for the future of children and the eradication of diseases on the planet.

What qualities do you believe you possess that will enable you to perform student and later as a practicing Nurse?

I think that I am hard working, diligent, and extremely interested in my profession, which will all help me perform as a student and in my career as a nurse. I am also compassionate and empathetic, which will aid me in understanding my patient's needs and concerns. I think I am a good communicator, and that is a necessity when entering the nursing profession. I also think that I pick up things quickly, and that I am alert and detail-oriented, which are also important factors in nursing.

I think one of the most important qualities a nurse should have is a quest for knowledge and a genuine interest in the health care field, and I possess those things, as well. I have always enjoyed learning new things, and I have always been fascinated with medicine and health care. I think I always knew I wanted to be a nurse, because I want to help people and make a difference in their lives. I know there are many downsides to nursing, such as losing patients you have come to care about, and seeing suffering day after day. However, I think I am strong enough to handle these stresses and still maintain a professional, but caring attitude toward my patients.

A also believe that there are many changes coming in health care, and I want to be there when they occur. I want to be part of those changes, help implement them, learn from them, and help patients and their families with them. I think this is a very exciting time to be pursuing a career in health care, because there are so many changes and opportunities coming in the future. I want to be there, learn from them, and take them to new levels. I hope someday to move into an administrative role in health care, and I look forward to helping others while I enjoy an interesting, varied, and service-oriented…

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