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Office Supply Equipment Industry

An office supply is sentimental to the existence and functionality of offices in the world. No office can operate without the services of an office supply industry. In most cases, the aspects of managing an office come with a serene use of the office equipment. The significance of these companies is replicated in the successes that are found within many offices in the world. Such significances are found in the effectiveness and efficiency of work done in many offices. Many office equipments are related to the services that are done in the offices. Moreover, the modern world office is transforming its mechanisms of operation. The products and services from the office supply equipment industries handle these changes and transformations.

SWOT analysis of Office Supplies and Equipment industry



At the present, Office Supply Equipment Industry has strong programming system in its five national programming networks, which includes E! Style, the Golf Channel, G4, and VERSUS. The industry's cable division provides approximately 95% of their total consolidated income. The industry furthermore has shifted and embraced digital cable. The industry's digital services range from a digital starter service, which can access almost 40-50 channels, to complete digital service that can access over 250 channels. Despite this development, the industry still uses provide analog service that can access about 20-30 channels providing both individual and online home cable boxes (Stegmaier 56).

Leading Market Position

Office Supply Equipment Industry has evolved to be a leader in office products industry where it produces high-speed internet, video, and phone services. The industry also offers different services, which include entertainment, communication, and information services to both residential and commercial clients in United States.


Programming Costs and Franchising Fees

Programming expenditure continue to rise and can adversely affect future prospect of the business. Programming expenses is the only single largest expense to the industry in the near future where other expenses are negligible. The industry's multichannel office programming and distribution firm has constantly experienced a rise in the cost of programming relating to sports. Furthermore, as they incorporate programming to video services or distribute existing programming to the majority of their clients, they incur more expenses. Most of the increases in cost can be related to the rate increase, increased customers, and increased fees for redistribution of broadcast networks (Plunkett 23).


Each section that the industry operates has its regulations and entities that hinder the capability of the players to gain from contractual agreements undertaken under franchising circumstances. These agreements in most cases lack uniformity and can pose a risk to the industry in the long-term (Rainer and Casey 67). The cost incurred because of franchising fees is incorporated in the operating costs and is not individually itemized (Rainer and Casey 67).


Steady Growth in U.S. Internet Access Market

The United States internet market has been postulated to grow progressively over the next few years. The internet users in the United States has increased and has reached approximately 223 million in 2009 and is estimated to reach 252 million users by 2014.

In addition, the industry saw one player launching a 100 Mbps high-speed internet service to business situated in Twin Cities, which also commenced its initial deployment of 4G wireless high-speed internet service in some sections of markets in United States. In 2008 and 2009, revenue accrued from high-speed internet services increased essentially because of the increase in the number of commercial and residential clients (Kalakota et al. 89-90).

New Offerings

Office Supply Equipment Industry has availed in the market some of its new products in reaction to the prevailing market conditions. In October 2009, the industry introduced constant guard, which is a security program aimed at assisting in safeguarding high-speed internet clients from online threats and crimes. The industry in the same year has introduced also a beta version of Fancast XFINITY TV, which is an online television program. The XFINITY services offer its users access to hours of content, not formerly available online.


The industry has embraced modern technologies in the telecom industry in order to meet their customer demands in the changing market.


The industry faces numerous threats especially competition from other telecom companies. These companies produce those goods Office Supply Equipment Industry produces hence sharing or take customers of Office Supply Equipment Industry. Telecom companies like Time Warner, America Movil, and AT&T are potential competitors where Time Warner is the greatest competitor for the industry.

Officemax Company

Capital structure and impacts

The company deals with development, production, and distribution of office products, sports, and news content to global audiences via NBC Universal Media and LLC. The diverse products and services offered by the company comprise of office equipment, video services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), internet services, regional sports, and entertainment networks. Officemax Company undertakes its business via two reportable sections, which are, Cable and Programming. The company provides its services both to residential and commercial office users (Rainer and Casey 67). In 2010, for instance, Officemax Company served an estimated 22.9 million video clients, 17.2 million high-speed internet clients and 8.7 million phone clients in United States.

OfficeMax Company has a well-established operating base where its principal operations are well integrated and range from programming to distribution of products and services. OfficeMax Company offers office trainings, phone and programming services leveraging its signal communication sites, fundamentally antenna towers and head-ends, fiber-optic cables, microwave equipments, and other related telecommunication equipments (Rainer and Casey 67).

OfficeMax Company also opens regional data centers with telecommunication that is used to offer web services, emails, and news to the high-speed internet clients and digital phone services to clients. OfficeMax Company has succeeded in maintaining two network operation centers with devices to check and monitor its high-speed internet network. Cable operators operate their cable systems through nonexclusive franchises provided by local or government franchising authorities. This enables flexibility and the capability to have cable services in various sites.

OfficeMax Company enjoys array and specialized range of telecommunication products and services in its commercial portfolio, with its unique and differentiated brands in the market. This is contributed by the fact that the industry's mission is aimed at the efficacy on its commitment of provision of quality services and products (Rainer and Casey 67). The quality services and products in the market are because of industry's constant research and development.

International presence and impacts

Officemax Company is one of the leading office products manufacturers in the United States of America. Officemax Company in the United States that offers high-speed internet video services and phone services. The company's mission is anchored on meeting demands of their customers and producing high-quality products, which are reliable in the market. The company also strives to offer the most innovative and current technology office products and services in order to meet the element of customer satisfaction.

Recent news

Office Supply Equipment Industry has evolved to be a leader in office products industry where it produces high-speed internet, video, and phone services. The industry also offers different services, which include entertainment, communication, and information services to both residential and commercial clients in United States.

The expansion is coming with new interventions that reflect on changes in technology and technological applications.

Lexmark Company

Capital structure

Lexmark Company offers office production services that account fifty-five percent of its total business dealings. The company is situated in United States with its headquarters in Philadelphia PA as established in 1963. In the last decades, the company has maintained an approximated market share that ranges between 21-22%.

International presence and impacts

It is being projected that the company's market will rise in the next years based on the current strategies. In order for the company to remain relevant in the market, it has undertaken new developments and innovative products to enable a sustained market. Therefore, the greatest challenge the company faces is the need to maintain its relevance in the market. It must increase its proceeds in areas that do not sustain expansion whilst capitalize the unexplored in the market. While the company is profitable, it experiences high volatile risks that need to be addressed to prevent the company from maintaining its market share (Ingram 56).

Office Supply Equipment Industry has evolved to be a leader in office products industry where it produces high-speed internet, video, and phone services. The industry also offers different services, which include entertainment, communication, and information services to both residential and commercial clients in United States.

The government provides investors with the needed security hence protecting investors and their business in Lexmark Company. The government also supports investors and investment environment through providing resources through incentives. The state also facilitates any investment requirement such acquiring the needed license and other related security materials.

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