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He had sent all the servants for a leave with an excuse that it was carnival time, though his intention was to conceal his action (Rawls 54). He managed to convince Fortunato to put on a cloak so that nobody would recognize him on the way and this was another way of concealing the intended action.

Some of the remarks that Fortunate made on the way hurt Montresor making him to justify and accomplish his mission. At one time Fortunato told Montresor that he does not remember Montresor's court of arms. He tried to illustrate as containing a human foot that crushes a serpent with words such as no one that has impunity that can attack. The illustration and the message was a way of showing that Montresor's family was always on revenge mission. Montresor considered it as an insult and triggered his urge to revenge. On the way, they discovered catacombs where relatives who had died long time ago were buried (Rawls 56). When Fortunato went to get it he was locked inside by Montresor, and did not realize what was happening since he was too drunk.


Both writers illustrate sexism in
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their stories at different instances. A look at the Othello's story, one of the soldiers had talked to Desdemona's father without her knowledge about marriage. This illustrates a situation where she was not meant to make a decision about her marriage on her own. In another incident, Iago tried to stop his wife from telling the truth about Desdemona's handkerchief in Cassio's clothes. This was an action meant to intimidate her, and when she did not comply, he stubbed her to death. In another incident, Othello demoted Cassio on the basis that he was under the control of alcohol and caused disturbance. He should have first tried to find out the facts that attributed Cassio's behavior. Othello's action was not justified, and according to Rawls, justice is the adherence of principles, rules and obligation (p. 58). In Edgar Allan Poe short story, The Cask of Amontillado, there are two occasions that Fortunato used to discriminate Montresor with his actions for he was not a mason.

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