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ZeusCorp is known for its effective and efficient outsourcing practices. The cost of labor is examined to elevate at a very high pace ever since the global inflation has taken roots in the contemporary market place. By comparing the currency rates and the cost of labor the fact become vivid that outsourcing from third world and other developing countries is a cost effective solution to successfully penetrate the market of United Kingdom.

ZeusCorps is an outsourcing intermediate organization that is supported by the equity based investors in Australia as well as United Kingdom. The organization irrespective of being entirely equity-based enjoys a sound financial standing and worth. The concept and studies pertaining to outsourcing and off shoring is taking deep roots in the developed parts of the world and owing to the increasing importance of this phenomenon the young entrepreneurs joined hands to form the ZeusCorps.

Currently all the organizations across the world are exposed intense competition that leads to the threat of being swapped away from the market place even. The operations and networking of ZeusCorps is centered in the countries like India and Bangalore. The team of ZeusCorps has effectively recognized the marked need and uncertainty and has as a consequence initiated this facility for United Kingdom.

The mission statement of ZeusCorps

The official website of Zeuscorp defines its mission as:

To provide the most comprehensive back-office services to our clients by delivering quality work at cost-effective rates. To set up the standards of KPO operations, by successfully using our manpower and technology, to be the one stop shop for all back-office services ranging across all domain expertise. We aim to become the preferred outsourcing partner for companies in the years to come, using its simple and efficient model that is designed to ensure high levels of Client Satisfaction.

The vision of ZeusCorps

We aim to become the preferred outsourcing partner for companies in the years to come, using our simple and efficient model of integrating best quality manpower with technology that is designed to ensure high levels of Client Satisfaction and high return of investment.

Research Objectives

The research objectives are explained by means of the following three aims

1. Benefits of outsourcing

2. Factors affecting outsourcing decisions

3. Domains and organisational areas that can be considered for outsourcing

The purpose of this study was to help facilitators to improve the protocol and thereby increase the effectiveness of this component in yielding successful outsourcing outcomes. The researcher used semi-structured interviews, observational field notes, and examined literature for the purpose of data collection. The findings revealed that organization planning to outsource from the international markets effectively implemented the personal/social component of the international standards and labor requirements, but were hindered by time constraints, overwhelming workloads, and administrative meetings. In addition, counselors believed that strong community partnerships were essential in helping the success of the programs (Horgan and Muhlau 2005).

Ethical Consideration

The study will consider all relevant ethical issues. The consent of the customers will be sought before any information is enquired from them. Turing the course of research all organizational and personal information will be kept confidential keeping in mind any privacy concerns of the organisations. The respondents will be asked to do anything that is unethical

Literature Review

International business is enjoying a privileged position in the contemporary business world. Every business either small or larger starts its operation from this basic desire of going global. An eventually the fast communication and networking has facilitated this desire of expansion of business activities across the borders of its origin. Selling as a matter of fact is considered to a tough task as per the international business is concerned but selling sensibly and analyzing the market trends carefully can minimize the associated risk (Heneman, Tansky and Camp 2000:11).

The contemporary business organizations have an effective mind set of expanding their business internationally. This international expansion can be in terms of international business or in the form of globalization, but as a matter of fact the two terms are often used interchangeably but implies the same phenomena. International business implies to the business activities of an organization across the borders of the country. But yet the point must be kept in mind that international business is not about exporting a product from one country to another, it involves all the required marketing and strategic activities before invading the new market (Siddiquee 2003).

The key job responsibility is laid on the management of the organization. The role and job responsibilities of the management may vary from organization to organization. But the perceived image of the management is based on the four functions that are panning organizing leading and controlling. The reason why the organizations are keen towards the maintenance of the management image is mainly due to the importance of human resource of the organization. The image of the management and the employee loyalty and satisfactions comes one after the other. It is generally advisable that the organizations must pay a significant heed to the image of the management (Selden 2005). The image of the organization ensures the management and the managers are in a better position to analyze and predict that what attitude to adapt keeping in view the prevailing situation. This is how the management and the managers make sense. All the organizations, as a matter of fact are formed on an ongoing assumption. So in order to achieve this orientation the management of the contemporary organizations forecast the future of the organization relative to its present state (Wagar 1998).

Importance Invading International Market

As a matter of fact the bottom line of the business and marketing activities is to increase the sales of a firm's product. Salability is hence the required outcome of marketing and advertising activities. The importance of sales cannot be denied in local as well as international business (Gooderham, Nordhaug and Ringdal 1999:507).

In local market the organizations strive to better cater the needs and wants of the target population at hand. So for a local business it might not be difficult in identifying and catering the needs of the target population because they can effectively penetrate the local markets and advertisement and distribution can be effectively conveyed as the culture and customs of the local market are easily understandable by the local business operating in a local, domestic market (Clark, Grant and Heijltjes 1999:6).

Once an organization decides to go global or invade the international marketing and set off its journey of international business than this is beyond all doubts the greatest challenge. There are various aspects that require the special concern selling in the international market. As a matter of fact when a business decides to expand its business activities in any international market, than this is seemingly a challenging decision as it calls for a number of efforts by the organization. The business organization might not be aware of the culture and customs of the international market along with market trends and the customer preferences. so in order to sale effectively in the international market a firm needs to form a comprehensible and understandable business objective followed by an effective domain of action of the firm, because international market may require the basic information of the business and the accurate information is regarded as a potent device in international sales negotiation. With an active and effective sales plan and international market information the selling activities in the international market may bring about the desired outcomes.


Considered methods of outsourcing that are studied and explored throughout the report are

1. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

2. Legal process outsourcing (LPO)

3. Business process outsourcing (BPO)

4. Finance process outsourcing (FPO)

This chapter provides great detail about the methodology that was used in order to fulfill the desires of this study. The chapter is divided into two major topics which are: Research Methodologies and Qualitative Case Study Methods and Procedures. The section for Research Methodologies include: the role of the outsourcing agencies, assumptions of the researcher and qualitative research design. This section provides a clear understanding of the methods and theories that guided this study.

Section two includes the various methods and procedures that were carried out for the completion of this study to be fulfilled. Subsections found in section two include: Data Analysis Method, Instrumentation, Verifying the Validity of Research and Procedures, Research Procedures and Document Review. Section two of this chapter was intended to illustrate the methods and procedures for the study at hand. The chapter is concluded with an overall summary of its contents.

The purpose of this collective case study was to explore the perceptions held by organizations. The research design provides an explicit description of the steps taken to gather and obtain information that was needed to satisfy the requirements of this study. The information derived from this study may help with improving the implementation process of the personal/social component of the outsourcing agencies working

Research Methodology

Role of the researcher

The researcher's relationship to the counselors…

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