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¶ … Paris I am a Francophile. Ever since I started studying French culture, I have not been able to get Paris out of my mind. Having had friends and family who have visited the city has only made me feel more strongly that I simply must go as well. When I began planning my trip to Paris, I thought I could see it all in one day, or at least the most important things. I made lists and read books and travel guides, and I thought I had finally planned my perfect day in Paris. I would start with the Eiffel Tower, then continue with The Louvre and Centre Pompidou, take a lunch break at a cafe, catch some tours around the city, especially through Le Marais, and finish it all off with a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant at night. I never thought, however, that the perfect day in Paris would be ruined before it even began.


Because of this initial setback, I missed my connecting flight out of Frankfurt. I knew this would mean I would have no time to rest and, if I still wanted my perfect day to happen, I would have to start it as soon as I arrived in France. I finally got on a connecting flight and arrived in Paris at 9:00 A.M. local time. I hurried to get a taxi and get my luggage to the hotel, and then showered and changed, ready to go out. Because I was tired, I got completely lost and ended up on the wrong train. Before I knew it, I was outside of Paris, through the banlieues, on my way to Versailles. Disappointed and frustrated, I finally got the courage to go to a group a people sitting in the front of the train, whom I heard speaking English. When I told them what happened, they smiled and asked…

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