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Paste upload instructions information: Read instructions carefully provide a good - work. This work deal works

The purpose of this memorandum is to reflect upon and acknowledge the progress made in writing since the administrating of a number of different assessments and initiating of several different projects. Specifically, it will provide an update on the improvement and implementation of communication skills of the author, as well as a status update of the improvement made in the various projects that have been undertaken.

Communication Skills Development

One of the areas in which I have seen marked improvement in my communication skills since taking my initial assessment is in my grammar. Prior to taking that assessment, I never thought that my grammar was particularly bad. After taking, it however, I discovered that there were several different facets of this aspect of communication in which I could utilize improvement. Specifically, I found that there were several different rules associated with grammar that I (and most other people) were not aware of. I have been able to better my grammar by studying the grammar sections of SAT workbooks, which enables me to both learn and practice some of the lesser known grammar rules.

I have also been working diligently on my ability to receive feedback. Doing so is fairly important because in business settings, feedback is an integral aspect of improving one's people's comments regarding myself and various facets of my output. The way that I have helped myself to become less sensitive is to issue presentations to family and friends. Doing so not only helped me to refine my presentation skills, but also allowed me to undergo the feedback process more. This latter aspect was particularly effective since my friends and family would naturally temper their comments because of our relationship, and I became more acclimated to receiving feedback.

My remaining challenges include working on diction. People are not supposed to write the way that they talk. I have the tendency to be colloquial in my business presentations and in their supporting documentation. I believe I need to change this to be more professional.

Project Report Status

The principle strength that I was able to gain through the initiation of several projects is organization. Specifically, I learned -- through trial and error -- the importance of having a well structured plan prior to beginning a project. Before I started working on the projects for this class I would simply have an idea of what I wanted to accomplish. However, I would not necessarily take the specific steps necessary to understand what I would need to do at each and every phase of the project, in order to best achieve that goal. Now, I dedicate more time to the planning phase and am more…

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