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¶ … Nursing Shortage on Patient Outcomes

The objective of this study is to examine the effects of nursing shortage on the outcomes of patients. Towards this end, this study will conduct a review of the literature in this area of inquiry.

There is a severe shortage of nursing in today's healthcare workforce. This impacts the outcomes of patients in terms of their healthcare and their overall health. According to the 'Nursing World' website "Nursing is integral to patient care and is delivered in many and varied settings. The sheer number of nurses and their central role in caregiving are compelling reasons for measuring their contribution to patients' experiences and the outcomes that are attained." (2010, p.1)

AACN Report

According to a report by the American Association of Nurses "n an article published in Health Services Research in August 2008, Dr. Christopher Friese and colleagues found that nursing education level was significantly associated with patient outcomes. Nurses prepared at the baccalaureate-level were linked with lower mortality and failure-to-rescue rates. The authors conclude that "moving to a nurse workforce in which a higher proportion of staff nurses have at least a baccalaureate-level education would result in substantially fewer adverse outcomes for patients." (2013, p. 1) Additionally reported by the AACN is "In November 2004, results from this national survey found that 40% of Americans think the


Consumers reported that the most important issues affecting medical error rates are workload, stress or fatigue among health professionals (74%); too little time spent with patients (70%); and too few nurses (69%). This survey was sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Harvard School of Public Health." (2013, p. 1)

II. Three Types of Nursing Professionals

Buerhaus, et al. (2007) reports that

"The delivery of care for hospitalized patients is "complex and requires coordinated efforts by many health professionals. Physicians, advanced-practice nurses, registered nurses (RNs), and other allied health professionals each provide individualized health care services. Hospital administrators -- namely, chief executive officers (CEOs) and chief nursing officers (CNOs) -- develop strategic plans; build, manage, and continually improve facilities and systems of care; and oversee resource allocations. Patterns of problem recognition, communication, teamwork, and problem solving within and among these groups contribute to a hospital's capacity to operate efficiently and manage difficult and changing stressors." (p.1)…

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