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Yet, investigators still wanted to gather evidence, to show he was communist. Where, they never collected one piece of information, supporting these assertions. This is significant, because it shows how law enforcement and private investigators can let their personal feelings / emotions interfere with an investigation. As a result, various codes of ethics would be developed, because of the events that took place in the 1960's. Where, officials wanted to prevent these runaway abuses from occurring on a regular basis. (Benecil, 2009, pp. 11 -- 29)

From a global perspective, how have the events and issues of the 60s changed international relations?

The events of the 1960's have meant, that the world would continue to become smaller and more interconnected. As the different changes, would bring about new standards, as to how various international and non-governmental institutions would interact with one another. This would help to establish the basic foundation of globalization and free trade. Evidence of this can be seen by looking at: the improving relations with China and the application of various regulations protecting the environment.

In 1969 when Richard Nixon became President, he promised the American public that he would deliver peace with honor. The problem, was that his strategy called for escalating the war (which could draw in the Soviet Union and China into the conflict), especially if he started aggressively bombing North Vietnam. Seeking to capitalize on the rift between the Soviet Union and China, Nixon would travel to China in the early 1970's. While this was in response to the political pressure that Nixon was feeling, the fact that he went to China would help to bring them into the global community. As this event would be often discussed, as the point in history that China would establish friendly relations with the West. (Beyth, 1973, pp. 1 -- 16)

The changing attitudes, would lead to calls for improved regulations in protecting the environment (during the early 1970's). This is because of various environmental disasters in the 1960's, would highlight the need for change. A good example of this can be seen with the Cuyahoga River in Ohio catching fire in 1969. While this may sound shocking, the fact that it occurred 13 times since 1868 would highlight a major potential health risk. This and other disasters, would lead to the creation of the EPA and various environmental laws, because of the abuses that were occurring, during and before the 1960's. Over the years, these views and attitudes would become a part of responsible globalization. Where, you could have sustainable growth and responsible environmental practices. (Steinberg, 2002)

What are the positive aspects of globalization?

The positive effects of globalization would include increased: competition, capital flows, it allows a country to specialize in areas they are strongest, it improve cultural understanding and it is helping to improve the quality of education in many areas of the world. (Suryandinta, 2006, pp. 205 -- 207)

What are the negative aspects of globalization?

The negative effects of globalization would include: the outsourcing of numerous jobs, reduced protections for national industries, various infectious diseases can spread easier, increased amounts of population shifts and a possible depletion of natural resources. (Suryandinta, 2006, pp. 205 -- 207)

How has the worldview of the United States changed as a result of the events and issues of the 60s and since then?

The world view of the United States has changed, as the events of the 60's, would be seen as the beacon for free trade and human rights. As a result, various institutions and organizations have evolved, with a focus on these goals. This is because the different events that occurred during the 1960's would cause social and political institutions to change.


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