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The other advice to the CEO would be to stop the attrition of top managers. This had led to a tremendous information gap between the marketing team and the technical team as regards customer needs. Also the company has to look into its labor relations problems with the unions as regards sale of assets. (Philips: (

6. What advice would you have for the current CEO of matsu*****a? Is the restructuring program at matshu*****a attainable?

For the restructuring program to be successful, the CEO would put a step in the right direction by thoroughly implementing the talent management program-Panasonic Global Executive system or PGE which has been launched very recently. In keeping with this new human resource initiative, Panasonic Regional Training Centre or PRTC has taken endeavors to evaluate its Management Development System and management training programs. The Top Management Personnel from Japan and the Region will extend in-depth sharing and learning scope for them to intensify their comprehension of the Panasonic's strategic directions at the present moment and also in the forthcoming years. Along with the structural changes in the operational focus of Panasonic, PRTC will in proximity with the Manufacturing Enhancement Group introduce greater engineering-associated programs as also training programs on quality management, purchasing/logistics management and programs on important management concerns.

The mission of the company will be to play an important role in strengthening and augmenting the functioning of the group companies through development of human capital in the region. In keeping with this the CEO will serve the company better in understanding and practical implementation of the Matsu*****a Management Philosophy and to enhance the management skills of managers, executives and supervisors of the area. Apart from that, PRTC also focuses to support the endeavors to augment the technical and engineering potential of the employees in the manufacturing companies. (Director's Message)


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