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Project Management Organizational Structures

A project is a variety of jobs that relate and point towards a critical solution. For a project to function successfully, money, time, resources, and personnel is required. Project management often dictates control of resources together with planning the intended project and designating resources in areas where they are needed. Before the start of a project, the management decides upon which organizational structure will be effected to see the running of the project. The three basic organizational structures for project management include pure, matrix and functional project. Every organization should evaluate these three organizational structures and decide on one which best suits them. The organization is set for the success journey after identifying the organizational structure (Daft, 2011).

The three organizational structures have merits and demerits in project structuring. Project managers have the mandate and the authority of closing, controlling, executing, planning and initiating the project. It is a requirement that the manager decides on an organizational structure that fits the project to be instituted before implementing a project. For the manager to come to a decision of choosing a certain organizational structure, they must base on the size of the company, the available resources, and the goal in quest for accomplishment. This paper is set to evaluate the three basic organizational structures like pure, matrix, and functional project, and the best situation for each for managing different projects (Davies, & Hobday, 2005).

In the case of management of functional project organizational structure, the project is designated to one unit that includes most interests to guarantee success or rather be most helpful for implementing the project. When compared to the other organizational structures, this is the oldest and is still regarded as the most successful. This functional method is most effective when implemented to the day-to-day work functions and assist the standards of the value of work. When using this organizational structure, the projects are designed into two entirely different ways. They relate to the handing over of the project to the various departments. All the players are expected to perform their assigned work or handing over the project to one functional manager ensuring employees make their contributions (Warrick, & American Society for Training and Development 2009).

In a case where the organization has few projects to implement taking longer periods, a pure project organization is recommended. A project manager is appointed who is accountable to carry out all the functions relating to the project as the project manager is accountable to the program manager. The project manager is the boss to all activities that are involved in the project and sends all reports to the program manager of the whole organization. This is to say that all the communication lines will have to be cut short because the project manager converses with the members of the parent project organization directly. In this organization structure, reacting with immediate effect ensures that all the activities are as per schedule. However, technology struggles with the absence of durable functional groups that sustain technical interactive communication, may severely alter the outlook of the company staying up to the task with competition (Badawy, 2007).

Matrix organizational structure is an effort to put the product of organizational structure and the pure functional structure together. This organizational structure is the best for companies that are project driven such as construction companies. The authority and power used by project managers is directly transmitted from the general manager because every project is a representation of potential profit. This makes the project manager accountable and responsible for success of the project (Daft, 2011). Project management can be discussed as a coordinative purpose while matrix management is a collective purpose division of the project management. Ground rules set to govern the whole process exists in the development of matrix. They include full participation from all players in the project,…

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