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Organizational Structure Essays (Examples)

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Organizational Concepts
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Organizational mission: the organization's mission and purpose, stated in terms of benefits to customers, employees, and society
The mission of an organization is its guiding purpose, its reason for existing beyond the superficial aims of profiting its shareholders, owners, and staff members. At the very least, the organizational mission is linked to its core goals or objectives, which include the target population or market it serves, as well as why, and most importantly, how it will achieve those goals (Ahmed, 2019). The organization can also choose to break down its mission into more specific parts, explaining factors like its operating goals, overall performance objectives, use or allocation of resources, position in the marketplace, and more (Daft, 2013). Its mission statement will typically reveal the organization’s role vis-a-vis society at large, the target market or customer base, and also its employees.
All organizations serve some sort of need, typically via the…

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Interrelationships between Organizational Functions and Impact on Organisational Structure
Organizational Functions
The functions of an organization take into account the different aspects undertaken by the business including production or manufacturing, marketing, sales, accounting as well as research and development. In accordance to Sherman and Thompson (2019), the organizational structure delineates the relationship and interrelations between the functions of a business and ascertains the manner in which the chain of command operates through the various levels. The interrelationship between organizational functions and organizational structure is akin to a flow chart. This is in the sense that an entity can set up its business structure around the organizational functions. However, even if the entity fails to do so, the organizational functions and structure will have an impact on one another (Sherman and Thompson, 2019).
Functional Organizational Structure
A functional organizational structure creates distinct and separate departments. Plenty…

Org Structure an Organization's Structure Affects Many
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Org Structure

An organization's structure affects many aspects of the organization. Kanter (1999) notes that people within an organization tend to operate in line with the messages that they are receiving, so structural elements do affect culture and vice versa. An organizational structure reflects how the people at the top of the organization view how the organization works. So if you have, for example, few new products, you might just work with a geographic structure, and that would encourage people in the company to adopt a transactional mindset, building stability within a tightly defined context. However, if products are the basis of the organizational culture, this might have people working on a specific product become more oriented towards growing that product. The orientation of the company is different so the way that people within the company see themselves and their roles is also going to be different. Buhler (2011) also…


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Org Structure the Boardman Management Group Has
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Org Structure

The Boardman Management Group has a simple organizational structure consisting of a single unit. All of the management is located in one facility, which is situated adjacent to the primary area of business. The group uses this structure because most of its business is the Baderman Island Resort. It is not known if the Group even manages the original portfolio of cottages and hotels, but there are some offsite properties that are also managed from this central location. Presumably the rationale is that these properties are not a major part of the business, and it is easier to have management centrally located than on-site.

This type of organizational structure is typically utilized for firms that have a single business, and a narrow geographic scope. All of the functions can work closely together when they are in a central location. The company's units have a higher degree of cohesion,…

Org Structure a Matrix Structure
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Resolution often needs to be imposed from above.

A third type of communication problem at firms operating a matrix structure is that of corporate culture clash. In the case of Spectrum, the regional head office may wish to impose upon the different product functions the head office corporate culture. Each of the functional firms, however, may have its own culture and may find that it benefits from certain cultural differences. These differences, however, can cause communication problems and discord.

ithin the multidivisional structure, one type of communication that can occur is that the company only shares some types of information well, but not others. hen Apple reorganized into a multidivisional structure, some groups communicated very well, but ultimately the results did not generate any congruencies or economies of scale advantages -- the wrong people were communicating about the wrong things (Grant, 2002).

Another form of communication problem that can occur…

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Organization Structure ROWE Model With Each Organization
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Organization Structure

ROWE Model

With each organization looking for the most efficient ways of getting work done, there has a risen a necessity to try out several modes of operation that would enable the intended results in an organization to be realized. This was one of the driving forces that prompted Best Buy to change their mode of operation to the ROWE model.

The other very significant reason behind the ROWE model is the employee burnout that is experienced by the majority of the people who are stuck to their desks from morning straight to evening with very short breaks in the name of working from the office. This results into loss of balance between the work-life aspects.

It is also significant to note that the employees looked at the clock system as one full of dogma with the bosses requiring them to be physically present at all the working…

Org Structure A The Organization
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They do this by supporting the different functions and subgeographic groups such as those outlined in Exhibit C. Exhibit B. illustrates the role that each of the different functions plays - they are on a par with Ground Operations in the structure, but perform a staff function.

c. The organizational design at FedEx best serves the company's needs. Despite the company having operations around the world, there is little need for matrix structure. There are several reasons for this. One is that the company's core Express operation requires close coordination globally. The company presents a face to the consumer that is united globally, a function of the global nature of the service. Therefore, it is logical that each operating company be run from one head office, with operations managed at the regional level, because all areas must be working closely together within a given operating company.

Another reason is that…

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Org Structure There Are a
Words: 617 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34124067
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They might have a different structure at higher levels where more innovation and creativity is required, but at the lower levels everything is based on a machine-like system -- that system is what the franchisees pay for.

Another type of organization is the professional bureaucracy. This type of organization also has a high level of bureaucracy to its nature, but differs from the machine bureaucracy in that there is also a high degree of specialization. Organizations that rely on knowledge workers often have this strategy. While there are a lot of rules and procedures, the actual output is produced by highly-trained professionals, not unskilled labor. An example of this type of organization is a hospital or university (Mantkelow, 2014).

For any given company, there might be differences in the optimal structure. Many industries will gravitate to one structure over the others because it best suits firms in that business. Other…


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Organization Structure at Nucor Highlights
Words: 583 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 72948854
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Large amounts of employees cannot be easily dealt with by one, or sometimes even a few, corporate officers, as the Nucor example makes clear. Corporate officers often can make better use of their time in other ways. If a company begins with a large number of employees, simple structure may not be the answer for them. Similarly, if employees in plants are large distances from the corporate headquarters, or the company has a variety of plants, a separate structure must be adopted for each plant in order to best deal with the problems that arise there. Relying on a single CEO or small group of officers in this case may lengthen reaction times and end up in financial or literal disaster for companies. Finally, a complex structure encourages a great deal of respect while a simple structure can be interpreted as loose and informal, with every day workers appealing decisions…

Evaluating an Organizations Structure
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Organization's Structure

Organizational structure is defined as a framework that a company uses to distinguish roles and responsibilities, power and authority as well as the method information flows within the organization. A company may choose a structure that will assist in reacting to changes and uncertainties from both external and internal environments. A suitable organizational structure will assist a company to implement proper decision making and operating procedures, which will aid the organization to achieve their goals and objectives. A common approach in assessing the organizational structure is to examine both the mechanistic and organic structures, which is the effective tool to rate an organization business process. (Dust, esick, & Mawritz, 2014).

The objective of this study is to assess the Apple Inc. organizational structure and uses the 10-likert scale to evaluate the structure of the company. The study provides the recommendations for Apple to improve their organization structure.



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Managing Organizations Structure Case of Mcdonalds
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Managing the Organization's Structure; McDonald's case study

McDonald's represents the biggest fast food chain in the world, with its key products being burgers, soft drinks, French fries, desserts and shakes. Increasing health consciousness and trends against obesity have called attention to the company, which, by all accounts, has contributed majorly to rapid growth of obesity in its customers. Foods marketed by the company (all fast foods, in fact) are unhealthy, being loaded with salt and fat, and having minimal nutritional value (About McDonald, 2015).

The organization I work in shows the following scores, based on the McGinty/Moss survey:

It has a deliberative traditional culture

Questions 6-10: It doesn't portray a stable/established culture

Questions 11-15: It has an urgent or seat of the pants culture

The question category 1-5, which labels my company's culture as traditional showed the most number of 'true' responses in the McGinty/Moss 'true/false question'…


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Xerox Leadership and Org Structure
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Bureaucratic structures exist in organizations in order to provide a means by which to exercise control over the organization. This type of structure focuses on chain of command and reporting. This structure usually sees strategy formulated at the top of the organization, then disseminated downwards. The managers play the role of assigning tasks and control over their employees. Multiple layers of management are typically used in order to ensure full and effective control over the company (Ingram, 2015).

There are several benefits to flatter organizational hierarchies, and the Xerox case exhibits several of these. One of the most important is better communication. Management at Xerox needed to encourage greater creativity, in particular getting feedback from all levels of the organization in order to innovate. The flatter hierarchy lowers barriers between workers and key decision-makers, enabling communications to flow better throughout the organization (Griffin, 2015). This is what occurred at…


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