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¶ … Raytheon Corporation: Code of conduct and ethics


Raytheon Company is a well reputed technology and innovation company which deals in security, defense and civil marketson a global scale. It has a rich and bright history of 92 years and continuing, Raytheon can provide top of the line electronics, integration of mission systems as well as other capabilities indicated below:

• Sensing capabilities

• Effects

• Command and control

• Communications

• Intelligence systems

• A diverse array of mission support services

Raytheon was one of the first startups, which were founded in Cambridge in Massachusetts Institute of Technology on July of 1922. It was started as an American appliance corporation (Raytheon Company, 2014).

The founder of the company was three associates namely:

• Vannevar Bush (future dean of engineering department of MIT)

• Charles G. Smith (scientist notable for his work on electrical characteristics of gases)

• Laurence Marshall (an engineer)

Their initial innovation was nothing short of extraordinary. It was S. gas rectifier tube, which eliminated the usage of pricey battery running home radios. Raytheon shifted to the frontlines of innovation of the electronic sector. Raytheon Corporation was instrumental in World War II services. Subsequent to World War II, its employees fortified and strengthened its market reputation for innovation. Now, it is the household name for global technology leader which provides special services to:

• Homeland security

• Defense and military forces

• Government off shoots (Raytheon Company, 2014).

Code of Ethics:

Code of Conduct is also known as Code of Ethics and Business is the company's mandate which is firmly based in:

• Loyalty

• Integrity


It consists of policies and standards which enable our sustenance and existence as a company on the whole (CCA, 2005).

Guiding principles:

Raytheon is dedicated to working with highest level of brilliance, uprightness, impartiality and integrity. The employees of Raytheon are fully committed and duly responsible for taking actions and making actions which strengthen and fortify their commitment to their mission statement. The governing principles of Raytheon as written below (Akamai Technologies, 2014): Below are the governing principles of Raytheon (CCA, 2005).

Be honest and ethical at all times. Taking the right course of action with noble intentions

Be trustworthy and competent. Develop strong relationships

Treat the colleagues as equals and offenders likewise. The authority allotted must be valued.

Work wholeheartedly in our occupation, fulfill responsibilities and commit to each other

Ensure every work procedure and action is safe. With necessary training, skill and courage, communities are protected. Care for each other and other individuals.

Deliver stellar correctional services daily. Offenders are offered better programs to help them.

The employees are responsible for all actions. Recognize interests of a customer.

Become great problem solvers

Work with partners and communities on an equal level with zeal and dedication.

Keep our promises

Competitive, unbiased and fair rates are provided to partners. Value is delivered to investors

Accept the heritage of initiator and leader of adult private corrections

Think differently and bravely. Put emphasis on being resourceful

Listen carefully and share information. Be open and honest and work to enhance efforts

Nurture, share and inspire each other every day. Don't degrade others as synergy brings results

Code and its purpose

Raytheon's Code of Conduct lays the foundation of the Company's obligation to the highest principled standards. The people of the company have worked very hard to maintain a culture which revolves around integrity. The Code formulates thepathway andassistance for the conduction of business of Raytheon's world-class people on part of their customers around the world. The company understands the content of the Code of Conduct is very crucial and important to the success and vivacity of the company. It provides the guidance for planning out decisions which are It helps us make decisions that are not only operative but in accordance with the values and principles that are very dear to us.Raytheon's values are the establishment for our Code of Conduct. The workers at the company gain guidance from the code about the business behavior which is expected from them as they work and communicate with the fellow employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The code is applicable to everyone working under the company such as the Company directors, officers and employees. In certain aspects it also applies to dealers, advisers, councils, and representatives. The Code encompasses the fundamental principles which guide us in running the business and emphasizes the responsibilities that revolve around the protection of Raytheon's reputation (Raytheon Company, 2014).


Responsibility also applies on part of the leaders to encourage a working environment where workers feel free to express their concerns and raise questions. They must coach others and carry out business according to Raytheon's Values (Raytheon Company, 2014).

Core values:

The foundation of this company lies in Raytheon's Vision, Strategy, Goals and Values. These elements help the company to measure its performance and build a pathway towards accomplishments. The core values are as follows (Raytheon Company, 2014)

Be respectful towards people.

Be welcoming towards diversity.

Work in collaboration with the fellow employees

Identify and reward accomplishment.

Promote teamwork and unity

Be authentic and reliable.

Respect rules and regulations.

Be answerable.

Show progress on frequently

Endeavor to be the best.


The Code of Conduct is applicable equally on all Board of Directors of Corrections Corporation of American and its workforce as well its affiliated companies and subsidiaries, which on the whole are termed as company. Code of Conduct is also applicable on individuals who are involved in providing services on company's behalf and have consented to comply by rules and regulations set forth by the Code of Ethics. The indicated personnel are all included within the employee domain as long as the policy indicates otherwise for that matter (CCA, 2005).

Apart from that, according to this code, the director is an individual who is a member of board of directors. Executive officer means those employees which are designated by board of directors on and off; corporate officer indicates vice president and above level employees which includes executive officers. General Counsel means executive vice president of a company. The General Counsel can assign an attorney to a legal matter at hand in accordance with the code. Manager is a person who has more than one employee under his chain of command (CCA, 2005).

Training and education:

The entire workforce is supposed to read the code of conduct prior to or subsequent to joining the firm (DETA, 2011). Communication of the ethical code is integral in the training session. Apart from that, it's necessary for the managers to inculcate the right value during training. The managers should be trained by companies to resolve an ethical dilemma. It's impossible to train managers with respect to all ethical circumstances as sometimes managers have to solve situations falling outside codes of conduct (Chunhua & Yihan, n.d.).

The employees must remain within professional and ethical boundaries at all times with respect to their personal relationships and employment with CCA. Apart from that, professional and business judgments and behavior must be in accordance with CCA Way Guiding Principles during the course of employment.The rules and regulations within Code and Conduct as well as other company laws and procedures are applicable on the employee.In case, an outsider approaches the employee with an illegal request violating the rules and regulations of the company, the employee is supposed to rebuff such requests and inform the outsider that such practices are barred by the company. In extreme cases, the incident must be reported without further delay. Hence, it's the employee responsibility to remain loyal and faithful to company's guidelines, policies and code of conduct. Apart from that, the employee is also tasked with reporting infringements and seeks answers to queries regarding breach of protocol as code of conduct stipulates (CCA, 2005).


The General Counsel of the company is assigned with administration of Code of Conduct into the Business Conduct Program of a company. The General Counsel is tasked with dealing with informational questions and requests for approval according to the Code or in other case to the employee assigned by the General Counsel to entertain such questions and requests. The employees are obligated to provide all the necessary information regarding their approvals as ordained under the Code of Conduct. In case of concealing important information, providing incorrect information and removing events whilst obtaining approval will be dealt with strict disciplinary action (CCA, 2005).

Mission statement:

Working in collaboration with the customers since many yearshelps the Raytheon Company to clearly understand their mission. They understand what they need to provide a consistent business improvement program. Raytheon's goal is to deliverpersonalized and properly oriented results…

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