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Christies School of Art

Studying art at Christie's School of Art in New York would be a dream come true. First of all, to study art in New York -- one of the most important cities in the art world -- would create major opportunities for me while studying and after my studies are finished. Not only would I get a great education at Christies, but being in New York where there are so many world-renowned museums like the MOMA and the Guggenheim would offer me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of contemporary art outside of the classroom environment. Not only is New York the home to prestigious museums, but I am excited to explore the burgeoning art galleries in places outside of Manhattan -- specifically in Brooklyn and Queens. I feel that there is a lot one can learn about art by getting a glimpse inside the art studios of up-and-coming contemporary artists. These, after all, are the masters of tomorrow. I am so excited to take advantage of all that New York has to offer in terms of expanding my knowledge of art and its purpose in the world.

Working with professionals in different art-related jobs would open my eyes to career paths that I don't know much about in the art field and I feel that it would be incredible training from individuals who are actually out there and active in the art world. The fact that Christie's instructors come from all around the globe is inspiring as well as I feel I would really get a much broader education and understanding of the art world on a global scale. I am also excited to begin building a networking base of individuals in the art-related jobs. Christie's School of Art in New York would give me the chance to do that.

Another aspect I really like about Christie's School…

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