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Remake of Little Red Riding Hood

Once there was a boy who lived with his mother in a town called Alamo. The boy, named Red, was a kind son to his mother. Every time his mother tells him to do something, like watering the plants in the garden, or washing the dishes, Red always follows happily. One day, Red's mother called him while he was playing with his friends outside their house.

"Red! Come here my son," his mother told him. "Do you have an important thing to do this afternoon after we eat lunch?"

"No mother, I have nothing important to do. Why are you asking?," Red replied.

"Can you go to your aunt after we have our lunch? I want you to bring to her the cake that I just made. She need it for the party that she is coordinating in their village," Red's mother said.

"Okay mother. No problem!," Red happily replied because he also want to see his aunt. "I also want to see Aunt Sally because it's been weeks that she does not drop by here.," Red said.

So, after having his nice, delicious lunch that his mother had cooked for both of them, Red went to straight to his room to change his clothes and prepare for his
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bicycle trip to his aunt. Red's Aunt Sally lives 7 blocks away from their home. Red went to the garage and rode his bicycle. He always rides his bicycle every time he goes to places that are just a few blocks away from their home. Of course, Red did not forget the cake that his mother had baked. He placed it inside the basket that is firmly attached at his the back of his bicycle.

However, Red's mother forgot to tell him that his Aunt Sally and his cousins already transferred to another house that is 5 houses away from their previous house.

Red happily rode his bicycle, whistling while driving in a quite zigzag path. When Red reached his Aunt Sally's house, he learned from a neighbor that her Aunt Sally transferred to a house just nearby. Red knows that he must bring the cake to his aunt. So, without any hesitation, he decided to just find his Aunt Sally's new house. In his way, Red saw a man who is not young but not so old. The man just suddenly fell down on his knees, as if he is not feeling well and is almost losing his consciousness. Seeing this, Red was surprised. He immediately stopped his bicycle to help the man.

"Sir, what happened to you?," Red said in a voice that sounded so…

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