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Development Change Research Issue

Developmental change is a broad topic that incorporate several sub-topics relating to an individual's growth and development. The broad nature of this topic emerges from the fact that its an approach that is geared towards explaining how infants, children, and adults change over a period of time. The process of explaining individuals' developmental changes over time involves examining a wide range of theoretical areas including biological, cognitive, emotional, and social domains. Additionally, there are different research designs that are utilized in developmental research including longitudinal, sequential, and cross-sectional research approaches (Berk & Meyers, 2016). These different approaches are selected based on their effectiveness in exploring a particular issue or aspect of developmental change over time.

An example of a topic that could be examined using one of these research designs is masticatory performance in children across different age groups. This is an important topic of study because mastication has significant impacts on a child's psychological, social, and nutritional functions. A sample research question for examining this topic is, "Is masticatory performance in children linked to age, oral habits and dental factors?"

This research issue will be examined using cross-sectional play a major role in a child's health and well-being. Longmuir, Banks & McCrindle (2012) conducted a cross-sectional study in which they examined motor development among children in the aftermath of the Fontan procedure. This research was carried out on the premise that cognitive and motor delays during infancy are common though their implications during later childhood stages remain unknown. Additionally, the study was conducted on the basis that Fontan children are more inactive than their peers regardless of their reduced exercise capabilities. Moreover, children with low motor skills are increasingly inactive while the palliative processes during Fontan procedure enhance the likelihood of motor skill delay. As a result, its increasingly important to examine children's motor development after conducting…

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