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RFP -- Saddle Creek HOA

Letter of Transmittal

Hidden Creek Condominium Association

C/O Christopher Izzo, Condominium Treasurer

620 Frogs Leap Lane

Executive Vice President









We are a privately held firm that has been in business since 1965. We began as a family operated business and have retained that quality today through our personal approach to management services for common interest communities. We started small and though our customer base has grown to over 215 common interest communities, we continue to place personalized, "down-home" services at the forefront. Below are some ways that we do just that:

Our Mission

Our mission statement provides the "aim star" for our provision of property management services.

We strive to provide seamless service in every realm of our responsibilities to the degree that we anticipate and address our customers' needs before they become manifest.

Our Focus

We are 100% focused on providing property management services to common interest communities. This what we do. This all that we do.

Your Customer Service

We provide the best customer service we know how -- and then we work to make it even better. We believe close links to the communities we serve are the best way to ensure that we understand our customers' needs, that we address those needs using "best practices" in the industry, and that we maintain a continuous feedback loop that encompasses all of our stakeholders. We don't just provide good customer service, we set the industry standards for customer service. Each time we meet a standard, we seek to ratchet it up to the next level.

The Technology

We are pleased to offer a strong technological infrastructure that is remotely located with a mobile interface for our customers. Efficient, timely communication is crucial to our meeting your needs and to ensuring that the components of our provision of services are effectively linked. All of our systems are digitally-based but are easy to access and to use. To keep our finger on the pulse of technological change, we maintain consultant relationships with students enrolled in communications and technology coursework at local colleges and universities. This keeps our technology development costs down and keeps us at the cutting edge of technological change that we can use to increase our efficiency and to easily communicate with community members.

Our Town Hall

Our town hall meetings are a trademark. No one else in the business of providing property management services to common interest communities opens the door this wide to regular, meaningful contact with customers and community members. The communities we create collectively deserve our best attention and unified efforts. This is what our town hall meetings are all about. The door to the town hall is always open. We encourage community members to stop by between meetings, too. Like an old fashioned country store, we like customers to drop in just to chat. We think you'll agree that some of the best ideas crop up over the "pickle barrel." We look forward to seeing you there.

SECTION II -- Proposal Summary

The purpose of this section is to provide confirmation of our understanding of the needs of the homeowners association as an environment -- as a built place -- and, further, that we understand the requirements of all components listed in the Request for Proposal, including but not limited to, the business features and technical specifications required to meet the objectives as outlined in the Request for Proposal.

We offer the following Statement of Understanding for the proposed property management services.

Proposal Objectives

As stated in the Request for Proposal, the following proposal objectives are addressed in this Statement of Understanding and in the body of the Proposal Plan. The services proposed in the scope of the plan are configured to ensure that the standards of living and quality of life are maintained in the community as outlined in the Request for Proposal. The proposal outlines the manner and method for attaining the following objectives.

Provide support for the daily needs of community residents.

Meet the documentation and reporting needs of the community for access to state funding.

Execute and co-ordinate the administrative functions of the homeowner association staff and governing board.

An outline of the combined goals and objectives of the property management plan and the annual work plan as outlined in the Proposal Plan are presented here.

Objective 1 - Provide Support to Community Residents

Property management services offered to the homeowners' association are needed to support the daily needs of the Saddle Creek residents. The provision of property management services shall include an array of administration functions, to include maintenance of the infrastructure, providing facilities for recreation, and administering an extensive network of modes of communication.

Maintenance of Infrastructure.

The property management services shall include the regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of the Saddle Creek infrastructure. This function shall incorporate a set of duties and responsibilities, many of which must be coordinated with city and county regulations and officials. The provision of maintenance services are to include both interior and exterior annual maintenance tasks, a responsive system of routines repairs as identified by community members, and periodic upgrades to residential spaces and common spaces. Additionally, maintenance of the infrastructure shall include coordination of regularly scheduled inspections by city and county public services, such as fire inspections, health and safety inspections of common areas, and road and access inspections.

Providing Facilities for Recreation.

The provision of recreation options and services for community members shall include upkeep and rotation of spaces used for recreational activities, such that community members may influence the schedule and menu of activities available within the community. In addition to maintaining the recreational common spaces, a robust volunteer program for assistance with recreational programs, community access, and service projects. A full spectrum curriculum is provided to the volunteers by property management staff that includes training about risk management, personal liability, emergency response, communication, organization, and leadership skills. A full range of recreational and leisure activities are provided by volunteers on an itinerant basis.

Administering Communication Network.

The provision of property management services shall include the establishment and maintenance of communication services for community members and the staff of the homeowners' association. These services shall include a community Website and mobile digital devices as a substantive contribution to ensuring that residents experience a rich community life characterized by information that is free-flowing, timely, and interesting. Maintenance and monitoring of the Website will be assumed as part of the provision of a communications network. The Website shall include a community calendar, a community newsletter, and a network system of e-mail announcements and notifications.

The digital platform to be provided is designed to meet both the administrative communication needs of the property management service through an Intranet, and one of several modes of communication with community residents. In order to effectively communicate with residents, the property management service will maintain a Website and a digital program that provides a platform for email communication. The property management group will, upon request, provide specialized communication systems that optimize the use of text-enabled cell phones, as well.

Objective 2 - Meet Documentation and Reporting Needs

Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiative.

The property management firm will assume and manage all documentation and reporting needs of the homeowners' association that will enable successful application and reward under the Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiatives. A component of this objective is to ensure grant application activities and subsequent development activities are executed on time, and that follow the annual fund-raising plans developed by the Board of Directors.

Objective 3 - Execute and Coordinate Administrative Functions.

Financial Reporting and Management Tools.

The provision of property management services to the homeowners' association shall include a system of financial reporting and management tools. The digital platform provided by the property management service shall include sophisticated capacity for generating financial reports for use by the homeowner associations' governing body and facility staff. The software shall employ best practice financial reporting and is further enhanced by color-coded analysis summaries and tracking of key performance indicators to enable quick assessment of operational status and trending. In addition, community residents will be able to access their individual homeowner accounts on this same platform within a separate system that requires login credentials.

Recordkeeping and Reporting.

The provision of property management services shall include the development, maintenance, and utilization of a comprehensive system of recordkeeping and reporting. The following duties related to recordkeeping and reporting shall be carried out by the property management service. A main database system shall be established and maintained as a repository for all resident-related information, community budget and finances, and transactions that entail vendor relationships. Training in the use of the administrative recordkeeping of the database shall be provided to homeowners' association staff.

Self-Evaluation and Accountability

The provision of property management services…

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