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He is now content and grateful for his decision, remarking, "and that has made all the difference" (Frost 20). The body of the poem, therefore, allows readers insight into the narrators mind as he or she makes this decision, as he or she realizes that this moment will never again return. Readers are made to feel that they are actually with the narrator as he or she makes his decision by the rhyme scheme of the poem, which is abaab for most lines, and periodic assonance, sound techniques that quickly carry the reader from verse to verse. Finally, at
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the end of the poem, both the reader and the narrator understand the symbolism in the poem, that the fork in the road is a symbol for a major life decision and the road less traveled by is the less popular and most original decision, the one that will make "all the difference" in each person's live (Frost 20). Thus, Frost uses nature symbolism and imagery to introduce an allegory of a major decision in a person's life and the complexities of making that decision, while recommending that one…

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