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Role Identification

Role Selection

The role of chief executive was chosen to be filled by Rick who has a great number of leadership traits. In addition to his role as chief executive, he will also serve as a marketing director since he has experience in marketing and brand management. While Rick will head the overall organization, James will serve as the chief operations officer. His organization skills and analytical mind makes him an ideal candidate for this position. The COO position presents a challenging leadership position in which the leader will have to do a lot of work behind the scenes in a very broad an all-encompassing role (Bridgespan Group, 2012). Despite the fact that the COO generally gets less attention than the CEO, there role is an integral component to the organizations success.

The role of chief administrator, which will include all accounting functions, will be filled by Lindris who exhibits a high level of both organizational and interpersonal skills that are needed for this role. The chief administrator must have a punctual and observant inclination that can consistently deliver a high level of attention to detail; which is the case with Lindris. The logistical requirements will be tackled by Alvin who has experience and a level of expertise that makes him the ideal candidate for this function. Alvin will also head the service management business functions for the organization to ensure all projects and client requirements are met according to the client's satisfaction.

Role Interactions

The chief executive officer will be responsible for setting high level organizational goals. For him to set effective goals it will require a great deal of communication with the leaders of all the business functions. If the goals are made to be overly ambitious then it will most…

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