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NYS Policy Issue Briefing

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The issue addressed by the creation and mission statement of the NYS Council on Food Policy is the encroachment of a multitude of factors on the food supply for the state of New York.

The objective is to stabilize and sustain the sources to sufficiently feed the stae of New York.

The policy attempts to do this by bettering the delivery and production of food for the state.

It also seeks to do this by provisioning healthy food throughout the state.

This is a fairly longstanding issues that the state has been dealing with for some time. It addressed this issue at the government level in the latter decades of the 20th century. Its solution was to create the governmental entity referred to as the NYS Council on Food Policy. This solution involves numerous disparate organizations for th sake of deciding policy pertaining to the sustainability of salutary food in New York. This group was formally solidified in 2007.


Parties in Favor:

X The governor of New York

X The Department of Agriculture and Markets

X New York State Education Department

Parties Against:

People who advocate outsourcing food supplies and participating in the global market as an importer

Those who wish to import food supplies from other states and regions that might be cheaper than in New York

Those who believe that states rights should be...


Doing so requires ascertaining the current quality, affordability, and access to quality in New York state. It also involves linking these results to specific policies and decisions implemented by the council.


The state of New York has made a dedicated effort to supporting its food supply and productive mechanisms for quite some time. These efforts resulted in last decade's formation of the New York State Council on Food Policy. This council combines some of the most salient public entities throughout the state to assist in the provisioning of affordable food that is nutritious and accessible throughout the state.

Personally, I am in favor of the New York State Council on Food Policy. I am actually surprised that the state of New York is progressive enough to appoint a dedicated, governmental task force to ensure that the needs for the consumption of food for all New Yorkers are met. I am also surprised at the lengthy history that involves the forming the of this council. Typically, there has been ingenuity and concern for only the wealthy and those who have the luxury of time and money to lavish upon political candidates who are then empowered to do their bidding. This particular council, however, seems like a genuine act of altruism for most New Yorkers. I am particularly taken with the reality that this council is focused on fortifying the food needs for the financially disadvantaged, the elderly, and the sick. These are the people who can benefit from this council and its review of and implementation of the proper policies that can assist the state. I also find it encouraging that the state is attempting to be fairly autonomous in its endeavor of providing for its residents. With…

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