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Food Justice and the Role of Local Farmers

Words: 1054 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45022001

Fast Food Delivery

Green Bean Delivery delivers fresh produce to the door of customers who sign up for deliveries. So instead of purchasing produce (fruits, vegetables, dairies) from the grocery store (and not knowing where they come from -- Mexico, California, South America), Green Bean Delivery does all the work for you. The only question is: where do Green Bean's products come from? To find out, some investigative work was needed. This paper will show who is behind the produce that Green Bean Delivery delivers straight to the door of its customers, how it is produced, what goes into the process of growing, harvesting, transporting and preparing the items that are then sorted and shipped to customers.

The number one claim of Green Bean Delivery is that it uses organic produce and natural groceries to please its customers. This is a great claim and one that makes a lot of…… [Read More]


Claren, R. (2005). The Green Motel. Ms. Magazine.

Gottlieb, R., & Joshi, A. (2010). Food Justice. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

Schlosser, E. (2012). Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal.

Boston: Mariner Books
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Bloomington Food Object Report Community

Words: 613 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63485388

Ideally, this would be on designated days in a central location, like a public park, and food stamps could also be used to buy the produce there. This would require a coordinated effort by the mayor, board of health, parks and recreation department, social services and zoning staff to achieve, to ensure that farmers and other small producers were not hampered by red tape in their access to the community. After that, a second step would be to create a public health campaign in the schools, coordinated by the city's board of education, principals, and health education teachers. Schools would work with local vendors to increase the amount of fruit and vegetable-related offerings in school lunches city-wide, vending machines would be banned that sold unhealthy and highly processed snacks, and agreements with fast food companies to sponsor school activities would also be banned. If the school desired to do so,…… [Read More]

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Meal Delivery Service

Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54573337


The business is a prepped meal service for seniors, where prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals are delivered to seniors who have trouble cooking for themselves, at a cost-effective price. The industry is at the intersection of food service and senior care. The core competencies that drive the business are in the efficient preparation of food. The difference is that we are targeting seniors who live on their own, a market not reached by institutional food service providers.

The industry has existed for a number of years, and as of 2013 was estimated to be worth $1 billion annually (McDill, 2013). This is a niche market, catering primarily to seniors with ample disposable income, but without either the ability or inclination to prepare their own food. Some simply have never prepared much of their own food, while others are more in a position where they can no longer regularly and reliably cook…… [Read More]

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Food and Beverage Reverse Logistics

Words: 2268 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60925248

Sustainable ules

Drake Nash

LMT 307 Food and Beverage everse Logistics -- Fall 2015


The implementation of sustainable rules and regulations as well as constraints in the markets across the world, have compelled international industries, in this case, the food and beverage industry, to establish reverse logistics, which is the backflow management of the supply chain system. everse logistics encompasses the waste management of products and merchandises in the backward supply chain. There has been a gap or limitation in research studies on the implementation of reverse logistics on the food and beverage industry. Due to the fact that food and beverage products are delicate in nature, the backward flow of packing and food supplies compel the formation of a free-flowing reverse logistics system throughout the supply chain. The development of an efficacious reverse supply chain practice for the food retail industry necessitates the conduction of studies on prevailing…… [Read More]


Gustavsson, J., Otterdijk, R. (2011). Global food losses and food waste: extent, causes and prevention. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, pp. 1-29.

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Political Science Politics of Food

Words: 1706 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50976700

There is some hope within some countries but maybe no hope between countries. As long as there are disparities within the economic balances of different countries there will always be food being used as a political weapon. Those countries that do have adequate supplies of food though, have a hope to balance their food politics out within themselves. There is the possibility of providing more food for the poor within countries in order to better balance the accessibility across the nation.


Food Security and Political Stability in the Asia-Pacific. (n.d.). etrieved July 29, 2010, from Web site:

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Beat Web site:

Williams,…… [Read More]


Food Security and Political Stability in the Asia-Pacific. (n.d.). Retrieved July 29, 2010, from Web site: 

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Shifting Trends in the Food

Words: 2541 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49490583

How Fast Food Restaurants are Reacting to the Shift to More Organic Foods:
To remain competitive, fast food restaurants have had to turn to
innovative products, often redeveloping their product lines, to meet the
changing demands of consumers for organic foods specifically, and healthier
foods in general. The demand for organic foods has been the mechanism for
industry evolution. As noted, McDonalds phased out their supersize menu
items, in response to society's growing health concerns. In addition,
they've begun to offer more healthy menu choices, such as low-fat items and
fresh salads, to their customers, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles
in their marketing campaigns. In the New England area, McDonald's even
replaced their coffee with Newman's Own Organic blend, in an attempt to
take further advantage of more organically-discriminating tastes of
consumers. This move has been well-received in the region[18]. In
addition, new fast food restaurants are being introduced…… [Read More]

Abelson, J., "An Overarching Goal: Innovation," Boston Globe (September 24,
2006): E2 (database online); available from ProQuest, ProQuest ID:
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Ridder Tribune (October 12, 2006): 1 (database online); available from
ProQuest, ProQuest ID: 1157712541.
"Fast Food in the United States." Market Line (August 2005) Database
online. Available from Datamonitor.
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Production of Food Products Has Changed Dramatically

Words: 2941 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82456402

production of food products has changed dramatically over the past several years. Technological changes in machinery, increased use of better and more expedient forms of transportation, and improved fertilizers have all contributed to a more efficient food production process. This more efficient process, however, has not come with some requisite problems.

The existing system of delivering food products in the United States is a major contributor to the world's global warming problem. The largest contributor to global warming is the use of fossil fuels. One study released in 2000 estimated that nearly ten percent of all the energy used in the United States was consumed by the food industry. (Heller, 2000).

This large use of fossil fuels is generated throughout the food production and delivering industry. A large measure of this use is through the extensive reliance upon artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Although the use of these products results in…… [Read More]


Center for Disease Control. (2003). Diabetes Public Health Resource. Retrieved December 4, 2010, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 

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Fossil Fuels. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2010, from U.S. Department of Energy:
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Tesco UK Food Department A Legislative Risks

Words: 2412 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82402312

Tesco UK food department

a.) Legislative risks: The decision to provide healthier food by labeling the ingredients on the packages to include the calories, sugar, fat, sodium, and saturated fat content needs to also comply with the U.K. food and labeling law. According to the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, The University of eading, "In most cases, ingredients have to be listed in weight descending order determined as at the time of their use in the preparation of the food. This is commonly referred to as the 'mixing bowl stage'. The following exemptions are however permitted" (A Guide to UK egulations, 2011)

Water and volatile products used as ingredients have to be listed in order of their weight in the finished product. The weight of water is calculated by subtracting from the weight of the finished product the total weight of the other ingredients used.

If an ingredient is…… [Read More]


CSPI Reports International (1998) Functional Foods: Public Health Boon or 21st Century Quackery? 

Feindt, P.H. & Flynn, A. 2009, Policy stretching and institutional layering: British food policy between security, safety, quality, health and climate change, Palgrave Macmillan.

Food Labels: A Guide to the UK Regulations. Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, The University of Reading. 

Lacey, R. 1992, Scares and the British Food System: Problems and Policies in Relation to Food-Related Health Issues, Emerald Group Publishing, Limited.
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Julia's Food Booth Problem Overview- Julia's Food

Words: 1987 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73518348

Julia's Food Booth Problem

Overview- Julia's Food Booth is a study in capacity (how much can we produce/store / sell) in a given period of time; organization (how best can we maximize sales); supply & demand (how much of product A versus product B); inventory management; logistics; and profit and loss. We must first examine what we know, and what assumptions we must make and why.

Operational Facts:

Julia wants to earn money operating a concession stand selling pizza, hot dogs and BBQ sandwiches at 6 Tech School Home Games. From past experience, students who have done this before tell her she will sell most of her product 1 hour before the game as patrons get seated, and then again at Half Time. She cannot sell food and drink together because of athletic department rules.

Julia's fixed costs are the rental fee per game ($1,000) and the amortized cost of…… [Read More]

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Case Strategic Audit on Whole Foods

Words: 2908 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94380930

Whole Foods Market

Significant key points

Key financial indicators

Graph of sales growth from year 2002 until 2011.





SWOT and TWOS analysis

TOWS Strategic Alternatives Matrix

Pros and Cons


Evaluation and control

The Whole Foods Market is a progressive and focused corporation with presence in three developed markets including U.S., United Kingdom, and Canada. The company has achieved growth since its inception. The increasing market share of the company has enabled it to expand in international markets. The company envisions becoming global leader in organic and natural foods market. The competitors in the sector are large stores, supermarkets, and retail outlets with increased presence. The product range of these companies includes a number of related products along with the natural and organic foods.

The company requires maintaining its double digit growth strategy and aims to expand in global market. However the cost of natural and…… [Read More]


Form 10-K. United States Securities and Exchange Commission, (2011). Form 10-k annual report pursuant to section 13 or 15(d) of the securities exchange act of 1934. Retrieved from Whole Foods Market website:  Info/PDFs/2011_10K.pdf

Hitt, M.A., Ireland, R.D., & Hoskisson, R.E. (2012). Strategic Management Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization. USA: South-Western Pub.

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Ngai, E. (2009). RFID in operations and supply chain management: research and applications, edited by T. Blecker and GQ Huang.
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Horizon Foods Corporation Horizon Foods

Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56667177

The Marketing team is rather new within Horizon and encounters difficulties with adjusting, finding their purpose and implementing a good course of action. They also find it difficult to get the other departments to accept and recognize them as a vital unit within Horizon. The Marketing department is in charge of customer relations and the Production department is in charge of actually processing the food, transporting it and keeping the inventory. ut as stated before, they fail to cooperate and throw as such the company into serious problems. In all, the major problem is given by the company's incapability to honor their orders in time and the cause for it is the poor collaboration between the two major departments within Horizon.

The gravity of the situation created is not debatable and fact remains that the problem must be solved in no time; otherwise Horizon Foods might be faced with the…… [Read More]


Schary, P., Horizon Foods Corporation, College of Business, Oregon State University
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Kudler Fine Foods How Does the Organization

Words: 1317 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56585621

Kudler Fine Foods

How does the organization compete in the marketplace? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the firm?

Kudler Fine Foods Company is dedicated to providing quality products and services to its customers. It is unique in the manner in which it delivers its products and assortments to consumers. For instance, the company stocks highly valuable gourmet products that are highly demanded by consumers. These products are unique as they are rarely offered elsewhere by competing firms. In addition, the customer service component allows it to charge premium prices to consumers. The company supplies many of the ingredients needed to create a healthy gourmet meal. As such, consumers have access to more convenience as gourmet ingredients are only offered by a few suppliers within the market place. By offering a large assortment, and combining this offering with superior service, Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is attracting consumer market share…… [Read More]


1) Etro, F. (2009). Endogenous Market structure and the Macro Economy. New York: Springer
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Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan

Words: 3431 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 2264853

Kudler's advertising and marketing in its present form is through the Easter and Thanksgiving holidays with the local newspaper flyers every month. Marketing is a key component of a successful business and KFF should consider different methods of involving the community. For example, television advertising, Internet, radio stations and more promotions are viable. Secondly, employees must be sufficient time for KFF to obtain benefits. Many organizations have begun to provide additional part-time employees package was found, but 30 hours per week. (Shim & Siegel 2010)

In addition, Kudler is to buy stock, catering, and any major issues such as responsible business, so if she fell ill, no one can proceed on the basis of business operations. Most organizations have managers that work with the president so that if necessary, they are available. Kudler is important to hire more administrative staff to assist some of the duties. Finally, the payment offered…… [Read More]


Gomez-Mejia, L.R. & Belkin D. (2002). Management: Management and Its Evolution. The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Kudler Fine Foods, retrieved on February 19, 2011 from

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Turban, E., Rainer, R.K., & Potter, R.E. (2003). Introduction to Information Technology: Strategic Systems and Reorganization. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Genetically Modified Foods

Words: 786 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88160620

The Case Against Genetically Modified Foods

Being a farmer is probably one of the hardest professions in the world, largely because of the lack of control that farmers have over their results. They can work tirelessly and still have crops wiped out by inclement weather or insects and other pests. It’s a precarious way to make a living, and genetically modified foods (GMO) at first seemed like a solution to so many of the obstacles present when trying to grow a bountiful crop. For example, GMO crops that are resistant to insects/pests can be achieved by adding a poisonous bacterium to the crops that incorporate a natural insect repellant, yet still safe for human consumption. These means that farmers don’t have to rely so heavily on toxic chemicals to repel bugs and it means the soil has to undergo less manipulation and can maintain its integrity better. While these benefits…… [Read More]

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Functional Food Product the Product

Words: 879 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22215298

Nutritional claims and labeling are very valuable things for the consumer when deciding if he or she wants to eat the product, and the food industry knows that truth in advertising and package labeling is something that has to be addressed. If the label does not tell the consumer all the facts, it is possible the consumer could be ingesting something he or she really does not want (UK list of health claims, 2010). That is a vital issue with candy, because some people have adverse reactions to things such as sugar and caffeine -- or to artificial sweeteners that may be used to present the candy as something low-sugar and more healthful overall.

The UK Food Standards Agency is very particular about what is sold and how it is represented, so that is one of the most important issues for any new and novel food product (UK list of…… [Read More]


Bass, Frank M. The Future of Research in Marketing: Marketing Science. Journal of Marketing Research 30, 1 (1993): 1-6.

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Business Policy J-Food Has an Opportunity to

Words: 3216 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29557714

Business Policy

J-Food has an opportunity to become the first one to shift in the "all-you-can-eat steak buffet" notion to grow into a market leader. The steady attractiveness of steak along with a perception of economy in buffet seems to be the perfect combination in foreign markets and is bound to produce the same results here (Clancy et al., 2000).

By analyzing the situation in the market, we have characterized groups into various subdivisions. The only exclusion comes when we characterize our subdivision for lunch. We strongly trust, and have observed, that a much widespread desire prevails for this lunchtime slot because our pricing is on the economical side and includes our J-Food's Specialty Beef burger. The following are our targeted subdivisions (Clancy et al., 2000).

* Age -- Aged, Baby-Boomers, youthful couples with children, and labor of all areas.

* Family Unit -- We will send requests to small…… [Read More]


Allen, E. And Fjermestad, J. "E-Commerce Strategies: The Manufacturer Retailer Consumer Relationship," Proceedings of the 5th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2000.

Betts, M. "It's Official: There really is a 'Digital Economy'," Computerworld, June 2000.

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Kotler Fine Foods Creativity and Innovation

Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4219339

Kotler Fine Food

Innovation is a continuous process, which requires individual and organizational creativity. The process demands for individuals to come up with authentic ideas to rediscover the meaning, identity, and the purpose of innovation (Kelly & Littman, 2001). Internal learning and communication reflects individual and organizational creativity. Creativity is essential for any organization in the course of fulfilling their objectives as seen in the case of Kotler Fine Foods.

Imparts knowledge

Creativity fills the void and necessitates the platform for communication between individuals in an organization. In turn, new ideas are discovered which also impart new knowledge. With reference to Kotler Fine Foods, creativity has created the urge to explore different types of foods and wines. Consequently, individuals obtain knowledge on various types of foods and wines that are new to them. Creativity creates new depth, time, space, and pace through continuous innovation.

Individual creativity

Creativity identifies with the…… [Read More]


Kelley, T. & Littman, J. 2001. The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America's Leading Design Firm. New York: Doubleday

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Mcdonald's the Largest Fast-Food Chain Across the

Words: 2916 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75502649

McDonald's the largest fast-food chain across the globe. This is through spanning of approximately 30,000 restaurants across the globe with the aim of maximizing its revenues and profits at the end of the financial year. McDonald's Organization aims at being the customers' favourite place and way to eat and drink as its mission to meet the needs and preferences of its consumers. The pattern of internationalisation of McDonald's Company proves to be similar in the countries of operation because of the tendency of the organization to establish contracts of areas of development with local businesspersons.

How does international business achieve its internationalisation objectives in the contemporary context?

Brief overview of the organisation and its mission/objectives related to international business

McDonalds Company is one of the most effective and explosive business entities across the 21st century (Company Spotlight, 2005). The organization focuses on the provision of quality products and services to…… [Read More]


Company Spotlight: McDonald's Corporation. (2005). Market Watch: Global Round-up,

4(12), 78-83.

Gerhardt, S., Dudley, D., & Hazen, S. (2012). Franchising and the Impact of McDonald's.

Journal Of Management & Marketing Research, 101-10.
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Euroland's Foods the Euroland Food

Words: 1859 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 54693084

So, putting the Rolly name on a product that is potentially unhealthy could do serious damage to the company's overall message.

Additionally, Europe does not currently have a market of low-calorie products because unlike the United States where that market is popular, Europe is not in need of such products. So, unlike the expansion of reduced fat products, reduced calorie products using artificial sweeteners would most likely prove detrimental.

Project 10: This project is a money sink for the company. While high-tech software may make some aspects of the business run smoother, the overall cost of updates and repairs is not worth the expanse at this time. Once the company stabilizes and sees market growth, then is the time to consider such proposals.

Project 11: This acquisition meets all three of the company's current goals. It would ensure profitability, aid in debt payoff, and allow new market shares. Additionally, the…… [Read More]

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Costs and Delivery Healthcare System

Words: 1532 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73941438

The delivery health care system takes into account the assimilation of physicians, healthcare facilities, together with other medical services with plan to facilitate the provision of the total continuum of medical care for its consumers. In a whole incorporated system, the three fundamental components including physicians, medical facilities and the membership to health plans are counterpoised in terms of equating medical resources with the necessities of patients and purchasers (Coddington, Moore, and Fischer., 1994). One of the key concerns in the present delivery of healthcare is cost. Increasing costs of healthcare has been a major worry in the past number of years, making the United States to have one of the most expensive systems of healthcare. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the different costs linked to healthcare delivery system, and delineate the manner in which these costs impact different populations and how it also affects…… [Read More]

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Social Cultural and Political Influence in Healthcare Delivery

Words: 4282 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16620351

Social, Cultural, And Political Influence in Healthcare Delivery

Social, cultural, and political inequalities are detrimental to the health and healthcare system of the U.S. This is because the U.S. is one of the most multicultural, overpopulated, diverse and undergoing rapid economic growth. The federal government has embarked on efforts geared at addressing unsustainable costs of health care in the U.S. With the leadership of the current president, Barrack Obama, initiatives of containing health care costs will evaluate and explore strategies to contain the growing costs of health care based on a system-wide while enhancing the value and quality of health care (Ubokudom, 2012). The apparent system of health care is rife with opportunities of minimizing waste, delivering coordinated, effective care, and improving well-being and health of all Americans. The government in collaboration with care providers must prioritize cost effective containment strategies with the greatest possibility for political success and non-partisan…… [Read More]


Albrecht, G.L., Fitzpatrick, R., & Scrimshaw, S. (2013). Handbook of social studies in health and medicine. London: Sage Publications.

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Strategic Leadership and Future Delivery Healthcare

Words: 7526 Length: 26 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 40225778

Strategic Leadership and Future Delivery Models

The issue of life expectancy at birth is a relatively novel one. Before the 19th century for instance, the United Kingdom -- the country with the longest time-series of measured life expectancy -- had not measured this variable at all. It is nevertheless estimated that the life expectancy at birth was between 30 and 40 years -- today, it is around 80 (oser, 2016). Within the United States, it is of 79 years; in Japan it is of 84 and Monaco (the highest expectation in the world) is of 89 years (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). There are still countries with lower life expectancies, but the people in all countries across the globe are expected to life at least 49 years, with Chad having this lowest expectancy of life at the time of birth, followed by Guinea-Bissau and Afghanistan with 50 and Namibia and Somalia…… [Read More]


Backhus, S.P. (2000) VA hospitals: issues and challenges for the future, DANA Publishing

Fields, R., (2011) 5 common hospital problems -- and suggestions for how to fix them, Becker's Hospital Review,  accessed on May 19, 2016

Page, L., (2010) 10 challenges facing community hospitals, Becker's Hospital Review,  accessed on May 18, 2016

Roser, M., (2016) Life expectancy, Our World in Data,  / accessed on May 17, 2016
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Kudler Fine Foods Is an

Words: 974 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 52599441

The organic nature of the products that the company offers all seems to have a detrimental effect on profitability. Kudler may have to eliminate certain product offerings. This is particularly true if these products are not selling very well. In addition, the owner of the company may have some success in negotiating a lower price for those products that do sell well. The owner should be careful not to settle for whatever price she is quoted.

Another issue is payroll expense. All companies have problems with getting payroll expenses to a reasonable level. However. Kudler seems to have a problem in being able to pay highly specialized workers at the rate of the market. In addition, when on the specialized workers gets sick or quits it is difficult to find a replacement. Some of this will be remedied when the aforementioned problems are handled because it will create greater cash…… [Read More]

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How Is Reverse Logistics Important in the Food and Beverage Industry

Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15141119

everse Logistics


The implementation of sustainable rules and regulations as well as constraints in the markets across the world, have compelled international industries, in this case, the food and beverage industry, to establish reverse logistics, which is the backflow management of the supply chain system. everse logistics encompasses the waste management of products and merchandises in the backward supply chain. There has been a gap or limitation in research studies on the implementation of reverse logistics on the food and beverage industry. Due to the fact that food and beverage products are delicate in nature, the backward flow of packing and food supplies compel the formation of a free-flowing reverse logistics system throughout the supply chain. The development of an efficacious reverse supply chain practice for the food retail industry necessitates the conduction of studies on prevailing reverse procedures, and their enactment across the diverse retail set-ups.


The…… [Read More]


Hawks, K. (2006). What is Reverse Logistics. Reverse Logistics magazine. Retrieved 1 October 2015 from: 

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Supply Chain Technologies for the Food Sector

Words: 662 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92120756

Supply Chain Technology in the Food Industry

In the past few years, manufactured food stuffs have become important parts of the diet of many individuals across the globe. This trend has been fueled by changes in eating habits that incorporate a combination of local produce and imported food stuffs. As manufactured goods continue to be important elements in many individuals' diets, the development of sustainable food supply chains has become a major issue. The significance of this issue is particularly fueled by the need to ensure the safety and health of food stuffs given that they incorporate both local produce and internationally conserved food items. Actually, the food industry has experienced the development and increased use of supply chain technologies that are geared towards enhancing the safety and health of food stuffs in business across the world. These supply chain technologies are also utilized by retail businesses in the food…… [Read More]


Freed, D. (2013, August 13). Compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative. Food Safety Magazine. Retrieved October 23, 2015, from 

Kane, D. (2013, September 18). Are You Ready for the Produce Traceability Initiative? Three Key Steps to Prepare. Retrieved October 23, 2015, from
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US health care'system delivery in comparison with other nations European Canada

Words: 1202 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 56448938

health care system delivery with other nations (European/Canada) with emphasis on its relative strengths and weaknesses?

Michael Moore's Sicko reveals that nearly 50 million U.S. citizens are not insured, whereas many usually fall prey to insurance firm red tape and frauds. Interviews are carried out with individuals believed to be sufficiently covered; in truth, these individuals do not receive health services at all. Ex-workers of insurance firms explain cost-cutting efforts which provide insurance firm physicians and other individuals with excuses to avoid fulfilling the costs of policy holders' essential medical treatments, thereby increasing the companies' profitability (Heart, 2012).

The documentary-maker then moves over to Canada, where he introduces Tommy Douglas, the man voted in 2004 as the best Canadian citizen for the role he played in improving the nation's healthcare structure. The director interviews a Canadian micro-surgeon and emergency room patients at a public hospital in Canada. His interviews in…… [Read More]


Adams, M. (2007, June 19). Why Michael Moore's Sicko is a health care documentary every American must see. Retrieved from Natural News: 

Black, S. (2009). "Sicko" and The Health Care Impact. Retrieved from Timbooktu: 

Gowans, S. (2007, July 12). A Review of Michael Moore's "Sicko." Retrieved from Global Research: 

Heart, G. (2012, May 03). Sicko; Movie Compares Health Care Systems In U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France And Cuba. Retrieved from A Green Road Journal:
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UPS Foundational Facts and Figures Related to the Company's Creation

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United Parcel Service (UPS)

Foundational facts

Current financials

Prospective assessment

Tough competition and soaring costs


United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American multinational corporation that operates in three major industry sectors i.e. logistics service, freight forwarding service, and courier express service. UPS is services-based company and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has worldwide operations. Being a public limited company, it is traded on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) having the ticker symbol UPS. Scott Davis currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. The company operates through a structure of several subsidiaries operating worldwide. Some of the main subsidiaries of the company are The UPS Store, UPS Capital, UPS Logistics, UPS Express Critical, UPS Professional Solutions, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Total revenues of UPS for the fiscal year FY 2012 were $54.1 billion with an operating income of $5.874…… [Read More]


Barr, A. (2013, Jul). Analysis: New e-commerce strategies threaten UPS, FedEx. Yahoo Finance. Retrieved from: 

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Vinny's Prima Prego

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This competitor, though well established in the market, has not been able to respond adequately to the needs and expectations of the customers. It has also been identified that they have experience a steady decline in. This has created an opportunity to Vinny's Prima Prego venture in advancing to the upper market since this competitor fails to uphold the tenet of reciprocity.

Vinny's Prima Prego has a number of competitors. There are two types of competition that the restaurant is exposed to. That is national competitors and local competitors.

National Competition

A number of restaurants are competing Vinny's Prima Prego at the national level. The first restaurant that it competes with is the Olive Garden which is offering customers sauces, ingredients and noodles of their choices. It allows the consumers to gather their dish the way they wish. The quality of food that is provided by this restaurant is average.…… [Read More]


Backman, J (1937).Marketing Controls.Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2 (Oct., 1937),

pp. 195-210

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Communications 3rd edition. Pearson Education. pp. 9 -- 10. ISBN 9780131866225
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International Water Policy

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operation and data management of the water-authority with a specific focus on the ability to provide a sustainable water supply for the next century in the Caribbean. This literature review will examine previous studies (both qualitative and quantitative) of water sustainability and specific problems related to water quality, such as the build-up of nitrogen in the water supply. It will also review ways to assess water quality through the use of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) as a feasible tool of water management. The review will conclude with different philosophies of water delivery in the developing world, specifically the use of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and the philosophy's pros and cons.

Water management

According to Gleick (1998), the impending water crisis is one which will have seismic political and environmental consequences, if not addressed soon: "as human populations continue to grow, these problems are likely to…… [Read More]


Al-Barqawi, H. & Zayed, T. 2008. Infrastructure management: Integrated AHP/ANN model to evaluate municipal water mains' performance. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 14:305-318.

Aspinall, R. & Pearson, D. 2000. Integrated geographical assessment of environmental condition in water catchments: Linking landscape ecology, environmental modelling and GIS

Journal of Environmental Management (2000) 59, 299 -- 319

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Managing Homeland Security You Were

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S. DHS "Strategic Plan," 2008, ealistically acts of terrorism, domestic or foreign are exceedingly rare, though slightly more common than they have been in the past and at least marginally more violent in nature, they occur very, very rarely. (Lewis, 2000, p. 201) Though maintaining serious preparedness the mitigation of natural disasters, most which cannot be avoided is an issue needed to be addressed almost yearly, on both small and large scales, across the nation and is much more likely to directly effect people and resources on an intimate level and should be the Emergency Management system's first and primary concern! Though worst possible case scenarios, regarding the use of WMDs is important it is not where all the resources should go.

(5. In the course, you have been introduced to the various responsibilities of different levels of government in the homeland security effort. What level of government do…… [Read More]


Daniels, R.S. (2007). Revitalizing Emergency Management after Katrina: A Recent Survey of Emergency Managers Urges Improved Response, Planning, and Leadership and a Reinvigorated FEMA -- the Federal Government Has Responded by Making Most of the Recommended Changes. The Public Manager, 36(3), 16.

Department of Homeland Security Website

Depoorter, B. (2006). Horizontal Political Externalities: The Supply and Demand of Disaster Management. Duke Law Journal, 56(1), 101.

Hulnick, a.S. (2004). Keeping Us Safe: Secret Intelligence and Homeland Security. Westport, CT: Praeger.
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Quiznos Subs Marketing Plan

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Quiznos Subs Marketing Plan

Quiznos is a fast food restaurants specializing in sandwiches. Quiznos operates in a highly competitive market and needs to market effectively to increase sales and market share. The following analysis will describe a marketing strategy for Quiznos. This will begin by looking at the current situation and trends. This will be followed by looking at the key issues for Quiznos, including strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Based on this analysis, a marketing strategy with the objective of increasing the dinner market is recommended. The final sections will describe how this will be achieved by describing the marketing strategy, actions to be taken, and control.

Current Situation and Trends

Market Situation

The U.S. fast food market is around $150 billion annually (Euromonitor, 2005).

The U.S. fast food market is expected to increase by about 1.7% from 2004 to 2008, to reach $153 billion in 2008 (Euromonitor,…… [Read More]


Euromonitor (2005). Fast food in USA. Retrieved June 3, 2005, from Euromonitor International. Web site: (mmp)

McPherson, J.R., Mitchell, A.V., and Mitten, M.R. (2003). Fast-food fight. Retrieved June 3, 2005, from The McKinsey Quarterly. Web site: ; L2=11
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Apple Trees Apples Are Among

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(How they're grown) Vigilant trimming or clipping is required for Apple trees for the period of the first five years of growth. As the trees flower, the fruits require shield from insects that damage the apples. General practice is to use chemicals to look after the orchard. The apple tree requires a period of dormancy or rest. This is the reason for non-growth of Apple trees in areas where average winter temperatures are more than 48 degrees F. In the spring, frost can spoil the apple flowering. The best areas for Apple trees to grow are hilltops or slopes as the frost shifts downward the slope prior to the undoing of flowers. The apples' food delivery from the tree is stopped two weeks before reaping and the apples turn into sweeter. Mainly during September and October, the majority of apples are cropped by hand. (Life Cycle of Apple Trees: Apples…… [Read More]


Apple Facts, Nutritional Information and Recipes" Retrieved at

Apples" Retrieved at

Grieve, M. "A Modern Herb: Apple" Retrieved at 

How they're grown" Retrieved at
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healthy meals delivered to elderly

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An opportunity has been identified in a growing niche that has been largely untapped to date. The opportunity further can be described as being at a crossroads that exists where many factors come together in an intersection in which many social changes are present. The business model that is being proposed in this report consists of developing prepped meal service for seniors, where prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals are delivered to seniors who have trouble cooking for themselves, at a cost-effective price. The need for a sustainable food service model that focuses on meals that are easy to prepare, nutritionally-balanced, consistent with dietary requirements, and affordable is especially relevant to a vulnerable population like the elderly who, in many cases, has difficulty in maintaining a proper diet. The demand for such a service has quietly build a niche industry that is still developing.

There are many social factors that have been identified…… [Read More]

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External Business Environment from 3 Squares Restaurant

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Environmental Scan of the Restaurant Industry

PEST analysis remains a critical business tool essential in aiding the identification of macroeconomic factors that could affect the business. Specific measures encompassed in this tool are political, economic, social, and technological. Restaurants can improve their decision making processes and timing. PEST analysis is essential in tackling future challenges and highlight opportunities (Ho, 2014). Engaging this tool in analyzing the industry helps dissect the macroeconomic factors that determine the future of 3 Squares Restaurant with the United States and specifically Minnesota where it is headquartered.

Political Factors

Squares Restaurant is affected by factors emerging from the political industry in the restaurant industry. Political factors segment discusses the effects of government intervention on the micro and macroeconomic environments. Significant political factors affecting include:

Public health policies are evolving especially in need to increase awareness towards discouraging the consumption of fast foods. Increased concerns about the…… [Read More]

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swot analysis to develop'strategy

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A SWOT analysis is a means of understanding both the internal and external environments in which an organization operates (MindTools, 2017). It is commonly used as a means of strategy formulation, to help firms understand how they can use their strengths to take advantage of opportunities in the market, and to shore up their weaknesses to defend against external threats. To that end, it is worth analyzing the internal and external environments of 3 Squares, the meal delivery service for seniors, in order to see where the best market opportunities lie, and what challenges the company is going to face.


There are a few different strengths that the company has internally. 3 Squares has a strong business plan. It has researched the market, and identified that there is an opportunity in providing food delivery for seniors. This is a growing market, and one that only has some competition.…… [Read More]

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Market Segment of 3 Squares

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3 Squares is a company that has remained profitable across its operations because of suitable internal and external environment factors. These internal and external factors have enabled the company to effectively identify market opportunities and capitalize on them to become one of the profitable meal delivery service for seniors. Based on the findings of a SWOT analysis, one of the historical factors that have contributed to change in the company's market segment is the changing demographics of modern populations. In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of the elderly populations in developed countries, particularly the United States (Wiener & Tilly, 2002). Since the company focuses on delivery of meal services to seniors, the growth in the elderly population has contributed to change in the firm's market segment. This change has implied that the firm has a huge customer base because of the increase…… [Read More]

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Media Plan Other Information I Will Need

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Media Plan

Other information I will need to know

Apart from the above information, it is important to know whether other factors could have contributed to the aggressiveness of the natives prior to the attack. Understanding the events prior to the attack will foster effective decision-making and development of interventions for preventing future occurrences of such incidences. It will also be imperative knowing whether there have been contacting the leaders of the affected community after the occurrence of the attack. Such a circumstance will provide significant insights into the problem and allow for dialogue on the strategies that can be adopted to create understanding and peaceful co-existence between the community and the soldiers. Most importantly, it will be invaluable to know whether any leader of the crew has contacted the legal bodies and the media.

Acquiring such information will provide insights of the expected public criticism and the need for…… [Read More]

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Hotel Windsor Restaurant Analysis

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Spring Street Restaurant of Hotel Windsor

With the rising growth of hotel business, it is important that the management techniques must include and adopt the changes. In a lot of cities, the business of hotels has been re-built with addition of latest technology (Rutherford & Fallon, 2007). People fond of hotels, and individuals who use hotels on frequent basis, expect high quality for the amount of money that the hotel requires. The various companies within the business understand the different aspects of motivating, training and recruiting the staff to make sure that the customers receive the best service from them. The business of hotels is difficult in the sense that they cannot easily achieve something different and unique that would give them an advantage over their competitors. Thus, the success of a hotel business is highly based on personal interactions and engagement of the employees with the customers to take…… [Read More]


Cairncross, G., Wilde, S.J. & Hutchinson, L. (2008). Training and service quality: a case study analysis of regional Australian restaurants. Tourism and Hospitality Planning and Development, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 149-163.

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Duties of a Restaurant Manager. (2015, May 03). Retrieved from Hospitality Guide:
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Somali Civil War on the

Words: 2138 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31970020

In 1991 a short-lived coalition of opposition groups seized the capital Mogadishu and ousted aid Barre. By 1992 it is estimated that over half a million people had died through war or from starvation. Between 800,000-1.5m people fled the country to refugee camps in Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen and Djibouti. From there many moved to Nairobi or Addis Ababa before embarking on a journey to the 'West'.

In May 1991, the people of north-west omalia broke away to form the Republic of omaliland.

Although not recognised by the international community, its creation has resulted in relative political stability. Elsewhere, the ruling coalition collapsed resulting in a state of anarchy and civil war that exists today with rival warlords vying for power. ince 1991 most asylum seekers have come from these central and southern regions. In omaliland the voluntary repatriation of refugees from neighbouring countries is now taking place. Return visits to,…… [Read More]


Post-Conflict Identities: Practices and Affiliations of Somali Refugee Children - Briefing Notes, E.S.R.C Economic and Social Research Council, University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield; August 2005'Somalia'%20and%20the%20Roots%20of%20the%20Diaspora.pdf

World Bank Org., 'Cry Havoc: Why Civil War Matters'; 

Causes and consequences of forced migration'
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Kanawha as Part of the

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Apart from that the district will also be making efforts to support the teachers in the district by making ground breaking programs for its professional support for teachers. The program uses professional learning communities. Currently there are 69 programs at community level across the district, seven to 10 each high school and about four in each elementary or middle school. (U.S. Dept of Defense, 1995)

In each of the community there is a facilitator from a consulting firm, these facilitators were hired four years ago to launch the program and train the teachers during five professional development days. The state grants each district along with two-early-release days. Between those meetings, each community meets to review the material and develop plans to apply the principles, such as second chances for students in the classroom.

The Kanawha district school has also come up with innovative programs meant to assist the students excel…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Banks J. (2001) Cultural Diversity an Education: Foundations, Curriculum, and Teachings, Virginia, Pheley

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U.S Dept of Defense, (1995) Navigation Charts, Kanawha River, Huntingoton District/U.S. Army Engineer District, U.S., Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army
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Actualizing Nursing Theory in Practice

Words: 2246 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5307699


Nursing Concept Analysis: Caring

Caring is a concept central to nursing theory. Indeed, an esteemed constellation of nurses throughout history, including Nightingale, Watson, Henderson, and Benner, have integrated the concept of care into their theory and praxis. Caring has been considered a foundational element of nursing such that "compassion and therapeutic relationships" are viewed as essential "underpinnings" of nursing (Skillings, 2008). As with most disciplines, the complexities that accompany professional practice in contemporary settings can pose unanticipated challenges. The ethic of caring that is fundamental to nursing endures an onslaught of competing priorities, barriers to compassionate practice, and adaptations inherent to modern healthcare institutions (Skillings, 2008).

Most behaviors that the nursing discipline considers caring are readily recognized, such as "attentive listening, comforting, honest, patient, responsibility, providing information to the patient can make an informed decision, touch, sensitivity, respect, calling the patient by name" (Vance, 2003). Categorically, many nurse practitioners…… [Read More]


Brenner, P. (1984). From novice to expert: Excellence and power in clinical nursing practice. Menlo Park, CA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Dewar, B. & Cook, G. (2013). Developing compassion through a relationship centered appreciative leadership programme. Nurse Education Today, 14(9), 1258-1264.

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Leininger, M.M. (1991). Culture care, diversity and universality: A theory of nursing. New York, NY: National League of Nursing Press, p. 35.
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Economic Social and Moral Changes in America

Words: 4537 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38458864

economic, social, and moral changes in America since the end of World War II

Since the end of World War II, the American people have seen an extraordinary change in the economic, social and moral priorities of the nation and its people. Three generations have grown up since the war, each positively and negatively influenced by their parents and social change.

Who They Are

The WWII generation represents the most affluent elderly generation that the United States will see in a long time. This generation benefited from an expanding economy and skyrocketing real estate prices. Its members were the beneficiaries of generous government programs, from the GI ill to government aid in buying their first home. (Wilkinson) high school education was sufficient to get well paying, secure jobs in their adult years. The lower level of education is one reason why members of this generation tend to see things differently…… [Read More]


Wilkinson, Ron. Boomers vs. Gen X Cooperation Clash. BCFM Human Resources Committee, 2002.

Chicowitz, Hershel. Defining G-X'ers. BBHQ, 2002.

Peppard, Nancy. Ties that Blind: Social Disconnects And The Shifting Generational Profiles That Cause Them.College of Law Practice Management, 2001.

International Association of Baby Boomers
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Calverta's Case Study Company Overview Calveta Was

Words: 1038 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73381452

Calverta's Case Study

Company Overview

Calveta was founded by the Italian immigrant Antonio Calveta in 1966 that instilled a strong set of values into the foundation of the company. A neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn expanded into a couple more and then in 1972 the company crafted a niche by beginning meal deliverance services to nursing homes. The market was a very promising one as most nursing homes in the United States chose to outsource their dining services.

Calveta's values were especially well suited to this niche and by 2008, Calveta Dining Services Inc. was the fourth-largest food delivery service in the U.S. The company has built strong market share and is growing much faster rate than the industry average. The company focuses solely on this niche while most of its competitors offer a broader range of services to different demographics. Calveta's focuses solely on nursing homes and specializes in planning,…… [Read More]

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international operations of Papa John's

Words: 706 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78583370

Impact of Trade Barriers

There are several pizza franchises that operate internationally, and this is an opportunity open to Papa John's as well. Both Pizza Hut and Domino's have major international operations, and these have been facilitated by a reduction in trade barriers (Buss, 2013). International expansion, especially to emerging markets, has formed a part of the company's growth strategy since 2013 (Euromonitor, 2013). When trade barriers are reduced, this helps franchise businesses in a couple of key ways. First, it allows them to source inputs from anywhere it is cheapest. Papa John's might get its ingredients from America, but it may get its ovens from China, and its cardboard boxes from Canada – wherever is cheapest and trade makes foreign goods much cheaper than they otherwise would be without the reduction of those trade barriers. The other way that declining trade barriers help franchises like Papa John's is that…… [Read More]

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Start and Run a Successful

Words: 8411 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75311731

1.7. Key definitions of terms

esearch process = a sustained effort concentrated around a topic or subject of study aimed at generating new findings, and characterized by identification and labeling of variables, research design, collection of data, analysis of data and evaluation of the problem (Shinde).

Qualitative research = esearch method through which researchers address the studied phenomenon by observing it in its natural environment and strive to make sense of it (Klenke, 2008).

Drive through = a window or another open and easy access facility, through which business can be conducted, and the customer does not have to leave their car (MacMillan Dictionary).

Startup business = a business that finds itself in the first stages of business operations (Investopedia, 2012).

Target market = the group of people to which an economic agent has decided to market and sell its products and/or services (Preddy, 2004).

1.8. Chapter 1 summary

In…… [Read More]


Acs, Z.J., Audretsch, D.B., 2010, Handbook of entrepreneurship research: an interdisciplinary survey and introduction, 2nd edition, Springer

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Protein the Lakeview Pantry Is

Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23801379

ased on the list of protein sources other than meats, the pantry is doing a fairly good job of providing an adequate amount of protein to the recipients. The recipients receiving food distributions on a weekly basis will probably fare better than the recipients of the Home Delivery Service and this is because deliveries are made only once a month. This means that these people will have to learn how to make the food received last an entire month and some foods such as eggs and other perishables may not remain as fresh after a month.

The dietary quality of the food for the recipients is good and there do not seem to be any type of changes necessary in the types of food and protein sources that the food aid recipients are receiving. However, regarding the Lakeview Pantry's Home Delivery Service, the recommendation would be to change the deliveries…… [Read More]


"Greater Chicago Food Depository: Providing food for hungry people while striving to end hunger in our community." Greater Chicago Food Depository: Providing food for hungry people while striving to end hunger in our community. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2010. .

"Lakeview Pantry ." Lakeview Pantry . N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2010. .
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Civil Legal Issues in the Workplace

Words: 1989 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88804538

Business Law: Saukars, Nib Corp, and Guesthouses.

In order to examine the potential legal issues between the parties, it is important to look at the contractual relationships between those parties. First is the relationship between the guesthouses and their customers. Food service is part of that relationship. Customers at the guesthouses may have a claim against the guesthouses stemming from them contracting food poisoning from the food served to them at the guesthouses. Because the customers' contractual relationship is with the guesthouses, they would be an appropriate object of suit, but the guesthouses may be able to enjoin or seek indemnification from other parties for those damages. Tort liability for food poisoning is relatively straightforward. Most states have strict product liability laws covering food safety, so that the supplier of contaminated food products is assumed to have been negligent. As long as the customers can demonstrate that the food that…… [Read More]

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Technology in History

Words: 2807 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95067803

Technology [...] food processing in history, and how the development of food processing technologies has altered lives for the better. Food processing, and the healthy, edible food it produces, is taken for granted in today's society. However, in the nineteenth century, fresh food was not normal, and technologies were developed to preserve food, so that more Americans could enjoy fresh, wholesome food year round. It was one of the most important technologies to develop, and it changed the way people ate, drank, and enjoyed their meals.

Before the advent of food processing, fresh food spoiled, it was that simple. In medieval times, people attempted to cover up the smell and taste of tainted food by using fragrant herbs in the cooking and serving process. Even earlier, people used salt to preserve meats, and they used smoking and drying, especially for meats. However, none of these processes was totally satisfactory, and…… [Read More]


Grew, Raymond, ed. Food in Global History. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1999.

Oliver, John W. History of American Technology. New York: Ronald Press Co., 1956.

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Toussaint-Samat, Maguelonne. History of Food Anthea Bell, trans. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1992.
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Globalization Has Changed the Face

Words: 1912 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 28743391

Ironically, only 1% of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use. Translated into something we can understand readily: one American taking a 5-minute shower uses more water than the typical person living in a developing country slum uses in an entire day -- and most Americans take far longer than 5-minute showers. This is a crisis that must be addressed, if it is not, over the next two decades the average supply of water per person will drop by over 30%, condemning millions of people and animals to death (Atlas of a Thirsty Planet).

This assignment opened my eyes to a new way of looking at food -- I will be unable to go into a grocery store and look at rows and rows of perfect fruits and vegetables; knowing that half are thrown out while people starve. In the same manner, knowing that each American…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"Atlas of a Thirsty Planet." July 2002. May 2012. .

Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability. Boston, MA: MIT Press, 2011. Print.

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Local Harvest. "Family Farms." March 2009. May 2012. .
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Marketing Report for Ms Janet Bradley Keeping

Words: 4971 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63623939

Marketing eport for Ms. Janet Bradley

Keeping in view the increasing obesity rates in Australia and finding the spicy and high-calorie fast foods as the major reason for it, Ms. Janet Bradley has planned to establish a low-calorie fast food restaurant chain that will serve as an alternative to McDonald's, ed ooster, KFC, and other fast food chains. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the micro and macro environment for the new fast food chain in order to recommend strategies which can help it in becoming successful in the industry. The major micro environmental forces which will impact its business are consumer behaviour, suppliers and intermediaries, publics, and competitors. The buyer behaviour has been analysed using cultural, social, personal, and psychological dimensions -- all having a significant impact on the purchase decisions and preferences of the consumers towards fast food products. The restaurant chain will also take a big…… [Read More]


Birn, R. 2004. Effective Use of Market Research: How to Drive and Focus Better Business Decisions, 4th Edition. London: Kogan Page

Blythe, J., & Megicks, P. 2010. Marketing Planning: Strategy, Environment and Context, 3rd Edition. U.K: Prentice Hall

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Hill, C.W., & Jones, G.R. 2012. Strategic Management Theory, 10th Edition. Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning
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Working Company Called 4 Fingers Implementing a

Words: 1049 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96189587

working company called 4 fingers implementing a kiosk machine shorten long queuing time customers. And, coming discounts attract customers peak period. For, students meal, set meals, bundle deals peak hours generate profits

fingers Crispy Chicken: Fast food delivered by kiosk

Distributing service

One frequent complaint people have about fast food is that it actually is not very fast. During very busy times of the day, people have to wait precious minutes to obtain their lunch when they could be eating, doing errands or using their lunchtime more productively. 4 fingers Crispy Chicken is a self-serve kiosk that delivers hot, fast food quickly, affordably, and deliciously. For students and businesspeople eating on the go, this kind of a meal is an ideal way to eat something more balanced than a soft drink and a bag of chips from a vending machine.

Self-service has grown increasingly popular in our culture. It has…… [Read More]


4 fingers. (2014). Official website. Retrieved from:

Fast food restaurant business plan. (2014). BP Plan. Retrieved: 

Menu. (2014). 4 fingers.Official website. Retrieved from:
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Hedging in the Produce Industry

Words: 1433 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41802938

Thomas Foods: Hedging Strategies

The food industry is extremely risky from the point-of-view of an owner or a supplier. Damage to crops from adverse weather, changes in customers' consumption habits, and issues with suppliers can all thwart attempts to sell the same amount of crops as the year before. Also, food is perishable so issues with the supply chain can likewise have an extremely adverse effect on sales. Common strategies to deal with risk within a supply chain include "raising prices, shutting down factories and shedding less-profitable brands" (Andrejczak 2008). However, there is a limit to the degree to which these measures can truly mitigate risk given that food products often have a very wide array of substitute goods. Also, shutting down various operations may mean that a company is ill-equipped to take advantage of the benefits of a boom the next year, if, for example, there is a bumper…… [Read More]


Andrejczak, M. (2008). Against the grain: Food firms hedge costs. The Wall Street Journal.

Retrieved from: 

Contracts: hedging in futures. (2014). Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Retrieved from:
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Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Words: 7031 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19110372

mall-Business Management & Entrepreneurship

The fruition of many years of dreaming and planning will be realized through the opening of a restaurant in the Tri Cities area. Opening any business requires serious planning and calculations, yet the special needs of a restaurant are particular to the idea that many restaurants have gradual and long-term returns on investment. tart-up costs are often very significant with hard goods and food costs making up a very large output, not to mention procuring a location and either a purchase or lease and either building or remodeling space to meet the needs of the business and procuring the real estate.

Breaking even is often a guiding light at the end of a very long tunnel, between six months and two years depending on the region, and turning a profit often takes much longer. Another consideration is of coarse that restaurants usually do not provide a…… [Read More]

Service Business." Retrieved February 20, 2003, Website: ( , restbind)

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Restaurant Hospitality, 86(12), pg. 8.
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Pizza Business Family Owned Small

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The pizza sizes are 10 inches which is an individual, 12 inches which is a small, 14 inches which is a medium, 16 inches which is a large, 18 inches which is a super, and a 20-inch pizza which is a family size. The family size pizza gets about 37% of all the sales which are $400,000, the 16-inch large comes in second accounting for 20% of pizza revenues, the 10-inch accounts for 18% and the 12-inch accounts for 15% (due to a large weekday lunch crowd) the 18-inch pizza accounts for only 10% and the remaining 5% is sales of the 14-inch pizza. The 20-inch pizza price is $20.25 with just cheese and sausage and the 16-inch cheese and sausage is $16.00 a pizza. Each pizza is priced at a markup of roughly 200% as is the standard for most restaurant food. (IRS, August 2005, NP) pizza menu accounting…… [Read More]

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Case Study Supply Chain Whirl

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Whirl Pool Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Critical appraisal of Whirlpool's Supply Chain Management

Company Overview

Products and Services

Critical review of Operations

Contribution to business performance

System Changes

Changes in Internal Forecasting Process

usiness Performance Results

Criteria for trade Partner Fit

Competitive advantage

Critical Evaluation of System

Customer Centric-Supply Chain Management System

Collaborative Supply Chain

Whirlpool's production

Current System Changes

Planning and sourcing decisions



Drawbacks of Whirlpool delivery system



Factors for taking supply chain management decision

Figure: Supply Chain Performance factors

Gap Analysis

Strategic partnership


Reduced Cost and Inventory

Future trends in home appliances supply chain management

RFID usage

RFIDs to Individual Products

Vendor Managed Inventories

Challenges for home appliances businesses in managing supply chain

Complex features

Multiple Channels Conflicts

Short life Cycles



Executive summary

Whirlpool is renowned as a global electronic appliances manufacturer and marketer. The company's products and…… [Read More]


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African Cuisine

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African estaurant evival

New York is home to people from all over the world, and it is well-known that they often bring with them cuisine from their homelands. Foodies descend on food courts in subterranean malls in Queens, ussian bakeries in Brooklyn, and ethnic food trucks pretty much anywhere throughout the five boroughs. For being a cosmopolitan city with such cosmopolitan tastes, surprisingly little attention is paid to the diversity of African food. The continent of Africa is rich in food tradition and, increasingly, we are seeing these traditions manifest throughout New York. This trend is occurring in many places, in particular Manhattan and Brooklyn. In fact, several openings over the past few years have dramatically altered the African dining scene, and this development is very much worthy of coverage. This citywide exposure to the African food trend makes it an excellent topic heading into the summer eating season.

There…… [Read More]


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Social Program Hunger Is a

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When food insecurity is therefore effectively addressed, minority communities can be uplifted to become part of the American way of life in a sustainable and viable way. he statistics demonstrate the demographic inequalities: According to the Food Research and Action Center (hereafter referred to as FRAC), as of 2005, 35.1 million people in the U.S. - over 10% of the population - were experiencing "food insecurity." Among African-Americans and Hispanic populations, this percentage is considerably higher, at 22.4% and 17.9% respectively (Adach-Vollinger, 2006). According to FRAC, the ten states where food insecurity is most likely include the West and South: New Mexico, Mississippi, exas, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, North Carolina and ennessee. Clearly, if the American Government were to be truly concerned with creating prosperity for all its citizens, these communities and their needs should be urgently addressed with sustainable programs.


In the light of the above,…… [Read More]

The demographics related to the problem are significant in demonstrating the specific poverty levels and racial discrepancies within the country. When food insecurity is therefore effectively addressed, minority communities can be uplifted to become part of the American way of life in a sustainable and viable way. The statistics demonstrate the demographic inequalities: According to the Food Research and Action Center (hereafter referred to as FRAC), as of 2005, 35.1 million people in the U.S. - over 10% of the population - were experiencing "food insecurity." Among African-Americans and Hispanic populations, this percentage is considerably higher, at 22.4% and 17.9% respectively (Adach-Vollinger, 2006). According to FRAC, the ten states where food insecurity is most likely include the West and South: New Mexico, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, North Carolina and Tennessee. Clearly, if the American Government were to be truly concerned with creating prosperity for all its citizens, these communities and their needs should be urgently addressed with sustainable programs.


In the light of the above, it is the objective of this document to propose ways in which a sustainable solution can be created for food insecurity, particularly in communities where this problem manifests itself most prominently. With sufficient funding, such a program can be greatly successful in addressing the problem of food insecurity in a targeted and effective manner. As such, the objective of the program (to be known as DEAL - DEcentralize and Localize) is to make low SES communities more self-sufficient. The ideal is to create ways in which such communities can cultivate a large amount of their own food products - particularly vegetable-based foods - by means of cooperative gardens and "mini-farms." These will exist in and around urban and suburban areas, with land provided through the program. The ideal is that such programs will be funded by direct grants to the communities that are affected. Initial seeds and equipment are provided, as well as an advisor/support person, who is trained in agricultural and environmental science, for each community. Such a program will have several benefits. In addition to the environmental benefits already mentioned, communities will be uplifted by a sense of self-sufficiency and the concomitant power of caring for themselves. This will have a tremendous impact not only upon the general outlook of such communities, but also upon their sense of self-worth and motivation. In this way, while directly providing employment and lowering unemployment levels, the program can also do so indirectly by motivating community members to start their own businesses - whether food related or not. Furthermore, cultivating land will result in rising natural resources and a sustainable way of providing communities with food. In general, the program can
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Special Events Proposal the Main

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Demand for the product

After having conducted a study among the potential customers and having identified the target audience, Kudler Fine Food came to the conclusion that there was a great demand for healthy products among those interviewed. The target audience stated that they were constantly searching for new healthy food products on the market and believed the combination between health and Asian ingredients to be a much desired one.

The company thought it would be most cautious if during the first month they only produced half the requested quantity of salad and further on, based on the selling of the first month import more ingredients and place more salad on the market.

Competitive products on the market

According to the studies conducted by the marketing department at Kudler, the company found out that the most important competitors on the market would be "Sinjan's Kitchen" and "Indidam," but both competitors…… [Read More]


Kudler Fine Foods Proposal, uploaded on August the 1st 2005

http://www.*****/term-papers/63026.html, last visited on July the 7th 2006

Far East Salad, posted on August the 7th 1998 , last visited on July the 7th 2006
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Minimizing Risks for Produce Buyers

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Thomas Foods -- Hedging Strategies

If Thomas Foods expects to protect itself against suddenly rising prices that farmers charge for their produce -- due to crop failures, inclement weather, or other unexpected events -- then Thomas Foods needs to engage in some form of a hedging strategy. There are a number of ways to do this, and this paper will point to several strategies and models that might work for Thomas Foods. At a minimum, the comptroller at Thomas Foods should be knowledgeable about ways to protect his company from suddenly skyrocketing produce prices

hat are "futures"? The available literature on ways to protect a company like Thomas Foods from suddenly being stuck with prices from farmers that are well above what was understood at the outset of the contract -- is to buy futures. A future is a financial deal signed as a contract that obligates the "…buyer to…… [Read More]

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