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September 11 and the New Emerging International Order America and Europe in the New World Order

This is a paper that outlines the international order in American and Europe in the formation of New World Order. It has 11 sources.

As the War in Iraq takes place, and people hope for a quick end to all conflicts around them there is deep thought continuously being given to the emergence of a new world order. People aren't really sure in which direction military conflicts are going to talk them. Most people are afraid, and they are rightly so, because presently nothing is certain at all.

IT seems on one hand there is a dominant American nationalist move to take control gradually of all the weaker countries that it might be able to exploit. On the other hand it is hardly seems likely that Europe would stand by and watch the Americans do this. The split that was experienced in the European Union for sometime before the war in Iraq indicates that there is something missing. It is indeed odd that since September 11th Britain has remained faithful to the Americans while other supporting countries have played a less effective role in operations against terrorism.

It didn't take the world long to get into Afghanistan after the U.S. was attacked on the 11th of September by terrorists. But since then, people are skeptical about U.S. moves while Britain gives it almost full support.

Is it possible that Britain and the U.S. have decided to collaborate and dominate the world? Is Britain grateful for that the U.S. stepped in and ended the 2nd World War? But politics isn't about being grateful. It is about gaining the most and securing one's future. Is it possible that Britain or Europe is allowing the U.S. To spearhead all operations so that it will be able to take over from them in the future? (The next empire, 2001)

At the end of the Second World War, many European countries were left in a pathetic condition, and so, they had to find a way of reconstructing their economy. From 1945 to 1949, Western European countries and their North American allies also kept a close watch over the activities and the policies of the U.S.S.R. This was a period of stress for these countries, which most of the world was not aware of at that time, and few saw the significance of forming such a body for security.

The purpose that the world did see as rational for forming an alliance was because of the prevailing economic conditions and not security. However, the relationship between Europe and the U.S. may have been strengthened since that time. This is something that may have been planned a long way back so that in the end the Europeans would emerge in the end as the ultimate leaders. This is because of the fact that they have exhibited qualities of planning through which they get countries to act the way that they want them to (Mandelson, 2003).

Between 1945-1947, just after the Second World War, there was immense fear that the Communist USSR would try and attack the Democratic countries. The idea of them doing this would be to convert these Democratic countries to Socialist states. Fearing that this would mean the snatching of individual rights, the Democratic countries wanted to secure themselves against very possible attacks, and so, the countries in the North Atlantic region (initially 12) came together in 1949 to form what is called the 'North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The members of NATO "reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments." They are devoted to assuring the sovereignty, common heritage and civilization of all members. All these promises strictly lie in the belief of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law. NATO seeks to promote stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area. They have decided to "unite their efforts for collective defense and for the preservation of peace and security" (The North Atlantic Treaty, 2002).

The North Atlantic Alliance was formed basically because of the wishes of its members to co-operate and work to ensure the security of their countries. These members have come together of their own free will and have not been forced to join the alliance as some countries might feel.

A critic could say that perhaps more members joined because they either feared being left out of the alliance, which could allow oppressors in the region to take advantage of the situation, or they might have joined simply because of fearing that they could be made targets later on for not joining the alliance and strengthening its cause.

The formation of this North Atlantic in its context appears to be a pact to protect those countries that agree with American and U.S. policy on nations that are against them. As it has been seen in the past NATO has converged to protect the ideals of its two main members, the U.S. And Britain.

The same thing continues today with many fearing the coalition forces, which mainly comprise the U.S. And Britain. However, the order that many assume the U.S. To be in control of may not be true. This is because the Europeans might be the ones behind it all. The fact that Europe is playing a dominant role in international politics and trailing behind U.S. military operations today and the fact that they are a stable economy makes it likely that Europe has something to gain.

With the European Union being formed there is an economic threat to the United States. It is possible that the Euro may wipe out the Americans. Already facing many social problems in southern states that require much funding maintaining their war against terrorism does not seem practical. Perhaps the Europeans do have something up their sleeves and stand to gain at the end.

Analysis: The latter half of the 20th century has seen a war in every decade spear-headed by the U.S. It is apparent that this nation sees its most successful way of gaining power is through brute force coupled by the most high tech equipment that scares other nations. In contrast to the U.S. The Europeans have been the ones that have done things in a more subtle way throughout history, which was the reason for their success in controlling the world.

With almost any quest for control the Americans have done it militarily, and history has stood witness to it all. This is in contrast to the Europeans who colonized almost every place on earth. The incidents that have taken place since September 11th have all been hostile ones that always suggest invading people's lands on the basis that they are harboring terrorists or weapons of mass destruction. How come only few countries get to keep their nuclear weapons but others are not allowed to? This fact alone is not the only strange idea that the Americans or Europeans have in mind (The next empire, 2001).

Another strange but partially true part of the war against terrorism is the 'Islamic Jehadis'. These are people who have been stigmatized in most cases. Though there may be many cases of these people launching attacks even when they are justifiably fighting to survive and save their families, as is seen in Palestine, they are termed terrorists.

Today the words 'terrorism' and 'Islam' have been co joined so that there is a natural resentment built up every time Imperialists wish to impose their powers. The religion itself is stigmatized in many countries and has made it difficult for peace loving Muslims to live peacefully (Esposito, 1999).

The meaning of the word 'terrorism' is one that everyone has been aware of much before the attacks on the World Trade Center, but after these attacks people far and wide, including the non-English speaking, have become familiar with this word. This is largely due to the affects of media.

In the early 1990s, terrorism was a word that began to become popular, and there were states and nations that came to be termed as 'terrorist states' because of allegedly taking part in terrorist activities. These terms to the common man seemed to be negligible. But ever since the world had been affected by the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001, the common man nearly everywhere in the world has been affected in one way or another. This is the reason why he has been impinged by the term 'terrorism'.

The common man, especially if he is of Asian or Arab Origin, has been the main sufferer of the events of September 11th. These kinds of people have also been stereotyped as terrorists, whether or not they are linked to any terrorist groups. Terrorists today, are pictured as people with beards and turbans. They are believed to be ruthless killers, but even they have their reasons (Esposito,…

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