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Collective Bargaining Dispute

Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Agreement: Collective Bargaining Reborn?

The article covers the negotiation process that was held over a number of weeks in Seattle between the business class, the labor movement and the concerned task force. It was a classic example of the tradition of collective bargaining as it was used in the case of the Seattle workers to negotiate for the increment of the pay rise from $9.32 per hour to $15 per hour. The mayor spearheaded the entire process and it came to be adopted by the business community, labor and the task force that were involved in the entire process of negotiation and bargaining. This model of bargaining has been hailed as a unique one since it is like none other experienced in the U.S. Indeed of the 24 members who were involved in the collective bargaining, 21 of them endorsed the proposal and the implementation time frame. The process was also unique since it covered both the union members and nonmembers alike. The dispute hence can be said to have ben between the employees in Seattle...


The second issue was the inclusion of the non-union members. The other issue that was centrally discusses in the mayoral debate was the issue of the living cost in Seattle and the need to have a pay that matches the same. It is also noteworthy that there was a deadline of May 1st that Murray was pursuing and that is why he had a spare draft that he indicated he would present to the council for approval incase the negotiations were not conclusive by the deadline date, this too was an issue at stake.

Both sides had either an economic or ethical issue that they used on the other side to make the negotiations a success. For instance, the side of the workers represented by the labor movement was the upcoming mayoral elections which they wanted to use to have their case heard. This meant that they had to use the mayoral quest for their votes, to ask them to push the business class to an agreement on the pay rise otherwise their votes would be at risk. The mayoral candidates and Murray who was the presiding mayor in particular used the moral question of provision of decent living…

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Meyerson H., (2014). Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Agreement: Collective Bargaining Reborn? The American Prospect.

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