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Minimum Wage Essays (Examples)

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Wage Issues and Economic Supplements the Interview
Words: 2490 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 85263773
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Wage Issues and Economic Supplements

The interview for this assignment was conducted with the human resources manager of Ford Motor Company. The company has prolonged its partnership with the United Automobile Workers union. The interview questions and their answers are listed below.

How do you rate the wage level in your company in relation to the minim wage?

Ford Motor is a company that attributes its success on the quality of its manufactured vehicles. These high quality standards can only be achieved with the quality input of our workers. Therefore, their performance becomes connected with their job satisfaction, which relies on the wages they receive for their work. We want high quality work, and we pay higher than average wages.

Q2: Are there any types of jobs within your company where you pay minimum wages?

A2: There most certainly are. We have positions where unskilled workers are required. For such…

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Wage and Benefit Determination Individuals Supply Labor
Words: 477 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66284876
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Wage and Benefit Determination

Individuals supply labor to the market at a price called the wage rate of labor. How much labor an individual supplies is related to his level of non-labor income, and cost benefits determination of time spent at leisure, vs. work.

A union can raise the wages of those who continue to be employed in a competitive labor market at the expense of the level of employment. So if the competitive equilibrium is at E0 and the wage is w0 employment is q0. If a union enters this market and sets a wage of W1, a new equilibrium will be established, e1. The supply curve has become w1xs0. At the new wage, W1, there will be q1q2 workers who would like to work but whom the industry will not hire. Employment will be q1. The decrease in employment due to wage increase is q1q2

Minimum wage is…

Wage Costs and Employee Benefits
Words: 4005 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44524755
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The employer, according to the rules laid out by the IMSS, is expected to contribute at least a minimum amount according to the risk factors involved in the job into the fund, that is, a sum of 17.42% of each worker's wage. Basic health care, medical facilities, accident care, as well as care for illnesses are all taken care of under the social security fund. In addition, the employer is expected to pay about 5% of a fixed payroll tax into a fund that will help the employee find a home of his own easily. This fund is known as the 'National Fund for Employee Housing' or INFONAVIT. "The goal of this federal program is to provide benefits allowing employees to more easily acquire a home"

2% or 25 times the minimum wage, of a worker's salary must also be paid into the SA or the etirement Savings System under…


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Minimum State Living Wages Every
Words: 1679 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 78493359
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Another serious con when it comes to the minimum wage is that raising it stops some people who would have otherwise gone on to further their education (Wellington, 1991). These people do not see the need for more education, because they realize that they can enter the job market and make enough money to survive. That makes them happy, so they are satisfied with what they have. Later, when they realize that they cannot advance without a better education, they become frustrated and stuck in their job (Wellington, 1991). They feel trapped, but by that time there is not a lot that they can do. They may already have a lot of bills and/or a family, and going back to school is not something that they can do at that time. The lack of education in the workforce brings the entire economy down and keeps companies that are looking for…


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Minimum Required Curriculum the Main Point of
Words: 1661 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27889489
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Minimum Required Curriculum

The main point of this article centers around the belief that the curriculum that is currently taught in most colleges is clearly not teaching students what they need to know. In other words, when they obtain their bachelor's degree they have learned very little of what they need to know and they have only learned to memorize information to pass the tests to receive that degree. They have been taught certain things, and they have retained those things long enough to pass tests on the required subjects, however learning and then forgetting information does not mean that actual learning has taken place.

The article points out that courses in specific disciplines are very important, but that many courses do not ask students to actually use logic and abstract thinking to arrive at answers. Merely learning something from a book and taking a test on it is not…

Wages and How They Can Destroy the World
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17409295
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Compensation has become a very contentious issue within the developed world of late. Economies are continuing to struggle. The EU has created a form of quantitative easing designed to restore wage growth and stimulate the economy. China is slowing as it transitions into a consumer driven economy as oppose to an export driven economy. Brazil is struggling with massive inflation and unemployment resulting in a recession for the country. America continues to grow but only at a 2% rate. This is well below the 3% GDP growth that many economist and experts are expecting. The world is lagging behind its historical trends of growth and development. As a result, compensation growth will naturally lag. Issues abound about how to properly stimulate compensation and wage growth throughout the world. The issue is particularly important for America, with 70% of GDP resulting from consumption of goods and services. This consumption will not…


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Laws and Wages Legislation and Wages An
Words: 1194 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90409740
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Laws and Wages

Legislation and Wages: An Intricate Dance, but Who's Leading?

Government and employment have always had and will necessarily continue to have a complex and mutually influential relationship, not least in the area of wages. What people are able to earn has always been a pressing issue in any capitalist system, and can influence the formation and the actions of government in numerous direct and indirect ways. In the other direction, legislation enacted by the government can both directly impact employees' wages and have indirect impacts through the changing of burdens that employers must contend with in compensating employees and operating their businesses. This paper briefly examines the relationship between government and wages, and specifically between legislation and employers' abilities to pay wages and utilize wages as an effective workforce motivator and stabilizer. This examination shows that good intentions can sometimes have questionable results, even when the ethical…


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Relativism N Some Moral Minima Lenn Goodman
Words: 1022 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43552364
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n "Some Moral Minima," Lenn Goodman argues things simply wrong. Do Goodman ? Using specific examples, explore challenges Goodman presents relativism. Determine universal moral requirements, defend answer.

Moral minima: Goodman's arguments against relativism

Given the increasing globalization of modern society, combined with the influence of postmodernism, the philosophy of moral relativism has become increasingly popular and accepted within the academy. However, according to Lenn E. Goodman's essay "Some moral minima," some things are 'just wrong.' Goodman writes: "All living beings make claims to life" (Goodman 2010: 88). In other words, to protect the sanctity of human life, sometimes it is necessary to lay down certain absolute ground rules of morality that, regardless of cultural differences, must be obeyed. These include prohibiting: terrorism; hostage taking and child warriors; slavery, polygamy, and incest; and rape and female genital cutting (Goodman 2010: 88).

However, while these ideas may seem like 'no brainers'…


Goodman, Lenn. (2010). Some moral minima. The Good Society, 19 (10): 87-94.

Iron Law of Wages Posits
Words: 585 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30949678
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he ramifications for this in the economy would be that in order to maintain profits, prices would need to increase in order to match the rise in wages that stemmed from sustained constraints on the labor supply.

he Corn Laws were introduced in 1815 as import tariffs, designed to protect corn prices in Great Britain from lower-priced imports. Ricardo naturally opposed the Corn Laws, as he believed in free trade as espoused in his theory of comparative advantage. Ricardo viewed the corn tariffs as unnecessary -- if other nations can product corn better, labor would need to be repositioned in Britain to other activities in order to trade with those grain-producing nations.

he Corn Laws also had an adverse impact on wealth distribution. At the time, unemployment was high in Great Britain so it was more likely that usual that the iron law of wages would hold, given the surplus…

The Corn Laws were introduced in 1815 as import tariffs, designed to protect corn prices in Great Britain from lower-priced imports. Ricardo naturally opposed the Corn Laws, as he believed in free trade as espoused in his theory of comparative advantage. Ricardo viewed the corn tariffs as unnecessary -- if other nations can product corn better, labor would need to be repositioned in Britain to other activities in order to trade with those grain-producing nations.

The Corn Laws also had an adverse impact on wealth distribution. At the time, unemployment was high in Great Britain so it was more likely that usual that the iron law of wages would hold, given the surplus of labor. The Corn Laws essentially locked in prices for grain for local producers, meaning that land owners would see increased profits, precisely at a time when workers were seeing real wages decline.

Ricardo understood that the Corn Laws would produce unequal distribution of wealth. He saw that if protections of domestic grain markets were removed, labor would be redeployed to other areas of the economy. Real wages in the agricultural sector would increase and the workers' share of wealth would increase as a result. The nation would also benefit as the price of corn and grain would decrease due to foreign trade. Redeployed workers would be able to help other areas of the economy grow, in particular those free from tariff burdens, again achieving a greater distribution of wealth than occurred under the Corn Laws.

Detailed Information on Wages in the United States
Words: 1148 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39650332
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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has several important roles in the American economy. The FLSA establishes standards for the basic minimum wage and for overtime pay in the United States. It was established by the U.S. Congress in 1938, and it also sets the standards for child labor, and for recordkeeping by employers, according to Susan Healthfield, writing in The FLSA " ... affects most private and public sector employment," which includes federal government employees, state and local employment as well (Healthfield, 2015). This paper delves into how the FLSA applies to compensation in a variety of ways and situations.

The Minimum age -- Issues and Differences

hile the FLSA sets the national minimum wage at $7.25 per hour -- that rate went into effect on July 24, 2009 -- it does not " ... provide wage payment collection procedures" for the additional wages that an employee may have…

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Employment Law in Vietnam Summary of Minimum
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64593249
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Employment Law in Vietnam

Summary of Minimum Statutory Entitlements

Annual Leave

Maternity Leave

Form of Contract


Discrimination Laws

Data Privacy Legislation

The Mandatory Social Security Fund

Employee Compensation

Summary of Visa Requirements

This booklet provides general advice only and should not be treated as a substitute for legal advice. While care has been taken to ensure that details are correct, no responsibility can be taken for losses arising from the reliance upon its contents. Should you have any speci? c questions please contact Dao Nguyen on +84 8 822-8860 or email at dao.- -- .

© 2008. Mayer Brown LLP, Mayer Brown International LLP, and/or JSM.

Mayer Brown is a global legal services organisation comprising

legal practices that are separate entities ("Mayer Brown Practices").

The Mayer Brown Practices are: Mayer Brown LLP, a limited liability partnership established in the United States; Mayer Brown International

LLP, a limited liability…

Gender Wage Gap
Words: 1727 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53491349
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gender-based wage disparities still reflect serious issues of concern (Hirsch 2008). Major disparities remain for women. A 2008 article captured a good deal of interest with its simple declaration that "Across-the-board figures from February this year indicate that full-time female employees earned an average $1,004 a week compared to fulltime male average weekly earnings of $1,190" (The Lamp). Others too have sought to use drama as a way of heightening the reality of some of the disparities. Noting that for those who earn upwards of $1,000,000 annually the ratio of men to women is 13:1 is as profound a comment as is the fact that income equality doesn't even begin to appear until one looks at earnings of about $25,000 and $30,000 (Lips, 2003, pp. 87).

Baron and Cobb-Clark (2009, pp. 229) express concern that, as they put it, "Forty years after the 1969 Equal Pay Case there continues to…


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Pay Good Wages I A Lot Money
Words: 634 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20898313
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pay good wages I a lot money; I a lot money I pay good wages." (obert Bosch) Explain quote, means . Using concepts textbook, (Contemporary Management, 7th Ed. Gareth . Jones & Jennifer M. George) apply explain managerial significance.

Contemporary Management

The quote that obert Bosch said is "I don't pay good wages because I have a lot of money, I have a lot of money because I pay good wages." What he meant by this is that the salaries he paid his employees were not the result of his wealth, but his wealth was the result of paying good salaries to his employees. In other words, he valued and acknowledged his employees' work.

The success of obert Bosch and his businesses are relied on his management skills. This refers to innovation, but also to people management skills. Most of obert Bosch's businesses were innovations, technological advancements. But there are…

Reference list:

1. Jones, G. & Goerge, J. (2010). Contemporary Management. Retrieved September 23, 2013 from .

Still a Ways to Go Gender Pay Gap
Words: 933 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78904568
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Wage Equity for Women

Compensation and Gender Pay Gap

Compensation is one of the main functions of human resource management (HM), with the goals of meeting an organization's objectives, maximizing an organization's investment in a labor force, and rewarding employees for their contribution. Ideally, HM should implement a compensation policy that provides equitable and consistent treatment for all employees, thereby improving productivity, employee retention, and loyalty. The term 'procedural justice' has been used to describe this process and represents, for example, whether an employee perceives a compensation policy as equitable and fair.

Based on Taylor's (1989) analysis, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 fails to address procedural justice because it ignores jobs with 'comparable worth.' The Equal Pay Act requires equal compensation for equal work, but Taylor (1989) points out that jobs with equal value to an employer or society also deserve equivalent rates of compensation, regardless of whether comparable…


National Women's Law Center. (2013). 50 Years & Counting: The Unfinished Business of Achieving Fair Pay. Retrieved from

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United States Has Waged a War on
Words: 3075 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29492571
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United States has waged a "War on Drugs." Within this endeavor the nation has passed and implanted some extremely tough laws regarding drugs, on a local, state and national level. The laws are meant to act as a deterrent for those who abuse drugs by way of sales, manufacturing and use. The laws send people to prisons for a long time as well as create probation and parole status for many who violate the laws.

The belief is that stricter laws will reduce the number of drug offenses and drug use in the United States. Those who draft and pass the legislation for tougher drug laws believe that the fear of jail and other punishments will deter people from drug use, manufacturing and sales. While this has been going on for the last few decades the nation has continued to wrestle with drug issues. It is unclear whether the tough…

Martin Kasindorf, Elders: Study Drug Legalization., Newsday, 12-08-1993, pp 17.

Holland's Drug Policies: The Lesson for Canada

Americans in Poverty Level and
Words: 1409 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41770563
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Heritage scholars obert ector and ea Hederman found that only a little more than one quarter worked for 2,000 hours or more. They suggested that poverty in America was less of a material deprivation and more of emotional and spiritual loss, the awareness or knowledge of one's dependence on state and federal bureaucrats and a loss of self-esteem resulting from the knowledge of self-insufficiency. The working poor, on the other hand, are capable of facing their future with optimism and confidence, no matter how little they earned. It was the control they had over their lives, which translated into their contribution to the economy (Kersey).

An opposing view was suggested, wherein an increase in the minimum wage would benefit low-income workers, in general, and those below the official poverty line, in particular (Economy Policy Institute 2006). If and when the proposed minimum wage increase was approved, the wages of approximately…


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Concise Background
Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12115455
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Economics Consulting on Minimum age

Despite the recent wringing of its stockholder's hands at the poor image of health of McDonald's products in the weight-conscious media, McDonald's minimum wage model of corporate profiteering may become the model of the services sector future. In a recent article for the trade publication Industry eek, economist Michel Evans noted that the "U.S. will increasingly become a service-based economy. This trend has been apparent for many years, but if there were any remaining doubt, it has been erased by the inability of core manufacturing industries to generate a profit even as margins rise to record levels in the rest of the economy." (Evans) ages are too high to compete with the developing world, and demand remains too low in this sector. As a result, "there has been a great ... gnashing of teeth about high-paid manufacturing jobs being replaced by minimum-wage jobs at McDonald's…

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Economic Way of Thinking Always
Words: 557 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61965530
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This is circular logic that appears to dehumanize our freedom and minimalize our existence. The atomization of the responsible self is unimaginative and restrictive, I'll choose something else to listen to if I have a choice.

Question 7

Work itself is exploitative in nature. Only when a person can work for himself or herself can exploitation be limited to being self-imposed. Labor and work do not belong to anyone, they are mere expressions of idea, to claim them as a tangible thing is confusing and appears to have a disingenuous motive.

Question 8

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder and even though there are characeristics of a perfect market such as large amounts of buyers and sellers and a shared responsibility, there is undoubtedly some flaw within the system. Perfect markets would require no exchange of money, only ideas as money itself is a market within itself causing…

Human Resource Management Class Focus Area Here
Words: 1823 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64362516
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Human esource Management class focus area. Here questions: 1. Your company plans build a manufacturing plant undecided locate .

New manufacturing plant

The opening of a new manufacturing plant in a different location is pegged to a series of uncertainties and risks. In order to minimize these risks, it is necessary for the economic agent to consider a wide array of elements in making the final decision of the location. At this level, a notable role is played by the purpose of the new location. The two more common reasons for opening new manufacturing plants are either a desire to expand production, or a desire to cut costs and as such support profitability.

In the first scenario then, more emphasis in choosing the location would be placed on the identification of a new site that possesses some comparative advantage in the field of manufacturing. This advantage could refer to skilled…


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Human Resources Companies That Pursue
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42374131
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The act contains a prescription drug entitlement. This is accomplished by providing subsidies for employers to convince them not to eliminate prescription drug benefits for retired workers. Further subsidies were made to prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries. Extra money was given to rural hospitals. The act also provided for a trial of partly-privatized Medicare.

Another result of the act was the creation of health savings accounts for workers. These replace company-run health reimbursement arrangements, and the HSAs offer advantages over flexible spending accounts, especially because the former rolls over where the latter does not. This part of the act was designed to replace the Medical Savings Account system. Lastly, there were internal changes such as with respect to the way claims are processed.

This law is a good law. hile expensive for the federal government because of its prescription drug provisions, it introduced the HSA system, which represents an improvement…

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Subway Supply and Demand at Subway Supply
Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34264661
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Supply and Demand at Subway

Supply and demand refer to much of the product the firm produces and how much of a product the consumers want, and each of these is affected by a number of factors (Investopedia, 2011). Among the factors that affect supply are the expected demand, the expected price the firm will receive, the price of inputs and the competition in the market (EconPort, 2006). Thus, if there are more competitors, Subway might feel like demand was going to be lower, and then it would produce less. There is a relatively short lead time for ordering, which means that an individual store might be able to make changes based on changes in demand very quickly. For the company as a whole, supply decisions are about store openings and closings, and these can also be affected by internal factors, like the need for capital.

There are also…

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Human Resources What Balance of
Words: 2047 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60997792
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Teams should be created that embrace a diversity of skills and workers from different areas of expertise, so there is no knowledge overlap, and thus less jockeying for position of who has the better qualifications within a certain field. If necessary, a clear leader should be established who understands the importance and the time table of the goal of the team. One problem with self-managed teams is that personality rather than goals can become the focus of team discussion. Because the goal is set externally, employees must become internally motivated to reach that goal. Having a clear leader selected beforehand, if the leader does indeed deserve his or her authority, may be a wise managerial move to limit grabs for power. If all members of the team are relatively similar in skills, however, giving the team more jurisdictions in selecting leadership roles might be considered.

The team must have a…

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Lee Merkhofer Consulting. Retrieved 1 Feb 2008 at

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Big Box Ordinances Number of
Words: 2104 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13793961
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A living wage is intended to provide a certain minimum level to sustain life and to push toward the abolition of poverty. It is also based on the vie that money can be saved by the city if the city does not have to provide certain health and other services to the working poor because they can pay for it themselves or because their employers provide it as part of the package. By most measures, it saves money when the employer makes such arrangements because the employer is more cost-conscious than a government entity may be. In truth, it would be preferable if a larger political entity made such an ordinance binding, as is noted by Coverford (2006), who says the Chicago law would be ineffective in the suburbs because retailers could easily move across boundaries to a smaller suburb without such a law it if so chose. If the…


Comerford, M. (2006, June 29). Living Wage Challenged Why Chicago's Pay Plan Won't Work in the Suburbs. Daily Herald, 1.

Critics assail living wage study (2002). United Press International, retrieved August 19, 2007 at .,

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Cartels Should Be Illegal In
Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17602474
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orkers can increase their own value in the workplace by improving their work assets, through education, effort or tenure.

In addition, the U.S. economy would not necessarily benefit. A higher national minimum wage would distort the market for labor in some states that currently face conditions leading to lower wages. This disruption of the market could reduce demand for labor and could also result in a less efficient market. In addition, increases in production costs are often passed on to consumers. hile the minimum wage worker may earn more, inflation will increase, essentially transferring wealth from all consumers to a small group of workers. This does not imply the creation of new wealth, only a redistribution of it in a manner that increases economic inefficiency. In addition, a higher minimum wage entices workers into the job market to the detriment of other workers, and many minimum wage earners are young…

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Consumer Product and Describe Both
Words: 2920 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25545241
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The concept of the multiplier effect is closely related to the concept of marginal propensity to spend and consume. Marginal propensity can be understood as the increase in personal consumer consumption and saving that occurs with an increase in disposable income. When fiscal policy creates more disposable income for a family, the concept of marginal propensity predicts how much more they would be save and spend. Thus marginal propensity predicts the actual impact of fiscal policy when it is enacted and thus it can calculate the multiplier effect.

Prepare an essay describing Keynesian economic theory. Be sure to fully explain what is being critiqued and why. You should also be clear on why you find this particular critique so compelling. (600 words).

Keynesian economic was developed in the 20th century by the British economist John Keynes. Keynesian economics is basically a reinvention of classical economic theory, it focuses upon a…

Economics According to Burrow Verard and Kleindl
Words: 1337 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93223775
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According to Burrow, Verard and Kleindl (2007), "a market economy is an economic system in which individual buying decisions in the marketplace together determine what, how, and for whom goods and services will be produced." Hence in any hypothetical pure market economy, the government of the day does not take an active role in deciding what products the citizenry should buy and in what quantities. A pure market economy is however taken to be a theoretical ideal. Burrow, Verard and Kleindl (2007) on the other hand note that "a command economy is an economic system in which a central planning authority, under the control of the country's government, owns most of the factors of production and determines what, how, and for whom goods and services will be produced." In such an economic system, the government of the day largely dictates the mode of utilization of the various factors of…


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State of the Union Address
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Union address is explicitly mandated in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 3: among the President's enumerated duties, it is required that "he shall from time to time give to Congress information of the Sate of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient."

The applause and reaction during the 201 State of the Union address was frequently, but not always, partisan. Obviously certain issues appeal to both parties: Obama received bipartisan standing ovations when he discussed issues on which neither party would dare seem less enthusiastic than its rival (economic competition with China, support for Israel, social mobility through hard work). Likewise, at the speech's conclusion, the overwhelming bipartisan standing ovation for the injured Army Ranger, Cory Remsburg, indicates both parties' desire to be seen supporting injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. However, on many political issues where the parties are…

4. Was Obama's speech a success? If we examine it in terms of concrete and substantive points, the speech is disappointing: there was very little in terms of actual proposals being offered, apart from the (largely symbolic) minimum wage increase for federal contractors. But this reflects the overall climate of Republican obstructionism that Obama faced throughout 2013. The actual state of the union in the past year has involved a government shutdown, total legislative gridlock, and polls demonstrating the massive unpopularity of Congress among all Americans. (An October 2013 poll claimed that Congress was less popular than cockroaches.) However, given the debased political conditions of 2013, we need to ask what success for Obama in this speech would even entail. Obama is not personally popular enough to turn the speech into a harangue against Congressional obstructionism: such a speech would look like an extension of the political polarization that is, indeed, the cause of much public disapproval. Instead, Obama used the speech to do the most sensible thing he could maange: he placed the issues solidly before Congress and ask them to deal with them, and he appealed to those outside Congress (mayors, governors, state legislators) to take action if Congress will not.

In terms of the three issues I have singled out -- education, minimum wage, and health care -- we can see the utter limitations placed on Obama without any congressional support. For education, Obama convenes summits and organizes partnerships to achieve very modest goals: he was hardly proposing free early education or free higher education for everybody (although both are standard in European democracies). For minimum wage, Obama can take executive action, but it affects a tiny sliver of America's actual minimum wage workforce -- it applies only to federal contractors. The President can do nothing to pizza store owners (and those like them) except encourage them to do the right thing: they cannot be compelled to raise the minimum wage without legislative action. And in terms of healthcare, Obama was facing a futile but unending congressional revolt: the 47 failed votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which Obama mentioned in the speech, have been as much of a media event with few substantial real-world consequences as Obama's State of the Union speech was.

5. Bizarrely the Republican Party offered four different responses: an official one by Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and a Spanish-language version of the same speech by Rep. Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen, plus an "official Tea Party" response by Sen. Mike Lee, and a rather chilling presidential campaign launch posing as a response offered by Sen. Rand Paul. McMorris-Rodgers, and presumably the Spanish-language equivalent, were rather short on content. It was impossible for me to evaluate Ros-Lehtinen's Spanish-language version of McMorris-Rodgers's speech, but presumably it had the same vague ideological blather about free markets and replaced the autobiographical musings about working at a McDonald's drive-thru or giving birth to a baby with Downs Syndrome with different autobiographical

Price Comparisons Vision of Prices
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Unleaded gasoline: Yes

pple Computer: Definitely.

Technological has affected quality of these products?

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar: Maybe. Upgrades in equipment that contribute to saving time, may potentially adversely affect quality, as with time savings, company may allocate increased responsibilities to employees.

Pepsi: $.99 for a 2 liter bottle: Maybe. Same reasons given for Hershey's Chocolate Bar.

McDonald's hamburger: Maybe. Same reasons given for Hershey's Chocolate Bar and Pepsi.

Unleaded gasoline: Yes.

Improve techniques, including robotics in refining oil contributes to improving the quality of the tickets.

pple Computer: Definitely. Today's computers have greatly improved to two technological advances fracturing them.

Based on what has happened to the purchasing power of people earning the minimum wage?

Hershey Bar: 1.45 oz - 40 cents; 1.65 oz cents/75 cent = 88% increase.

Pepsi: $.89 for a 2 liter bottle (historic food prices) = 11% increase.

McDonald's hamburger: 43 cents (historic food prices)…


Siddiqi, Moin a. "Oil Prices Hit New Highs as Winter Demand Bites." The Middle East Jan. 2000: 29. Questia. 3 Oct. 2007 .

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Human Resource Management Motivation Motivational Plan Two
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Human esource Management


Motivational Plan

Two Motivation Strategies

Motivating Minimum Wage Service Workers

The Importance of the Individual

Individual Work to Teamwork

Employers will usually want to maximize the productivity of their employees. Different employers may use different strategies to support and improve productivity. It has been demonstrated by a number of theorists, such as Mayo, Maslow, and Herzberg, that one of the most effective ways of improving employee performance is through the use of motivational strategies (Tohidi, 2011). The aim of this paper is to look at the development of a motivational plan, identify two potential motivational strategies and consider the way that a minimum wage worker may be motivated.


Motivational Plan

A good motivational plan may allow the employer to motivate employees by supporting high levels of jib satisfaction, which will support positive behavioral traits, including low turnover, high produced and high quality work. For employees…


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Subway Supply and Demand Subway Corporation Supply
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Subway Supply and Demand

Subway Corporation:

Supply and Demand

Subway Corporation: Supply and Demand

Supply and demand of a good or service in economics is the basis for economic analysis in its entirety. Supply and demand centers on the different quantities that a producer or producers will make available to the market at different prices over a given period of time. The law of supply and demand is twofold. The law of supply functions that as price increases, producers are willing to produce and sell more, while if price decreases, producers are willing to produce and sell less. The law of demand is vastly similar. It functions in a manner that as price increases, the quantitiy people are willing to buy decreases, while as prices decrease, the quantity that people are willing to buy increases. The law of supply and demand illustrates a constant push-pull between the products that are…


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Retrieved from:

Migrant Labour 2010 New Directives
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Methodological consideration on the project is designed as tri-partite study of legal and popular culture on UK immigration and the new formations of labour and capital through: Phase I: Archival esearch; Phase II: Data Analysis; and Phase III: Writing. Iterative archival and internet research will be employed throughout the project in order to craft substantive dialogue into the dissemination and publication of the project.

Implications to the Study

A study on migrant workers in the UK during a radical shift in the global economy, the research promises to offer new information on the mechanistic uses of law to redirect labour where capital flows are no longer adequate to sustain them. Integral to prospectus of the project is a comparative legal perspective, meant to engage and challenge our taken for granted assumptions about the role, rights and responsibilities of foreign nationals as they attempt to participate in Britain's democracy. Outcomes…


Downturn cuts foreign worker jobs (2009). BBC News. Available at: 

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A Gillespie 'The Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)' Jurist. Available at:  accessed 24 June 2010

Subway Sandwich Firm Consider Subway Produces What
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Subway sandwich firm) Consider subway produces. What things change demand product? What things affect supply? How quantity demanded changed? What government raised minimum wage. How policy effect firm? SLP Assignment Expectations: Use concepts modular background readings good quality resources find cyber library internet search engines.

Consider what Subway produces. What are some things that would change the demand for your product?

A downturn in the economy might cause consumers to begin to 'brown bag' their lunches rather than to purchase lunch at Subway. However, consumers who used to patronize more 'high end' sandwich shops and restaurants might shift their preference to the less expensive Subway chain. Concerns about the health of fast food might cause consumers to be more apt to patronize Subway, given that Subway offers healthier options than many other chains and specifically promotes the health of its products as part of its marketing strategy. On the other…