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The most important social policy response to this article is to ensure that the adoptions are carried out with the best interests of the children in mind. In Ethiopia, Guatemala and other places, there has been accusations that adoptive children have been "harvested" from their birth parents, so this must be guaranteed not to have happened. Another important social policy response is to provide resources to white parents with adopted black children so that they can better understand how to help their children deal with the black experience in America. If such adoptions are going to increase, the best way to address the social problems that can arise from white parents being unable to prepare their adopted children for the discrimination they may face is to educate the parents on how to help their children make their way in the world, given that additional complication.


This is not a direct government function, but something best provided by charitable agencies -- and if those agencies receive some government funding then they should be able to help with this initiative. In addition, I would enact tight controls on foreign adoptions, to ensure that the adoption is in the best interests of the child. Harvesting and other unsavory situations clearly violate the principle of generosity that underlies foreign adoptions -- the transaction and relationships that come from it should be mutually beneficial.
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