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The authors of the report, Carthton et al., are very well qualified to write this report on diabetes. This team not only has the medical knowledge necessary to write the report, but they have take an interdisciplinary stance in the investigation, which helps them analyze the medical, social and psychological factors involved in their diabetes self-management study (Carthron et al., 2009).

The report title is not very clear. This title does not-specify that the team is investigating how primary-care duties impact a grandmother's self-management (Carthron et al., 2009).

The abstract clearly outlines the purpose for the study and the methods used to obtain data. The paper also outlines the study's findings. They do not, however, offer clear recommendations for medical providers or social workers to work more effectively with this population (Carthron et al., 2009).

The purpose of the research is to investigate how the responsibilities of caregiving affect a grandmother's self-care agency in terms of managing her diabetes (Carthron et al., 2009).

5. The research question was whether groups of caregivers would differ from non-caregivers in their overall self-care agency. The


The importance of this research lies in the fact that many older African-American women with diabetes take on caretaking responsibilities for their grandchildren. It is important to determine the extent to which this affects individual health in order to develop systems that can prevent ongoing issues with health and quality of life (Carthron et al., 2009).

7. The theoretical basis for this study is that as grandmothers fulfill caretaking responsibilities the individuals may lack both time and financial resources to properly fulfill their own diabetes self-care needs. This theory and the research are very well reasoned because the rates of diabetes are higher in African-American women. Diabetes self-care requires lifestyles changes that many women may not make if they do not have the time and financial resources to do so. Being a primary caregiver for young children may create responsibilities and stressors that impede self-care (Carthron et al., 2009).…

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Carthron et al. 2009. "Give Me Some Sugar!" The Diabetes Self-Management Activities

of African-American Primary Caregiving Grandmothers. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 17 October, 2009.

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