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Creating a Data Set for Elderly Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes Database for Older Patients
A diabetes database must capture information that is directly related to the disease and some of the valuable elements include age, A1C results, skin fold, blood pressure, weight, date of first symptoms, and blood glucose level. Age of the patient is valuable because it assists in determining how old the patient is and it can also be used to determine the best cause of treatment to be used especially for diabetes. The age element will have a data type of number since age is recorded in figures. A1C results are obtained after the patient has undergone testing for diabetes. Theses element is valuable because the results will help establish if the patient is diabetic or prediabetic (Balas & Boren, 2000). A1C results are recorded in number format because the results are normally obtained in percentage. Skinfold element is used to determine if the patient has…… [Read More]


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