Talent Questions 5: Talent Acquisition: Thesis

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Talent Development:
Coaching programs will tend to serve the purpose as an assistive
training phase in helping the development of talent. The implementation of
a coaching program will usually place a developing talent with an
experienced individual who can help the candidate to navigate and contend
with some of the more challenging aspects of the job. The outcomes which
are expected of coaching generally concerned the evolved independence of
the candidate in the performance of his or her job responsibilities. This
differs from mentoring, which is more driven toward the outcome of training
the candidate to actually eventually serve in the role filled by the
mentor. This implies a purpose of advancement which is not only different
from the primacy of mere independence in coaching, but it also strikes as
the more superior approach to promoting commitment by the individual in
training. This is because the implications of advancement may carry
greater motivational weight. There is, however, a similarity in the
approaches insofar as their implementation functions generally on the basis
of a one-on-one relationship between an experienced individual and a new

Talent Management:
On the individual level, basic training bears the foremost connection
to improved performance, providing the candidate with the information and
procedural instruction to build into a general knowledge. With respect to
development within a group, it is important for an individual's experience
to be taken into account when assigning responsibilities. Part of an
individual's development should be the partnering of the individual with
group members who can provide support while simultaneously providing
challenges through the assignment of manageable responsibilities. This
will yield improved performance over a gradual period of time that will
generally apply to the individual's development as a functioning unit in
the larger…

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