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Social Work Practice With Families and Groups

In drafting the schedule of events and the content, there was first an extensive and inclusive discussion session that saw the members of the program and the specialists in the field of psychology and guidance and counselling getting together for in-depth consultation. During the brainstorming session, there were several topics and content that were proposed, prioritized, discussed and then agreed upon for covered age during the 10 weeks session to help the children suffering from emotional problems after the death by suicide of their parents. Once the content and the sequence of the topics to be covered during the session were agreed upon, each member of the team that was to make a presentation and training in any of the ten weeks sessions was duly briefed and charged with doing extensive research on their areas as assigned. There was then a debriefing session for each member of the training team to present to the other trainers the content they further researched and came up with. The members of the training team would then make contributions on each individual's content and the final material agreed upon for more professionalism and uniformity and also forms a common knowledge among the trainers for ease of support to each other during the sessions (Linkner J., 2010).

The group needs the social worker running the group to have special skills as a counsellor or a psychologist. This is necessary since the variations of children that the group will be handling have several and varied backgrounds as well as challenges. They will display...


These issues, in as much as may be handled by social workers with general knowledge, will need a specialist in counselling or psychology in order to act as a backup incase there are extensive challenges experienced.

The group is deemed suitable for people of varied social-cultural backgrounds which is what comprises if the military families. The formatting of the group is such that the trainers and facilitators are from various races and social backgrounds, including some of the group members who are survivors of suicide from military families. The group is intentionally made to have this consistency due to the recognition of the fact that the military suicides ae experienced in all races and all social and cultural backgrounds, hence, in order to cater for this diverse composition of children, the team had to be culturally diverse. The cultural diversity in the team has enabled the team to have a multiple talent base that enables it to handle the clients effectively, it has also allowed the clients to trust the team and have a positive view of the team and hence enrolling with an open mind with positive attitude towards getting the needed help once they are through the sessions (Cathryn L.C., 2008: Pp6-8).

Section Four

Once the team has gone through the entire program as envisioned, there will be need for a hindsight to the ten weeks of work and implementation of the project to ensure the team understands the issues they have tackled and the level of effect or success that the project has had. Being that it is a social science-based…

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