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Training Plan


The criteria for the training plan will need to be aligned with the strategic objectives of the firm. In this case, it is known the safety and service are two key strategic objectives, the first to prevent losses and the second because that is how the company will differentiate itself from the other limousine companies in the area. As such, the training criteria will be based on ensuring that these two objectives are met -- the company has to align the training with the strategy with which it intends to compete in the marketplace (Beaver & Hutchings, 2005). Safety is the most important of the two objectives, so the training must first focus on that.

The first criterion is that the drivers will need to be able to operate their vehicles flawlessly. This means understanding the size of the vehicles and how they move on the road, along with the relevant laws. The service element applies to all within the organization, and training for service will have the criteria of delivering total customer satisfaction.


There are budget constraints to the amount of training that the company can conduct. As such, pretesting is important to ensure that all dollars are spent efficiently. First, there needs to be pretesting of driver competency. This is usually going to be a commercial grade driver's license, clean driving record and experience with longer vehicles. So hiring for the right...


A pretest will be designed for the company to test for service. The company will know what its service standards are, and will test the drivers using written scenarios to see what they believe the best service response will be.. The scenarios will be increasingly difficult, including some that bear ambiguity, to properly evaluate the service level at which new hires are. A written test, administered in an hour, does not cost the company much money. Using driver's license and prior experience as proxies for technical driving ability costs only the search of the driving record.

Monitoring and Observing Training

The training will be on-the-job training, conducted by experienced people. This may have to be Bradley initially -- he's in charge, so if there is nobody else it is his responsibility for ensuring that the drivers understand the safety and service standards of the company. This training may have to be relatively short in time…

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Beaver, G. & Hutchings, K. (2005). Training and developing an age diverse workforce in small-medium enterprises: The need for a strategic approach. Education and Training. Vol. 47 (8/9) 592-604.

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