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Strategic Architecture and Therefore a

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Again, in an ever-changing environment only through flexibility can an organizational strategy hope to be effective in providing competitive advantage.

Applying this knowledge to the analysis of the statement, 'A strategic architecture, and therefore a strategic plan, cannot be a detailed plan' results in several realizations. First, that strategic architecture goes beyond concerning itself with external factors, but also focuses on internal factors as well. These factors are continuously changing, and therefore an organization's strategic architecture must be able to respond to these changes. Being able to be proactive when certain opportunities and threats present themselves is what sets certain organizations apart from their competitors.

This, as the statement notes, translates to strategic planning. An organization's strategic plan must be flexible enough to quickly adapt to a shifting external and internal environment. And, for this reason, an overly detailed plan becomes more ineffective. An overly detailed strategic plan cannot take…… [Read More]


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Strategic Architecture, and Therefore a Strategic Plan, Cannot be a Detailed Plan
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Strategic Management Mcdonalds Mcdonald's Is

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ii. Operational Objectives:

The second key objective of the company encompasses its aim to become operationally stronger and unbeatable in the long run. McDonald's is currently the market leader in the global fast food industry due to various competitive advantages and core competencies: including extensive &D, quality management, efficient manufacturing capabilities, strong supply chain and distribution network, excellent customer services, etc. All these competitive advantages and strengths are focused on achieving its operational objectives (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2011). By achieving these objectives, McDonald's aims to prove itself as the most competitive fast food brand which is always the first choice of customers.

iii. Human esource Objectives:

McDonald's has employed around 1.7 million employees in its production plants, regional offices, restaurants, and the Headquarters (McDonald's, 2013). It considers these employees as the most valuable resource for its business. Therefore, its five key objectives also constitute the human resource aspects of…… [Read More]


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Strategic Position Strategic Choices and Strategy Implementation

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Strategic positioning is the positioning of an organization (unit) in the future, while taking into account the volatile environment, plus the systematic recognition of that positioning.

The strategic positioning of an organization includes the planning of the desired future position of the organization. On the basis of present and foreseeable progress, and the making of plans to realize that positioning.

The strategic positioning method is devised from the business world. The method is targeted at ensuring the functioning of the organization. The strategy determines the contents and the character of the organization's activities.

Terms, such as legitimacy, survival, market positioning, relationship with environment and choice for a certain work area, come up in this context.

Subjects, which have been developed reasonably well in literature on strategic management, include information gathering techniques, examination techniques and planning schemes. There are no such methods have been devised for exploring the future:

Various questions…… [Read More]


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Strategic Leadership and Management

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Strategic Leadership and Management

The link between Strategic Direction and Leadership

Leadership can be described as "a process in which a number of people work together for a common task. It also covers accomplishment and eventually getting the task done."

Chemers M. (1997) has defined the strategic direction (henceforth referred to as strategic management) as the process whereby one can "identify the needs and wants of an organization and achieving that particular goal through joint efforts and collaboration. It might also include the decisions taken by the management and these are the ones which define the long-term strategic plan of an organization. It also includes devising such policies so that organization and its working environment are in line to achieve a common goal."

Lamb, obert (1984) said that it is an advent fact that leadership and strategic direction both are inevitable in any organization. They help to achieve goals and…… [Read More]


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Strategic Business Plan

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Strategic Business Growth Plan for:

For Fiscal Years 2002-2009

Green Forest, Arkansas 72638-1900

Mr. Clint Horton, Proprietor

Offering quality agricultural structures since1992

-1.0 Executive Summary

-2.0 Vision

-3.0 Market analysis

-4.0 Competitive analysis

-5.0 Strategy

-6.0 Products/services

-7.0 Marketing and sales

-8.0 Operations

Strategic Plan

-10.0 Financials

-11.0 Conclusion

Horton Contracting is a sole proprietorship licensed in the state of Arkansas as a general contractor. The company has been in business since 1992. Horton contracting began with the business of building agricultural buildings such as poultry houses, barns, and small shops. They began with a single shop in Arkansas and since their beginning, have expanded their business to Missouri and Oklahoma. They have expanded their products as well to include commercial buildings, residential homes, and concrete projects. They serve as a sub-contractor for other construction companies such as excavators and masons.

Currently Horton Contracting fluctuates between 10 and twenty employees,…… [Read More]

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Strategic Development Supporting Strategic Development One of

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Strategic Development

Supporting Strategic Development

One of the biggest development issues any company ahs is if they are at a stage where growth into new markets is possible. At some point the market place is going to get so crowded that a company has to decide whether it is going to try and survive in the present market or forge into new ones. Or, the company can simply create a new market through a niche product. Whatever the solution, the company first has to tak a close look at itself to determine if it is a good idea for them or not. The process by which companies do this is by determining a strategic plan whereby it is possible. To implement this strategic plan a company will have use different approaches that take into account how the company is doing at all levels of the process. Considering that a certain…… [Read More]


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Strategic Management and Planning Strategic

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Strategic Alternatives Addresses an External issue? Draws on a competitive advantage or fixes a competitive disadvantage? Fits with Mission, Values? Moves the organization toward the vision? Achieves one or more goals? Partner with a travel company to offer vacations that include dental surgery, plastic surgery, and vascular surgery.

Supports the strategy of increasing global reach of the company and strengthening the ability to recruit physicians in key specialties.

Draws on a competitive advantage of specialist expertise and high performance of ashid and markets this strength to bring in more German and British clients

Supports the pursuit of international standards as defined within the Strategic Plan.

Yes; also increases the stature of the facility and enhances the ability to recruit world-class physicians.

Invest heavily in medical research in cardiology and vascular research

This investment is focused on making ashid Hospital a center of excellence in cardiology and vascular surgery, attracting the…… [Read More]


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Strategic Business Plan for Ryanair

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argaining power of suppliers

Price of aviation fuels is directly related to the cost of oil.

Regional airports have little bargaining power as they are heavily dependent on one airline.

4. argaining power of customers

Customer are price sensitive and switching to another airline is relatively simple

5. Threat of substitutes

a. UK -- none

b. Europe

c. Driving holidays

d. High- speed trains

e. No loyalty of customers (Ryanair, 2009)

. Ryanair - Value chain analysis

Cost-containment is the focus of the low cost airline and includes the following:

Cost containment realized through spending as little money possible for advertising with all marketing identified as 'in-house' marketing to customers to increase turnover;

Cost containment realized through turning the costs of food and drinks on a flight into a revenue stream through making drinks and a selection of food available at a reasonable price;

Cost containment realized through creating additional…… [Read More]


Industry Competitors

Rivalry among Existing Firms

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Strategic Management Concepts the Current

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My skills must be in line not just with my current position, but with the position in which I hope to find myself next. I will also seek opportunities to learn from experts within my own company. The second component is that I wish to develop a strong competency in technology. The role of information technology in modern management continues to increase and I will seek to develop a competitive advantage through continuous improvement of my technological skills. I will implement this part of the strategy my taking coursework and engaging in extensive study of the industry on my own time.

The second key strategy will be that I will build strong communication skills. Strong leadership is one of the most important traits in management today. It is therefore imperative that I build a competitive advantage in terms of my leadership and communication skills. I will implement this strategy by…… [Read More]

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Strategic Management Process Strategic Management Entails the

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Strategic Management Process

Strategic management entails the steps taken and combination of managerial decisions which sums up the future performance of a particular company. It entails the four pillars of management. The strategic plans give a framework for the entire company to not only use but also apply. The strategic management consists of steps that shape up the implementation, strategic planning as well as evaluation (Wheelen and Hunger, 2004).

First step: The initial step is to decide the mission of the company and its aims and objectives. Each company requires a mission. When the aims and objectives of an organization are crystal clear, then the managers can work with identifying the viability of its services and products. The managers also need to recognize the goals put in effect at present and strategies being worked upon. The aims and objectives of a company can decide the criteria for performance that employees…… [Read More]


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Strategic Evaluation for Home Depot Inc Strategic

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Strategic evaluation for Home Depot, Inc.

strategic evaluation

Validating the organizational vision, mission and values statements for Home Depot will require several different approaches. McMillan and Hausler (2011) explain that not all mission goals can be explained quantitatively, and several of HD's values will require qualitative evaluation, such as "Doing the "right" thing" or "espect for all people" (The Home Depot, 2011). I will evaluate these qualitative goals by analyzing the mission statements for the different divisions within the firm, to identify performance measures that can then be ranked within the units over time and between the firm and other major competitors. "espect for all people" could be measured, for example, by comparing the number of discrimination complaints in hiring or from consumers over time, and comparing that (negative) growth rate against the industry. "Building strong relationships" will likewise be demonstrated through percentage of return visits using consumer credit flows…… [Read More]

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