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RACI Matrix

In general, projects may involve large numbers of people who can be placed in different departments, functions and divisions of business. Projects often require that these different departments work in unison together to efficiently complete the project.

For effective project implementation it is necessary that every individual and especially the key individuals be assigned specific roles and responsibilities. It is also essential that the individuals also have accountability.

Project managers therefore draw up a list of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for each individual through the formation of a Responsibility Matrix

This Matrix is used to define the individuals in an organization and the responsibility for individual work elements and deliverables (Jacka & Keller, 2009).

The Matrix helps breakdown the work structure and the organizational breakdown structure as well as responsibilities for lower level tasks. In a responsibility matrix, each task is assigned a code along with the department responsible and the individual in the department responsible for the job and the scope of work required.

Forming RACI Matrix

Forming a Responsibility matrix involves the following steps:

Identification of all the
The Matrix identifies the individual who has been assigned a role accountability and identifies to whom that individual would be responsible. The accountable individual also has the responsibility of must approving work and roles.

The matrix also defines people whose expert opinions are to be sought for particular subject matter. The
communication can be two-way communication. This is known as Consulted in the Matrix (Mehta, 2007).

The matrix also identifies individuals who have to be informed about the advancement and completion of the a task mentioned in the Matrix. It can be said that the role that is accountable for a task or deliverable may also be responsible for completing it.

Usefulness of RACI Matrix

The advantage if the Matrix are:

The matrix allows organization to identify and understand the amount of role and responsibility assigned to each individual and ascertains whether anyone has been given…

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