Why the World Needs a Bitcoin Gold Exchange Essay

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Business Proposition for Opening a BTC-Gold Exchange in Palestine

The world economy is fast increasingly unstable as social issues such as massive migrations, economic issues such as crushing national debts, and political issues that are leading to threats of war among many nations, are becoming more and more apparent with every passing day. To protect against these issues, investors seek alternatives. Bitcoin (BTC) and gold both present themselves as exceptional stores of value. The reason for this is that neither is subject to the control of centralized banking, which in recent years has printed off hundreds of billions (even trillions) of dollars in fiat cash, diluting the money supply, and devaluing currencies across the globe. BTC and gold are viewed by investors as both safe havens and hedges in times of economic uncertainty. Today’s economic climate is exacerbated by political risks and social destabilization, from the US to Europe to the Middle East and on to Asia.

Irrespective of location, therefore, it is imperative that an exchange for BTC and gold be offered to clients wishing to take advantage of the value that gold and the crypto-currency offer investors as safe havens and natural hedges free from the intrusive interventionism practiced so frequently by the Fed, the ECB, the BOJ and virtually every other central bank on the planet.

Creating such an exchange out of Palestine now would help to establish the digital and security know-how to pave the way for a future digital currency. The rise of crypto-currencies, such as BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and hundreds of others, is a clear sign that the world is moving more and more towards embracing digital currencies as the favored vehicle for trade. It is already the case that many online merchants and organizations accept payment in BTC, which shows that the currency has the trust of people around the world. Its blockchain technology ensures that it cannot be diluted or forged, and there is only a finite supply of it—which means that, like gold, it can only be mined to a certain extent. Unlike government issued debt (such as the dollar, aka the Federal Reserve note), BTC and gold are excellent stores of value because they keep track
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with inflation. As dilution of government currencies causes devaluation and price inflation, gold and BTC will only rise in demand. The very nature of BTC, however, makes it easier to use in trade, as it can be exchanged simply using online exchanges. By establishing a virtual exchange for BTC and gold, Palestine would be at the forefront of the fast-approaching monetary revolution. In reality, there is no choice but to act quickly: the creation of blockchain technology and the unconventional monetary policy of central bankers since the 2008 economic crisis have resulted in a situation where investors want to place their money in stores of value that are outside the hands of central banks.

A BTC exchange has synergies with the BTC-money-gold-asset proposition because it facilitates the investment in such assets. In order to buy and sell BTC, an exchange is needed—such as Coinbase or any of the other several exchanges around the globe. In order to buy, sell or trade money or gold assets online, the same is true. An exchange that facilitates BTC and gold sales would give investors the opportunity to safe guard their wealth and buy one of the hottest—if not the hottest—currency on the planet right now. Such an exchange would allow for investors holding to cash (which banks are currently devaluing) to get out of their cash positions and store their wealth in safer asset classes. Gold and BTC are both recognized globally as asset classes that will survive the coming economic collapse. Were Palestine to open an exchange for these assets, it too could be assured of having a place in the economic future of the new world order fast approaching.

Exclusivity for a number of years is a pre-requisite for this concept, because it is imperative that banks not replicate the idea and gain control of the crypto-currency sphere. By owning and operating an exchange outside the control of central banks, Palestine would establish itself as a major player in a global phenomenon that virtually every investor in the world is interested in becoming a part of. The driving idea behind this phenomenon is the distrust that more and more people have for banks, as a result of the unconventional monetary policies they have enacted in recent years.

The more established and well-known an exchange can become, the more likely that exchange is to wield a great deal of influence in the coming years, as investors flee unstable markets and turn to asset classes that are free…

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