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Aristotle's Politics

Dear Aristotle,

I must say I was particularly impressed by your Politics. It was an interesting read precisely because it commented on the basic nature of man -- man is a political animal; of society, communities and the concept of the City. Living the modern world, the concept of "the City" has always confused me because modern urban settings seem so inhuman sometimes -- so immersed in modern materialism or consumerism, in richness and wealth and extravagance (the comforts), everything that seems to bury humanity underneath. Or, the opposite is the case -- cities are dens of violence and crime and people are afraid to leave their homes out of fear. Neither extreme seems good -- so I enjoyed reading about your take on what it means to be a City and how this is a good way to organize society.

What I particularly liked was that you affirmed that a City is not just a community that is large but is rather composed of many families/villages united...


By living well, of course, you refer to the ability to live virtuously so that one might pursue the common good (at least, that is the way I understood it). This idea connected in my mind to the idea of Buddhist Economists, which views work and labor as having a three-fold purpose -- first, to develop the faculties and skills of the individual; second, to allow the individual to work with other and thus shed his egocentrism; and, third, to allow the individual to better himself/surroundings. Thus I could identify a universal concept in your conception of the City and what it means to be part of a community that is united in the aim of bettering one another.

I find that your conception of community is far different from ours in the modern world, however. I think that we today tend to view ourselves as something less than we really are. We tend to think of ourselves as economical animals -- people who just need our equal measure of goods and income, our house, car, etc., and all will be well. I think to some extent our fathers had this in their generation -- but look at how things have deteriorated. In my view, we are more than mere consumers who want to be comfortable. I think you have definitely touched on something important -- the need to band together to work towards something higher. I may not have clearly understood what it is you were saying about how a community should be organized and led, but I sensed that your idea was rooted in some higher good -- a kind of transcendental virtue. I would like to read your Politics again -- and, actually, I would like to read your other works, as well as those by Plato, who came before you. Your comments upon the teachings of Socrates…

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