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Can you help me understand my academic essay assignment on any topic by following Bloom's Taxonomy Model?

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Bloom’s Taxonomy is a model that provides six different levels of analysis.  Bloom’s taxonomy is frequently used to evaluate essays.  The various levels of analysis it considers are remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.  If you are going to be writing an essay that will be assessed on a rubric using Bloom’s Taxonomy, you want to make sure that your essay addresses each of those elements.

In addition, it is important to understand Bloom’s Taxonomy as a pyramid.  You want to hit each level of the pyramid and then build on those levels to create your entire essay.  The broadest level at the bottom is create.  In this part of your essay writing, you are generating and planning your essay; this is where you brainstorm and perhaps where you write your rough draft.  In the evaluating portion, you are going to take a critical look at what you have created.  In addition to looking at the grammar of your essay, you also want to see how it flows.  Next, you are going to look at analyzing.  How have you organized the essay? Does the organization make sense?  Have you differentiated between critical parts of your work?  Next, applying what you have done looks at how you have executed or implemented your stated goals; does your essay convey what you have tried to convey?  The understanding component of the taxonomy is going to depend on the type of essay that you are writing, but you want to look at whether what you have written does an effective job in helping the reader understand what you have written.  Remembering is important for narrative essays but is also important for facts in other types of essays.     

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