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Can you help with an outline of Charles Perrault Cinderella and Ashputtle by the Grimm Brothers?

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The Cinderella fairy tale is one that is familiar to most readers.  However, there are several different versions of this fairy tale.  While the Grimm Brothers are credited with creating many modern fairy tales, this is inaccurate.  Rather than create the fairy tales, they simply wrote down fairy tales as they existed.  Two familiar stories telling the same tale are Cinderella by Charles Perrault and Ashputtle by the Grimm Brothers.  While they are telling similar tales, there are some significant differences in these two stories.

I. Introduction

A. Family relationships

B. Fairy godmother

C. Happy ending

D. Thesis: While the stories Cinderella by Charles Perrault and Ashputtle by the Grimm Brothers are very similar, they are sufficiently different to differentiate between the two, with Cinderella being a much kinder and fantastical story than the version by the Grimm Brothers. 

II. Relationships

A. Cinderella’s father is alive; Ashputtle’s father dies. 

B. The biological mother dies in both stories.

C. The stepsiblings are much friendlier to Cinderella than to Ashputtle.

D. The stepmother is cruel in both stories. 

E. Cinderella offers to help her stepsisters get ready for the ball. 

III. Fairy godmother

A.  The fairy godmother is present in Cinderella

B.  There is no fairy godmother in Ashputtle

C.  A hazel tree, which is planted at the cite of Ashputtle’s mother’s grave, serves the same role as the fairly godmother. 

IV. Happy ending

A. The main character falls in love with the prince at the ball in both stories. 

B. The prince searches for her with a slipper in both stories. 

C. The slipper fits Cinderella immediately. 

D. In Ashputtle, the stepsisters cut off parts of their own feet to try to fit the slippers. 

E. The stepsisters in Cinderella are happy for her when the prince finds her. 

F. Doves poke out the stepsisters’ eyes at the wedding

V.       Conclusion

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